I was super excited to go through this pregnancy with my new found knowledge of essential oils.  I have loved using them in my everyday life and knew my pregnancy could benefit from them as well.  If you haven’t read how the oils helped me get pregnant, you can read that here.

First let me just say that I am not a medical professional and this information is based soley on my experience.  Also, these oils are all 100% pure therapeutic grade oils, which makes a huge difference.  Oils you may buy from a different source may not be.

The first oil I loved and used many times each day was the lemon and citrus fresh oils.




I seriously craved these oils in my water.  They taste so refreshing, plus they have so many great positives to them.  They detox your body, enhance your memory (great for pregger brain) help with heartburn and aids digestion.  Just a few of the positive side effects:)  Plus they just taste really good in water:)  I would put 2 drops in a glass and I probably drank at least 5 full glasses a day.  Just make sure you always use a glass container when using this oil because it is so strong it actually can get into the plastic and starts eating it.  My baby weight came off the quickest with this baby too which surprised me and I’m not sure if this oil is the reason for it, or if it’s just a coincidence, but either way…I’ll take it:)  I’ve also heard they help a great amount with morning sickness, but thank you Jesus I didn’t have to deal with that!

Once I started contracting I used Clary Sage.




I had this oil from my fertility oil mixture so thought i’d give it a try.  I rubbed it on my ankles and some on my belly and I’ll tell you contractions this time around came faster than ever and I my delivery was the fastest yet.  Seemed to work for me!

Another oil that I loved to use during pregnancy was for my leg cramps that got so bad the last couple of months.  This oil was Peppermint.



I would get a charlie horse in the middle of the night and before I knew about this oil I would hop around the room wincing and flexing my foot any way possible to try to relieve the pain.  After I found out about this oil, I put a drop on my leg and the charlie horse went away within seconds.  Seriously.  Every time.  Some people warn using peppermint later during pregnancy as it can interfere with milk supply, I only used it sparingly, as the cramps came.  I also used this oil after labor, with the “after baby cramps” that came.  And I loved it.  Seriously, those after baby cramps are just mean.  And they get worse every time.  And since they usually hit you so hard as you are nursing your baby and wincing in pain from that, they come.  So mean.  So I actually had Ryan put a drop on my stomach as I didn’t have a free hand and rub it in, and within a few seconds it felt so much better.  Life saver!  Ive also heard lavender works great for these as well.

Another oil I have been taking religiously is Fennel.



I know I’ve written about this one before for milk supply, but I’ve found an even better way to use it.  With Jules a put a drop on each breast and it helped, but I only pumped for a short amount of time.  With Beckett I found that it helped, but wasn’t as effective.  I read somewhere to put a couple of drops in honey and injest it, and I did that once but wow was it strong and the taste stayed in my mouth a little too long for my liking.  So what I ended up doing was putting 3 drops in a vegetable capsule and filling it with organic fractionated coconut oil and taking a capsule day and night.  I’m not the best with consistency, but seriously, it is amazing how this helps the milk supply.

The last oil I’ve been using on a regular basis for lil man is Di-Gize.



Lil man is having a hard time staying “regular”, which is normal for breast fed babies, but he would be in pain with bad gas.  I use this morning and night when needed and it seems to help his pain.  He still has gas:) but is much happier.  I dilute this in the coconut oil and rub in a clockwise motion on his belly and lower back.  On top of that, it’s another great one for heart burn and indigestion.  That’s what I love about these oils, they all have so many great uses and multiple purposes.  On top of that they can be used interchangeable with momma and baby, so you really get your moneys worth out of them!

On top of these oils, we’ve already pulled out the rc for our first colds of the season and even though we know how well it works, we are always amazed how fast it works for the kids coughs when we rub it on their chest and spine.  This is still my favorite oil:)



If you are interested in trying out oils for yourself, feel free to email me.  You can find my info on the “contact me” tab at the top of the blog, or you can read this post to see how you can sign up for yourself and start ordering oils today!:)


If you remember, a few months ago I was working on my “laundry closet.”  I wanted to get it done before Beckett came, knowing I was going to have to use it to store some of his clothes as well since he doesn’t have a closet.  Well, I didn’t get too far.  If you read this post you saw I got the washer and dryer stand looking a bit better…….


and thats how it stayed for about another 4 months  until one day when I was about 36 weeks pregnant i kicked it in high gear!  I had this as my inspiration photo….


and went to town.

Our laundry is in our bedroom and hides behind a set of double doors.


So here is the original before….


and after….

laundry closet

We added the Ikea pendant first.

laundry room

Then I started going to town with the old barn wood we pulled out of the man cave.  My first thought was to frame out my cheap full length mirror I had hanging on the back side of the door.


I just screwed screws right into the door and as close to the mirror as I could get.


Free for nothing and adds a lot of texture.  Then I used the same barn wood to make an ironing board holder.

ironing board holder

I got the hooks from menards for around $3 a piece.

ironing board holder

Again I just drilled the hooks into the wood and screwed the board into the door.

ironing board holder

The cover came from West Elm and was a splurge at $19 :)  But seriously, how can you resist when it flows so well…

ironing board cover

I wasnt quite done with the barn wood yet.  I decided to use some like board and batten in the closet.


 the ceilings slant in here so it helped divide the ceiling line.  A girl could have had a lot of fun and planked it or subway tiled it, but 1.) This was free, and 2.) I was 36 weeks preggers,  Oh, and 3.)  Its just a closet:)

With the slanted ceilings I had to get creative with the clothes storage, so I added a hanging rack.  We had the bar in the shed, I always have rope, and luckily I had a few hooks hanging around.

clothes rack

it’s just perfect for his little clothes:)

add in the accessories…



and this project is complete!

Oh, I almost forgot that I also bought the wire track system from ikea for $15 to hang curtains.  I dont ever close them but they hide the plumbing and garbage can I hide behind there:)



not to mention they add another layer of texture.  Ryan LOVES them.  wink wink


So now I’m off to work on stuff for Whimsy.  If you want more information about the occasional shop my sisters and I have, you can check out our FB page here.  Or see what we are working on, on instagram hashtag #buyitatwhimsy

We are open next week Thursday and Saturday, the 25th and 27th, from 9-3.  Hope to see you there!!


Oh you guys, I am so in love.  I have been snuggling and snuggling like crazy.  And adjusting to a baby again:)  I kind of forgot how much independence I had with a 5 and 6 year old, but it has been so good.  Our little family seems so perfect right now.  So thanks for allowing me a little time off to snuggle and treasure these precious moments that fly by waaaay too fast!

During the last couple of weeks, my amazing photographer friend Sarah, swung by to capture these precious moments for us.  I seriously don’t know how she does it.  To preface these pictures I need to tell you that we had my kids here, her 3 kiddos ranging in age from 6 to 18 months, and my sisters 4 kids.  She got these amazing “lifestyle” pictures while life was literally going on all around us.  Talented girl:)  You should check her out if you need some photos;)

She also snuck a few pics of Beckett’s little neck of the woods.  He has a corner in our bedroom for now, until he moves in with big brother once he sleeps through the night..


This little dresser is an Ikea hack that I’ll show you how I did in another post.  But lets just say the price was right at $35!


I created this little nook before we knew what we were having so the name of the game was neutral neutral neutral!


The basket keeps his diapers in and the dresser is just enough storage for onesies, pants, and blankies.


I have a little 25 watt bulb in the lamp which is perfect for a nightime night light when feeding or changing a diaper.


and my sister said if we have a boy then the butterflies can become moths.  I love them, the moths are staying:)

The rest of Becketts storage is in the newly renovated laundry room that I FINALLY got done, just in time  And I promise to show it too you soon:)

Alright, now on to the little cutie pie.


are you kidding me??

Handsome little boy.


I had waaaaaayyy too much fun playing with this boys hair.  I mean, c’mon..


baby faux hawk.


and that chin.  Oh that chin…


whose chin is that anyway??  This little peanut looks different from my others…except for his little angel sister…we see her in him a lot!


Taking photos is hard work.


exhausting really….


and of course I had to give him some love…

he’s a bit irresistible:)

and what’s a photo without some of my favorite chalk art!


it was Sarah’s idea actually and I just love how it turned out!

Oh Beckett boy…


Stay little forever!


and that’s a wrap.


I can’t thank you enough Sarah Pollio Photography, for capturing these priceless pics!!  Love you!!

IT’S A……………


Beckett Titus Lundeen was such a good little boy who listened to his Momma and came 2 weeks early, making his entrance into the world at 3:27 in the morning on August 7th.  He was not a good little boy in the fact that he came really fast, too fast in fact for his Momma to get the drugs she so desperately wanted!

IMG_4554 - Copy

Do you see that death grip on the railing there??  That was my, “put the camera away dear!! smile:)”

IMG_4555 - Copy

and here was a little break in the action.

I started contracting wednesday night around 9, and by 11:30 they were 2-3 minutes apart.  I woke up Ryan and told him it was go time, so he quick packed a bag and we headed in.

We got to the hospital at 12:30 and I was at a 5.  They asked if I wanted an epidural and I said most definitely, but I could probably make it another hour or so.  Well, turns out the anesthesiologist was in surgery and came down when I was ready to push.  Having never done it “el natural”  before, I didn’t realize all the pressure meant it was time for little man to make his entrance, and since I didn’t get checked before the epidural came, I didn’t realize it was already too late.  I can honestly say I had never wanted to experience natural childbirth (God bless those that do) and I can honestly say I never want to experience it again:).  Call me crazy but I love drugs.  They are amazing.  I missed them.  But I survived!

IMG_4556 - Copy

Beckett Titus joined our family at 3:27 int he morning..

IMG_4558 - Copy

Weighing 7 lbs 3 oz, and we were sooo excited to finally find out what Peanut was!!!


We actually saw so much of Jules in him, which I think was a little blessing from Jesus.

And if you follow me on instagram @prvbsthirtyonegirl, you saw this photo…

photo (50)

He even has her hair!!

I can’t lie and say there hasn’t been a ton of emotions the last week and a half and memories of our sweet baby girl that came up.  But overall we are just so grateful to have a healthy little boy to love and snuggle and kiss and as Kynlee and Tate would say, “keep.”

They were so excited to meet him!


She’s a little mother already!


and the best helper!

And tate is the best snuggler:)


He’s gonna teach him everything he knows someday:)  The first thing he told me when he met him was how he was saving his money to buy camo clothes and a bb gun for little Beckett.  Good big brother:)


We feel so blessed!!


And were so happy to introduce him to our friends and family!!


Since I didn’t know what gender he was, I feel like it took a little bit of extra bonding time for it to really sink in that I had a little boy. Ryan went home the second night to stay with Tate and Kynlee and I felt like that night I met my little guy and fell head over heels in love with him!

photo (51)

while taking selfies and watching HGTV:)  Does it get any better??  :):)  That’s my favorite spot for him to snuggle by the way.  If only I could freeze time!


Time to come home!!



those cheeks!

photo (53)

He’s been such a good little baby,

photo (54)

Thank you Jesus!! And all of you wonderful followers for the prayers and support in our journey these last two years.

God is good.

The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised  –Job 1:21


I have been working with a friend over the last 2 years…I know, that sounds crazy when I type it, but yes…2 years, on a total cabin reno project.  The reasons it has taken so long have been many.  1.)  We had Jules within that time.  2.)  It was a COMPLETE gut/remodel job. 3.)  We did a lot of the work ourselves, and 4.)  It is their cabin, and they are busy as well, so it was easy to not always make first priority.  I must say though, it has been one of the most fun projects I have done because….

1.)  The surroundings are beautiful!  (It’s on one of the most desirable lakes in MN)

2.)  I love the couple, it always pays to work with friends:)

3.)  I have never in my life been able to just go shop for whatever I wanted for the look in a short period of time and see it come together so fast.  I know….to me 2 years is fast:)  I love the DIY-ing and the hunt and the thrill of a good deal, but this was a little dreamy to just pull it all together and not have to worry about everything being a steal all of the time.

So, enough yapping, lets get to the eye candy.  I took a few before pics on my iphone but they aren’t the best.  You will definitely get an idea of what she started out looking like and an appreciation for how far she came.

photo (49)

Of course the hubby of this cabin thought there was nothing wrong with all the pine tongue and groove, and quite honestly it would be a dream cabin for my hubs as well.  But you know how wood and I get along.  Can you tell this is going to be a fun project?!?

Here’s the after….

cottage living room

Sorry boys, the wood had to go.  They had all the walls and ceilings sprayed, which gives an amazing finish, and we used Benjamin Moore’s Simply White in satin.  They also redid the flooring (which looks a bit familiar:) and added big chunky beams to break up the a-frame architecture and make it feel more cottage-y than cabin-y.

IMG_4358 - Copy

The furniture came from Pottery barn, and we scored a lot of the pillows from Home Goods and Pottery Barn.


This project was fun because I did get to still DIY quite a few of the things…like these paddles on the wall…


We found them at Home Goods as well and they actually had writing on.  I flipped them around, added rope, and painted the stripes to match the rest of the living room.


The shelf on the right was also a DIY .

This was another before of the kitchen before we got our hands on it.

photo (45)

And here’s the after….


The fridge is in the same spot to help you figure out the remodel.  They went with a complete new kitchen, with marble counters and farmhouse sink.  Yours truly was able to DIY the marble subway tile backsplash with my mad tile cutting skills;)


But I am so in love with this kitchen!

Another before…

photo (46)

and after….


I mean, look at that island!


And open shelving!

IMG_4358 - Copy

And it flows so nice into the living room.


From here we go upstairs where there used to be carpet..


and now there are cute little numbers to help you count your way:)  Trust me, we heard it from the guys on this one!

At the top of the stairs is an open loft where we needed to create a unisex bedroom since they have two girls and a boy.


The bedding came from Pottery Barn, except for the monogrammed Euro pillows I made to separate the beds.


And then they have a cute kids bathroom up here as well..


The vanity is a Martha Stewart one from Home Depot.



We had  a challenge trying to figure out a mirror for above it since there is a window in the way.  We ended up finding a hanging mirror at Home Goods and the guys figured out a way to make it stay.  I think it’s perfect!


And aren’t the chandeliers fun!  We have a matching one downstairs as well.  They worked so well with the high ceilings.  The trunks came from World Market, we just stenciled the numbers on cause they needed a little extra “something.”

And if you ask me, the kids have the best view in the place…


Out those windows all you see is lake and trees.  Gorgeous!

ps. this was the loft before.  Have I won over any other wood lovers yet?!?

photo (47)

On the main level is the master bedroom where we added board and batten.

board and batten

The bedding again is pottery barn, except for another little Whimsy love…

xo pillow

And how much do we love that little apothecary nightstand from Target???

IMG_4338 - Copy

Down the hallway is the cutest bathroom..

IMG_4340 - Copy

We planked the ceilings in the bathroom, hallway, and laundry room.  I’m still jealous!

IMG_4343 - Copy

These are the DIY $7 shelves I made and had fun staging them…

bathroom shelves

We used all artificial greens at the cabin since they aren’t here all the time.  But I love the pop of green it adds, with no maintenance.

IMG_4344 - Copy

And at the end of the hallways is a laundry room to die for.

IMG_4346 - Copy

At a cabin mind you:)

IMG_4351 - Copy

it was starting to get dark so these pics aren’t the best, but isn’t she cute??

IMG_4350 - Copy

I stenciled the drinks bin so they can pull that out when they have company and fill it with ice.  They also have a clean and dirty basket up top and a super cute sink.

Lastly and quite honestly maybe the best room in the house is the screened in porch overlooking the lake.


The ceilings were painted a light blue and the walls were all sprayed white as well.


We got the table and upholstered chairs from World market, the others are fun flea market finds…


I darkened this pic just so you can see how the lake is right.there.  Swooning.


And this is where you’d curl up and have your coffee in the morning, listening to the loons.


I think I could handle it:)


We added curtains all the way around and tied them with rope since they blew in the wind quite a bit if we left them.  This gives privacy and also some shelter if it does rain hard.


But I love how this is a whole extended living room…


I hope you enjoyed looking at this pics as much as I had fun creating them!  Thanks so much Kelly Jo and Joel for letting me be a part of this amazing project.  Cheers to getting to enjoy the lake…..finally!!:)

P.s. for those of you following along on my pregnancy journey, there was no new “news” at my appt.  And so we wait!  t-minus 2 1/2 weeks!!!


The day has come when we said goodbye to our cute little pups we have been loving on the last 8 weeks.

golden retreiver puppies

It was so fun to see Neeko be such a good momma, especially after we took the pups in to the vet and found out that older dogs usually don’t make good moms.


She was amazing….


And the kids had a blast with them too…


Even when they pulled on Kynlees ponytail and bit their toes:)


The last puppy left Sunday, and although it was a bit hard to say goodbye, it was a bit of relief as well.  They were getting so big it was getting harder and harder to take care of them.  And they thought all of my landscaping was a jungle for them to trample on…


There used to be a tall grass to the right of the door.  Demolished.


It did help that we kept one…..

photo (43)

The chubbiest one of the group.  We were going to call her moto moto but ended up with Tika (pronounced Teeka) instead.  Apparently it’s a gun company.  Ry thought it would be a great name for our baby, but when I ick snayed that we settled on it for the dog:)


Neeko enjoyed keeping one too!


She’s quite the sweetie…


Tate is doing such a great job taking care of her.  I think she’ll be his puppy.  She’s sleeping in his room at night in the kennel and has been an all star.  She hasn’t even cried.

Which is good, cause there is another baby coming soon…

photo (44)Excuse the messy bed, that’s what a Sunday morning before church will get you….always in a rush.  Anyway, I’m at 37 weeks and at my dr. appt last week I was measuring a 3.  It’s getting so exciting and I am seriously DYING to know what gender it’s going to be!!  Hopefully we’ll find out soon!!!

If you want to follow along on instagram @prvbsthirtyonegirl you can see pics in between posts and may probably just get a sneak peak at baby Lundeen;)


Alright, I gave you a sneak peek earlier but I have given our bedroom a face lift and haven’t shown it in awhile.  I also haven’t done it as a complete before and after to show you how far it has really come.

I have fallen into the navy craze along with a lot of the blog world, and thought the bedroom would be a great place to pull it in.  It’s brought a little bit more of a masculine feel to our room which does the hubby a “little” more justice:)  He has to put up with a lot after all;)

So, here’s a before picture of our bedroom…


and after….

master bedroom

We had added the row of closets on the right and took out the master closet they had on the other side of the room.  The little window you see on the before is now between our clothes closet and the laundry closet.  It’s in an awkward spot but is nice to have some natural light in the closets!  We also raised the ceilings an additional 3 feet to bring some height to the room, especially since it was just wasted attic space above.





We also moved the mini door over after we added the closests and made it a full size door so we didn’t have to duck every time we went in:)  You can see above the right corner is a big box that used to be their master closet, now it’s our baby corner!!

gender neutral crib

We also opened up a dormer that was that just for aesthetic purposes.  We put in a new window and it brought in so much more light to the room since there were only two small windows in the room to start with.

gender neutral crib

I created a canopy by taking a hoop ring for embroidery and sewing on two curtain panels from Ikea.  I actually cut one panel in half since I didn’t need it quite so thick, and mostly because I only had one and I didn’t want to buy another set:)

butterfly mobile

I also got this super cute butterfly mobile from my sister.  She made it for Whimsy and praise the Lord it didn’t sell cause I didn’t realize how perfect it would be in this space!

butterfly mobile

Yeah, you heard me..she made it ya’ll!

butterfly mobile

She used old book pages, antiqued them, and hung them from a thin wire to a hoop.

And when I told her I think I needed to buy it…she said it was her gift to peanut:):)

butterfly mobile

This corner is still going to get a mini dresser or something for storage and a bit of decor on the walls, but for now I’m ready for baby:)

master bedroom

And heres a long shot of the rocker.

stump table

with my stump table that cost me $16 because of the legs I bought at Ikea.


and if I didn’t love the antlers enough I decided to showcase them a bit more:)


Now it’s a work of art….good job babe!


View from the bathroom.


I’ll keep you posted on any new baby updates!  Here’s the latest instagram I posted at 34 weeks preggers.

photo (41)

I can’t believe we are only 5 weeks out now…and if peanut is anything like Tate or Kynlee hopefully he/she comes a week or two early!:)

My cravings lately are for ice water!!  WITH……essential oils Citrus fresh


Seriously, for a girl that doesn’t usually like water I just can’t get enough.  I put 2 drops in my cup and I love love love it.  I crave it even more than cherry coke, which for those of you who know me know that’s a big deal:)  And it’s supposed to cleanse you and give you clarity of thought…not sure if the clarity of thought is working with preggo brain, but nonetheless, I love it:)


My sister-in-law had an old upholstered rocker that she was getting rid of and asked if I would be interested.  At first glance the rocker seemed like she needed lots of love, the pattern was out of date and the the fabric was starting to rip.  But, with a  little love I knew that the shape was great, the structure was solid, and it was very comfy.  Plus, it was on rockers which would be perfect for a babe, and the real selling point?? It was free!  And after looking into upholstered rockers like these…



that retail from $750-$1300, free was good.

So here she is before her makeover….

photo (40)

The shape is great!

And here’s a sneak peek of her now in our bedroom…

Stump table

Okay, that’s your teaser:)

Upholstered rocker

Doesn’t look too much different from the $1000 one does it??  I slipped her in white twill, and m little secret is that I love using IKEA white curtains for the fabric.  It seems to lay nicer than duck cloth you can buy at Jo-anns, and it ends up being just as cheap, if not cheaper.  I buy the grommet drapes.  I added a little flirty skirt as well since our room is feeling a little masculine these days:)  I did the ottoman awhile back but she fits well with the rocker.


I’ve got a bunch more pics to show you of our somewhat “remodeled” bedroom….which now includes a crib! Yay!! and if you didn’t notice the newest stump addition to the family, I’ll give you one more look.  She’s my favorite yet:)

stump table


Whimsy came and went this last week.  Our second sale of the year.  And although I love creating and painting and diy-ing, something about this sale just seemed like too much.  Maybe because my 7 1/2 month belly kept getting in the way, maybe because I just wanted to nest and work on my house before August, maybe because I knew most of the money I would make would already be spent on the man cave my hubby is working on.  Or maybe because I had been feeling a little defeated in my faith these days.  Either way, I just wanted it to be done.

I’ve felt like that quite a bit lately.  Like I am just going through the motions of a day.  Like everyday I am just keeping my head above water, cleaning, cooking, mowing, washing, repeat repeat repeat.  And the mundane starts to take over.  You see, when we were going through the whole Jules ordeal, our life served such purpose.  Although I never would have chosen to endure that journey, I grew so close to Jesus through the process.

Matthew 11:28-30 

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

Because I NEEDED Him.



And you know what?  He was so beyond faithful.  In our darkest of hours are the times I felt closest to Him.

This last year life has been going pretty good for the Lundeens.  No major incidences, a baby is on the way, the job is steady, Whimsy continues to grow, we are all healthy and although we miss Jules, each day seems to get a bit easier.  I started thinking that I put in my hardship for this life and now I just have smooth sailing the rest of the way out.  But do you know what that brought me?? That “smooth sailing” of saying to God, I did my good deed for you, I trusted you through the hardest/darkest days of my life??

A stagnant relationship.

You see, God does not just call us to be His children in the hard times.  God calls us to be His children ALL the time.  God doesn’t just want us to lean on Him when times are tough, God wants us to enjoy Him EVERY DAY!  That is what a relationship is after all.  And if we choose to start letting that relationship go because, “we got this” the intimacy suffers.

This last year I have noticed my intimacy with Jesus suffer.  I was talking to Him a little less throughout the day, letting my Bible collect dust, and choosing to do what I wanted to do rather than invest time in the one person that matters the most.

So, back to Whimsy.  Whimsy week had finally come and I found myself saying, ” I just can’t wait for it to be over.”  And that’s when Jesus, through a written word, drew me back to Him.  And quite honestly blew me away.  Blew me away that He cares enough ABOUT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US that He will take the time to get our attention.  You see, a girl had messaged me the night before Whimsy with a word the Lord had given her about Whimsy.  Yes, you heard me…about Whimsy…an occasional sale where we sell furniture and household things.  WORLDLY things.  A girl that I had only had the pleasure of having a couple of conversations with, a person that I would call an acquaintance.  That’s how you know it’s Jesus, when He speaks through very unsuspecting people.  And this is the message I got..

The reason I’m writing is in hopes that you are encouraged by the way the Spirit led me to pray for your upcoming Whimsy sale. Seemingly out of nowhere today he burdened me to pray and I want to share some of it with you. Because I want you to know that I believe that God is and will be doing life-changing things through the ministry you and your family have. I believe that every piece sold will be more about changing hearts than changing décor. I believe that when people buy your art and place it in their homes, people will come to know Jesus through it. I believe that God has greatly gifted each of you and ALL our gifts are meant to bring glory to Himself. I believe that Whimsy is Kingdom work. I believe that the Spirit will be so present at your farm tomorrow that hearts will be changed just by stepping foot on your property and in that building. I believe that hard hearts will soften and broken hearts will be healed through Whimsy. I believe that your mom, your sisters, husbands and your children will offer hope to some that desperately need it. I believe you are doing more than making homes beautiful. I believe you are not just accessories homes but you are accessorizing hearts with the truth of Jesus Christ. I believe that through Whimsy people will adore Jesus as they adorn their homes. I believe that as Gideon was called “mighty warrior” you and your family are warriors fighting for the name of Jesus with the gifts you’ve been given. I pray that you never think of your gifts and Whimsy as anything less than a ministry built by and held up by Jesus. It’s so sweet to witness you guys stewarding what God has given you.

And Allie cried.

I cried because I had gotten it all wrong.  I cried because I get so caught up in the daily living that I miss what God is desiring and how He is working in each of us.  And I cried because I was SO GRATEFUL God got my attention.  You see, in EVERY AREA of our life it is a ministry.  Every single thing we do is a testimony to Jesus.  If we CHOOSE it to be.  When we clean clothes, we can praise Jesus, when we wait in the check out line we are being a witness to others.  How we react to situations and bad drivers and slow drive thru lines are all a part of our witness.  Because God can take the mundane and turn it into the eternal.  He can use a smile or small gesture and give it real value.  He can use it to change someones heart or their life.  And more importantly He can use it to change ours, and keep our eyes on the real goal…our relationship with Him.

Psalms 73:26 My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever

So this past weekend was amazing.  Yes, we had an amazing sale with amazing women that showed up and never cease to amaze us by driving from all parts of the state.  Yes, we sold so much inventory and moved a lot of furniture and were blessed.  But I think ALL of us were more excited to try to be a little bit of Jesus to people as they walked into the shop.  To have our goal not be in dollar signs but in conversations and smiles and heart issues.  To ALLOW God to use us,  Period.

So I encourage you today to not be discouraged:)  In fact, I challenge you, along with me.  I am going to take the month of July and try to do one act of kindness for Jesus every day.  To step out of “My world” and reach someone else with a little extra Jesus love and maybe just maybe transform a soul.  Or, more importantly, change mine.  So if you like me on Facebook I’ll be posting every day what my Jesus moment was for the day, more because I need the accountability and hopefully encourage you do the same!  Just think the impact we can have!!

God bless!! I’m off to bake some cookies for the widow down the road!!


“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’  Matthew 25:40





After making my DIY window boxes, I thought it would be fun to make some wood box/crates for Whimsy.  I’m always looking for an easy centerpiece to sit on my dining room table that I can set on and set off without moving a bunch of stuff and thought this would be the ticket.  A longer box that I could fill with different things seasonally.  But as I started thinking of summer I thought it would be fun to have them also serve a purpose.  Like a fun drink tray.  And how perfect to have it before the 4th of July and all of the entertaining that will take place.  So, I made them a lot like the window boxes, just minus the added trim and brackets:)  I then added rope handles and a little stenciling and made my drink tray..


they are 2 feet long and about 16″ wide, so they make quite a statement.


I did leave some trays blank, but in my opinion you don’t just have to use this as a drink tray.  I’d put it on my table with all sorts of stuff in it.


Although the S. Pelligrino looks quite pretty in it:)


Add a bucket of ice and some glasses and you’re ready to entertain!


Oh, and a pretty background…


A pretty background never hurts!

The next project is going to be a little eye candy.  I have been working with a client/friend on their lake cabin and the finished project is turning out amazing!  I’m hoping to show you a blog on the cabin one day soon, but until then I’ll just show you the shelves I made for above the toilet.

photo (38)

I used the same brackets as I have on my window boxes and added some stained boards on top.  I love how they look, and they function quite well too!  I also made some with gray brackets and barn board tops for Whimsy.  I think they’d work great in a bathroom, bedroom, office…pretty much anywhere!

The rest of the photos are not staged at all, they are actually the text the sisters and I send back and forth to show each other what we are working on.  But I had to share because there are some really fun new things this time!


for the horse lover!


These arrows are to die for, they hang horizontal on the wall.  She made them in wood as well!


For the gardener.


and the lake house.

And a little something for everyone!

Come on by and say hi next week, Thursday and Saturday from 9-3.  You can find more information on our facebook page!


And because my pregnancy is flying by, I thought I’d give you an updated belly shot.

photo (37)

I just went to the doctor today and heard a healthy heart beat.  I’ve gained 18 pounds so far, craving everything sweet…brownies for breakfast anyone?!? and am suddenly enjoying strong smells such as stain, peppermint, chlorine, and weird things like that!  Don’t worry everyone…I enjoy them but don’t indulge in them;)  Although I do stand in the shower and sniff my new Young Living spearmint lavender shampoo and conditioner.  Seriously, so yummy!!  Just another weird pregnancy side effect.  I haven’t been working out, (I don’t really believe in it:) but living life on the farm, gardening, and getting ready for Whimsy has kept me “somewhat” in shape:):)  I’m still sleeping good, I just have Ry give me a push when I need to get out of bed:) and am enjoying every second of feeling peanut inside me.  Now I just can’t wait to find out what “peanut” is!!!


So the other day I was perusing through Menards like I so often do, grabbing my weekly supply of paint, stain, glue, nails, you know…every girls accessories, and I came across a major score!  Now that the outdoor department is open, I just had to see if they had any fun shrubs or trees that needed to be planted in my yard:)  You probably don’t know this but my mom is a major green thumb.  She know just about everything there is to know about gardening, perennials, and shrubbery.  So, a “little” of this hard worn off on me.  I love to play in the dirt and make the outside of my house try to match the time and effort I put into the inside of my house.

So, I was walking in their garden center and found some amazing topiaries.  I have always loved the look of pruned and manicured shrubs, so 2 tiered topiaries were right up my alley.  The problem is, is that they are usually quite spendy.  When I saw that these were only $25 a piece I was quite excited.  1.) I had a rebate for $10, so that made them even cheaper, and 2.) I don’t do annuals or flowers in pots, so I justified this as my “flower” budget:)  So, here was what my front porch looked like before I painted the steps…



sorry, I could only find a fall shot…

and here’s last summer after the stairs got their makeoever…

painted stairs

And here is this year….with my two new topiary’s.

painted stairs

I love the height it gives.  and they fit perfectly alongside the door.  Some people have asked how the stairs have held up threw a brutal Minnesota winter of shoveling and more shoveling and more shoveling and all of the elements.  First, I should have swept them, but I was feeling a bit too lazy.   This belly is starting to get in the way:)  Second, they have faded a bit, but I kind of like the worn in look of them.  I would still definitely recommend it.  I haven’t regretted it yet!


and there’s our scary guard cat, keeping out he predators:)


I also am still in love with the little dwarf korean lilac tree to the right of our steps.  I love that it blooms about a week or two after the lilac bushes, so the smell can continue.  And it seriously smells up our whole front entry!


She not hard on the eyes either:)

and just for fun I thought I’d throw in another shot from our house…because bloggers so often forget to show what the outside looks like:)  And right now in Minnesota it is raining every other day, which is a major bummer for a lot of things, but it does help to keep everything gorgeous and green!


But it also grows all of the weeds as well.  Speaking of which, I better get on that!


Whimsy is in a week and a half, next Thursday and Saturday, the 26th and 28th from 9-3. I gotta make this place look pretty before all the ladies show up!

Stay tuned for a few of the fun projects we’ve been crafting for our sale next week!


For the last 2 years I have wanted to spruce up the outside of the guest house by adding some window boxes.  I initially was waiting for the hubby to offer to make me some…..but that didn’t happen.  Huge surprise.  So since I’ve become a little more comfortable with my air nailer and chop saw, who am I kidding, I”m in love with them, I decided to tackle the project myself.   I realized all it really was was a couple of 1x6s and 1×4′s, which I already had from left over signs and trim in the shed.  I measured my windows and cut the wood the same length as the window.

I’m going to preface this post by saying that I’m not giving you a step by step tutorial.  As always, I got excited about a project and didn’t stop to take photos along the way.  I can tell you though that if you have a little bit of handiness in the power tool area, you will be able to figure it out:)

After I cut my 1″x6″ and 1″x4″ boards, I took out wood glue and my air nailer and first glued and then nailed the boards together.   I laid the 1×6 flat and then butted my 1×4 up next to it.  and nailed it with 2″ nails.  Once I had the box framed up I used some lathe I had in the other shed for decorative trim.  To cut the lath I just used Ryans battery operated skill saw.  That way I could do one piece at a time.  I glued that down and nailed it with 1 1/4″ nails.  I ended up making 3 window boxes in about 2 hours…so when I say it really wasn’t that hard, I truly mean it!  I stained them with Dark Walnut stain, drilled 3 holes in the bottom for drainage and stapled in some plastic to line the wood with so it doesn’t rot.  Then I had found some brackets at Menards that were black that I loved, and thought the contrast on the white guest house would be nice.  What I loved even more were that they were only about $2.50 a piece.  So I ended up making all three window boxes for $15 since I had all the wood.  And here’s the end result..


window box

you can see in the close up that there is no such word as “perfect” in my book:)

window box

There’s only “good enough” :)  Ry loves that philosophy :)  I know too many perfectionists that worry about doing it just right, when all I really want is the end result.  So I”d rather have something that gave me the look that isn’t perfect, than never do it cause I was afraid I was going to mess it up…if you know what I mean!

And you honestly can’t tell when you look at the boxes that I may have been 1/8″ off here and there, and that there are nail holes that aren’t filled…

window boxes

All I see are some pretty cute window boxes that cost me next to nothing and add a ton of character to this little shack:)

Let’s just have a bit of fun and go way back to when the guest house was a garage..


turned into guest house….


and now with window boxes…

window box

window box

don’t mind all the weeds:)

window boxes

I ended up finding some succulents at Menards on sale called Hen and Chicks.  They were $2.99/piece.  If you haven’t noticed I am kind of in love with the English garden look of all white and green.  Goes with my monochromatic taste I guess.  So these were perfect.  And since they are a succulent I don’t have to water them much. Bonus!

window box filler

I think I may add a little alyssum for a pop of white as well.


And here’s what you see when you pull up to our house from the back side…


I kinda love that it’s a little mini me to the big house!


and I also love that the former owners put up that cute white fence to hide the propane tank.  Genius!

and this is the view from my kitchen window…


If that helps with the layout!

I took a few more pictures outside and worked on another Whimsy project today that has an outdoor theme that I’ll be blogging about the rest of the week. Sometimes I get so stuck on the inside of the house, I forget how much I love to decorate the outside as well!



I finished the plank wall awhile ago, and if you had been checking on the new before and afters you probably saw it, but if not, I’ll show you some pics.

So here’s a picture of the before…




and now after..



And I know I haven’t shown the back entry too much, mostly because there is still work to do, but this is where most of our toys hide…and our homeschool stuff.  So it’s probably the most unorganized area of the house..


but I do love how the plank wall helps to tie it in better to the rest of the area…


and I’m still loving the faux wood door I painted over there and how it pops on the white.

I have a few more plans for the area that I will hopefully show you in a bit!

One more planking project done…we’ll see how many are left in the future:):)


There has been a lot of activity around here lately.  Last Thursday Neeko started acting funny and went into labor.  I put on my midwife gloves and helped the girl out and welcomed 6 new pups to our family…..for a little while:)

Neeko was a champ, and the pups came out so tiny!!

photo (33)

I can’t believe these little guys are created in just 9 weeks.  Pretty amazing.  Awesome God.

photo 1 (1)

and it’s also amazing how puppy momma instincts kick in just as soon as they are born!

photo 2 (1)

Proud Momma!

photo 2 (2)

And we ended up with 3 boys and 3 girls.  I must say, she made labor and nursing look so easy…wish it was like that for us!

The pups have been getting no shortage of love!

photo 4 (1)

We pretty much don’t even need toys anymore;)

And they are a hoot to watch…


I love when they snuggle bug all up together:)


So far we are claiming that little blondie girl on the left…but we have to wait a few weeks to see her personality:)


They are 8 days old and still haven’t opened their eyes…we are excited for that day!

as for now, they pretty much nurse 20 hours a day and sleep the rest…poor Neeko:)  And they are staying comfy in our office. Ha!  Didn’t think I’d see the day!


Once they start bailing from the pool though, they will get moved outside.  No pooping or peeing on this girls carpet!  :)

Happy Friday!!


We went into the dr. last week for another ultrasound.  The first ultrasound all looked well, but little peanut wasn’t’ cooperating and they couldn’t get a good measurement on his/her legs.  At first when I heard this, I was so bummed.  Immediately my mind thought something more was wrong, why would they need another ultrasound?? After being reassured by my doctor and a few other doctor friends, I felt a bit better about it and was actually excited to be able to see our little peanut again.  So we went in last week when I was 27 weeks along and got to see little sweet pea.  I’ll tell you, it was SO HARD to not find out the sex!! If the hubby wasn’t there I think it may just have slipped out.  *wink *wink.

So here’s a sweet little profile shot of babe…


and a picture of the sweet little foot and arm that all checked out well!


And we even got a little video of peanut sucking on it’s arm…

As for the rest of the pregnancy, everything has been going great.  I’ve been craving everything sweet…like in a crazy bad way!  haha…poor kid will come out on a sugar high, have gained 16 lbs so far, and have been taking advantage of my sleep knowing it will be short lived soon!  We’ve so been enjoying this beautiful weather and it has helped to get me moving and motivated a bit more.  I have lots of fun projects to show you soon, AND…Ry started the man cave last week.  He’s turning an old grainery into his man haven.  He’s being a good sport and allowing me to insert *a few* suggestions along the way, and I’m hoping to help out in the “masculine decorating” in there as well.  We’ll see how much he trusts me;)  I’ll tell you one thing, I know this place will be practical, and I might only get to add 2 throw pillows;):)  Either way, I’m super excited for him to have his space!


If you follow me on instagram @prvbsthirtyonegirl you saw some exciting news the other day.

photo (1)

And many of you had questions as to if I knew about it, so I thought I’d share the story.

Although I always thought it would be really fun to be in a magazine, I never thought it would happen.  I thought I’d have to pursue it, and really dive 100% into my blog and put in a lot of effort.  You see, in the blogging world you can never do “enough.”  I could blog everyday and keep my readers happy, but blogging takes a lot of time, and quite honestly, for me, the financial benefits aren’t worth it.  I blog because I love to share my stories and DIY adventures and hopefully inspire some of you to pull out a power tool or get to know Jesus better:)  Cause you know they go hand in hand:)  So therefore I blog at my lesiure.  And by doing this I thought I’d maybe have to give up some cool dreams or goals or bucket list items I may have had.  But that’s when God just seems to blow me out of the water.

See, I decided that wasn’t as important as family life and other things that took precedent over finding some sort of “fame” in the blogging world. But Jesus decided to bestow a little gift on my anyway.  This past winter Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen and Bath magazine contacted ME and asked if I would be interested to be in their magazine.  Seriously?!?  At first I thought it was a joke.  The name of the magazine wasn’t even mentioned, they just said it was for a kitchen and bath magazine…and after thinking about it for 2 seconds I said yes!  She said she saw that I had gotten free cabinets, and that their readers would love that and the inexpensive DIY ideas we did to makeover our kitchen on a budget.  I knew the article would run in May, but it wasn’t until about a month ago that I finally figured it out that it was for Better Homes and Gardens special publications….my favorite magazine!

So this week I got this in the mail…


Of course it came on the day we got like 3 inches of rain and got all wet in the mailbox….but that didn’t deter me too much.  I quickly flipped inside to find the article about our kitchen…


and was super excited to see it got a whole page!


and it was so SURREAL to see my picture and name in print in a BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS MAGAZINE!!

God just never ceases to amaze me and the little gifts that He hands out to those that love Him.  Man I love him:)

I was a bit surprised to see the picture they chose, and to see they cropped the stairs out of it. (my favorite part)  They said we didn’t gut the kitchen, when that’s exactly what we did, but I think their goal was to just show their readers how we did inexpensive DIY fixes to make it reasonable for everyone, so I’m okay with that.

So, this issue comes out on the 27th if anyone want’s to snag a copy.  They have some pretty amazing, drool worthy kitchens in there as well, totally worth the $5.99 in my book!

So since then I have updated all of my before and after pages on my blog to have them as up to date as possible when the article runs.  Feel free to check them out and see how many “new” things you spot:)  I’m hoping to add our bedroom, bathroom, and kynlees room to the list before next week!  Let the blogging begin!! :)



Okay, so I don’t really consider myself to be the biggest dog person in the world.  Hence the reason I don’t instagram or post photos of my dog every day, or barely at all.  But I do think that we have the best dog in the world.  Ryan grew up with golden retrievers his whole life, and so when I married him I knew that someday we would have one too.  And it didn’t take long.  A little while after we were married we got a golden.  And this dog is pretty special to us, because her momma, Remington, was my hubby’s brothers dog.  Eric (Ryans brother) died way too early, but we were able to keep a little bit of him alive through our puppy Neeko.  Unfortunately Eric’s dog (Neeko’s momma) died earlier this year:(  So when we had the chance to breed Neeko, we decided now was the time.  Neeko was getting older and breeding her any later would be too hard on her.  We very much wanted the chance to keep one of Neeko’s pups and keep the line going.

I know breeding dogs is controversial, trust me, I’ve received some hate mail already….but I’d really appreciate only positive comments:)  We aren’t breeding Neeko to get rich, we are breeding her cause we want one of her pups, think it will be a great experience for the kids, and can’t wait to snuggle a batch of puppies!:) :)

Neeko is a purebred, so of course we wanted to find a purebred to mate her with.  We found one a little ways away named Buddy.  I couldn’t believe how much him and Neeko looked alike.

photo (32)

Neeko is on the right and Buddy is on the left.  Neeko was the runt of her litter and although we were initally drawn to the fluffier lighter pups, her demeanor won us over.  She was a little sweet snuggler from the beginning, and so well behaved.  Buddy, we were told, is also an amazing dog.  He actually protects the chickens they have from the owls that have been getting them.  So sweet.  Neeko has been trained to hunt, so I don’t think she’d be “protecting” any chickens….if you know what I mean:)

She is the sweetest dog in the world though…

photo (30)

and she’s a bit spoiled.  She comes in at night and usually sleeps in our room on her bed. (Trust me when I say I NEVER thought I’d have a big dog in my house.) But we have trained her that she can’t come on the living room carpet or rug.  She doesn’t go on furniture, she’s only allowed on the stairs and our bedroom.  The stairs are by far her favorite spot.

photo (31)

Although now that’s she’s getting bigger, she isn’t fitting quite as well:)

She is AMAZING with the kids…


I’ve never once worried that’s she’d every nip at a kid.  The kids can pretty much do whatever to her and she’ll just lay there. Poor girl:)  But she is territorial, and barks when strangers come, which I’ve learned to appreciate, especially in the country when you can’t always hear people pull up.  I’m sure the UPS man is getting sick of it though:)


So, we are due to have our little batch of puppies NEXT WEEK!  We are so excited…and a little nervous:)  We are setting up a nice little place for them in our office, for at least the first couple of weeks, and I’m going to be putting my video monitor on Neeko here in the next couple  of days just to make sure I can keep an eye on her in case to goes into labor during the night.  Buddy’s family already wants a puppy, and depending on how many she has, I think there are a few more takers as well.  I’ll let you know if there are any left if anyone is interested:)  And I”ll be sure to post lots of pics of these little cuties!  Pray everything goes well, I’ve watched a bunch of you tube videos:) and talked to my mother-in-law who has watched quite a few batches be born, so I’m hoping that helps!!


As for me, I’ve just been filling holes on this dreary, thunderstorm-y day!  Hopefully I’ll have a painted reveal to show you soon!



When Ryan told me that he was going to have to work Mother’s day weekend and wanted to head up to the cabin the weekend after, naturally my mind began to wander as to what project I wanted to tackle.  I love working on projects while he is gone, because he tends to get a little “aggitated” when I’m working on them with him around.  It’s just best if he comes home and sees the finished project if you know what I mean:)  So, this weekend I decided to tackle a project I’ve wanted to finish for a long time…planking behind the settee and in the back nook.  Here’s how the wall looked before….


and although it was just fine the way it was, I wanted to pull the planking from the fireplace and behind from the kitchen nook into this area as well.  Plus, I had already planked a little wall in the back entry nook and always meant to “finish the job” but sometimes my projects take a little while longer than expected.  Due to Whimsy, a ridiculously cold winter (and spring) and a little bun in the oven, I’m finally getting around to it.  I decided to take it easy on myself and called our local building supply center and ordered 4-4×8 foot sheets of 1/4″ plywood cut into 5″ strips.  Man was that slick!  It ended up costing me about an extra $40 than it would at Home Depot, but 1.)  It’s 7 miles away and not 40, 2.) it was ready an hour after I called, 3.)  The strips were ACTUALLY 5″ from beginning to end, which made the job so so so much easier.  The last time I went to Home Depot they said they wouldn’t cut anything smaller than 12″ strips, so I had them do that and then cut them in half at home.  The problem was, their saw stands on end, and the plywood is so thin, that the accuracy wasn’t very good, which makes it super hard for hanging level planks if you know what I mean.  Ry thought I was throwing away money, but once he saw how nice it worked, and the plywood was actually nicer than the stuff I got at Home Depot, I “think” he was okay with it;)

So, here is the tool list I have for planking walls.

1.)  Chop Saw.  Seriously, this thing is my best friend.  If you don’t have this you can use a circular saw as well.


I was able to put this on our back steps right outside the sitting area so it was so convenient for working.

2.) Air Compressor


We had a bigger one that we would store in the shed but it was a beast to haul in and out of the house.  When I saw this little guy it was perfect!  I keep him under my stairs and can lift him easily.  I think it was around $80 at Menards (so worth the invesment) and the hubs didn’t seem to mind too much since it was a tool;)  I think it was actually HIS idea!

3.) A Finish Nailer with hose


This is a pretty nice one, because Ry owned it before I came along:) But I have seen some great package deals you can get the nailer and hose for around $25 at Menards.  It doesn’t need to be anything fancy!

4.)  A Jigsaw


I forgot to snap a picture of mine, but I found this one online for a mere $14.99!  You use this tool to cut around outlets or anything else that may be permanent in your wall.


5.  Glue and caulk gun


I’ve used drywall glue as well, but the liquid nails was only around $3 for a huge tube and worked great.  I used 2 tubes for my project.

6.)  Nails.


Make sure you get the right nails for your gun.  Since I was only nailing up 1/4′ plywood, I used 3/4″ nails.  I wanted it to go into the drywall and that’s about it.  It really just needs to hold the board on til the glue drys, and then the glue does most of the work.  This way you are also safe from hitting any wires or important things since it won’t go through the drywall.

That’s it!  And your off!

I started my project by edging out the sides first…


I just ripped down the plywood into 3″ strips to make my edge, and then cornered them nicely.


This just gives it a nice finished edge. Some people use the corner board over the top after they are done, but I think this looks a little more custom, and it’s cheaper.  Bonus!


This wall had an angle at the end, so I just took a piece of paper, held it flush to the straight wall on top and folded it on the angle to get my angle.  Then I drew it on my board and cut them all that way on the end.


These are the areas I was talking about that you may need to pull out your jigsaw.  I should also say, on each board I did about 2 strips of glue back and forth, and then nailed about every 10″ top and bottom.

And at the end of day 1, which took me about 2 hours (not bad but didn’t want to over do it for peanut:) I was done with this wall….

how to plank a wall

and here..


I decided to paint it all at once, so moved everything back in place until I was completely done.

Day 2 went even smoother now that I had my routine down, and I found that I actually love carpentry work!


I wasn’t too worried about my boards lining up at the end, you won’t really notice in the long run.


And onto the door wall.

wall planks

I edged out my corner the same way as the other side.

I’m loving it already!  I ran out of white wood filler so this is as far as it’s gotten until I get more today, and then the paint will go up and I’ll post before and afters.  The hubs came home and said, wow! Looks nice…I think you should just stain it.  Oh honey, do you know me at all;):)

I’ll keep you in suspense as to if it’ll be wood or white:)

And I really am not one for selfies, but I am one that loves to see baby bumps, so if you follow me on instagram @prvbsthirtyonegirl, you saw this pic I posted a week ago..

photo (25)

I was 24 weeks here.  I wish I could say I always look that put together (and coordinate with my bedding:) but unfortunately most days I have on sweats and no makeup with a ponytail.  Maybe one day I’ll show you THAT photo…you won’t recognize that girl:)  But…I am so beyond excited that peanut is kicking like crazy letting me know all is well.  And I am so beyond excited that I get to meet him/her, and I’m REALLY! struggling not knowing what it is!! Ahhh!!!! I think I did this backwards:)  We have another ultrasound next week just to make sure everything still looks good and I said to Ry, come on babe, lets just find out.  I seriously miss not bonding with babe like I have with my others.   Hes.not.budging.  In the long run I think it’ll be fun, but for now it’s killing me!!

Hopefully I’ll have some more pics of the cutest little baby ever to show you next week:) Oh, and maybe I’ll finish up these projects one of these days and show you that too!  Here’s to hoping! xoxo


I’ve been contemplating writing this post for awhile now, but thought I would share my story.  I have told you all how Ryan and I are expecting a sweet little peanut in a few months, and that it took us awhile to get pregnant with this one.  It took all the patience I had to wait 5 months to get pregnant.  I seriously know that sounds pathetic….but if you know our story at all, Ryan and I seem to get pregnant very quickly.  He jokes that he only has to look at me and there’s a bun in the oven:)  With Tate we thought we would just go off of birth control and not try, but not not try….if you know what I mean, and we were pregnant that month. ha! After Tate we decided to not go back on the pill just because we weren’t sure how we really felt about the pill, and were hoping to do natural family planning.  Apparently I stink at that because we got pregnant when Tate was 6 months old…..and I bawled.  Best surprise ever though!!!!  And Kynlee came along:)  At this point I knew my sanity was on the line and knew it would be a little too much emotionally for this momma to get pregnant again right after Kynlee was born, so we went back on the pill.  I know, this is a controversial issue and I’m being super honest about it.  For us, we just did what we felt we could, and I knew my limits and how much I could handle.  I was reassured it was just fine and we stayed on the pill until we were ready to try again.

This is when the true journey started.  We miscarried at Christmas when Kynlee was 3, and seriously got pregnant before I even got my period again.  I didn’t realize you were super fertile after a miscarriage.  Now I know:)  This is when we got pregnant with Jules.  So we were blessed with an amazing baby, just a baby that we wouldn’t get to keep, so the journey continued.  When we miscarried for the second time, and then had a hard time getting pregnant after, we were confused.  We have always gotten pregnant within a month of two of trying….or not trying…if you know what I mean:)  I was contemplating going into the doctor to see if I could get anything to help aid in the process, but just didn’t have a peace about it.  That’s when I decided to look into oils that could possibly help.  I have had such a great experience with essential oils, that I thought why not give it a try.  It was seriously the first month I started to use the oil combination that I got pregnant with sweet peanut:)

Now I was hesitant to write this post because I don’t want to give false hope to people, yet I do want to bring some hope.  Throughout this journey I have encountered so many women who have dealt/are dealing with infertility.  And my heart breaks.  I don’t understand it.  I know Jesus’ heart breaks with them as well.  Some things in this world are just so unfair.  Ryan and I obviously haven’t dealt with infertility, it was just taking us awhile to get pregnant this last time.  I guess I just thought anything was worth a try, especially something all natural.  And since I have had such amazing results with the oils before this, and then got pregnant the first month using them, I couldn’t not share.  So here’s what I did to help aid in getting pregnant.

I found a “recipe” for fertility for Gary D. Young, the founder of Young Living Essential oils.  It was a custom blend of Clary Sage, Fennel, Geranium, and Cypress.








My thought behind this was:

1.)  I have had amazing results with essential oils and was curious to try it.

2.)  I already had fennel, and I knew clary sage was a great oil for period cramps so it would be a great one to have on hand anyway.

3.)  It was a small investment to give us hope:)  It cost about $120 at wholesale cost for all 4 essential oils.

I did an equal mixture of all four oils.  I had small bottles I bought for samples, and glass droppers to get the oils into the bottle.  I didn’t add a carrier oil, I used it straight up.  I then applied a drop to the inside of my wrists, the inside and outside of my ankle as well as the Achilles tendon (These are supposedly the reproductive vita-flex points I learned:) And also on the lower back and lower abdomen across your hips.  Trust me when I say you will smell very “earthy” for a week.  I told Ry to get used to the smell.  And he should actually appreciate it…if you know what I mean.  You are supposed to start using the oils on the last day of your period, morning and night for a week.  We were pregnant that month.  Just saying.

If you are interested about essential oils and want to become a distributor so you are able to buy at wholesale costs, you can check out my blog I wrote about that here.  Or feel free to contact me if you want to learn more:)  I seriously pray for all of those mommas trying to get pregnant.  I’m not guaranteeing this will work for you, I just couldn’t help but share our story:)





Well, I teased you about it some time ago, so I’ll finally show you what I’ve SLOWLY been working on in our upstairs bath.  I love wall treatments, and would love to snap my fingers and have them magically appear, but unfortunately that costs lost of money:)  So, to the saw I go.  I bought I think about 4 or 5 sheets of 1/4″ plywood to do this project, and at about $12 a sheet that comes to about $60 worth of wood, plus a gallon of paint.  A little makeover under $100 is always fun!

So here’s how the bathroom looked before….


and what the bathroom looks like now….


Okay, so you can’t see the planking the best here, but you can also see I did a mini makeover to the vanity.  Although I liked the elegant look of the painted one, it seemed a little too formal for the rest of the house, so I added some label pulls and stripped the door fronts.  I initially planned on whitewashing them, which I did..


I sanded them down and made a mixture of half water/half white paint, painted it on and wiped it off like a stain.  I kept them like this for about a week but the orange tone that was popping through was just buggin.

I wanted the color to be more like this…


It’s  a little darker and a little cooler.  More like driftwood.  So I grabbed my can of antique glaze and painted it on…


and it toned them down to this…


There you can see the planking better as well.  I’m loving how it looks, a little less formal.  I wanted the darker and lighter spots on the drawer fronts to look more like natural wood, so after I stained the whole front, I took my brush and did random brush stroked here and there and let them sit for a few minutes.  Then when I wiped them off they stayed a little darker.


I like the imperfections.


So there she is for now.  I’ve got a few other changes coming too, but you’ll have to wait just a bit more!

I am thinking a fun rug to bring a pop of pattern would be fun as well…something like this..


or this..


I love the bath rug in there but it blends into the floor, gets dirty extremely easy, and isn’t wide enough to stand on from the vanity and getting out of the tub.  Oh the problems:)

So that will have to tide you over til after the weekend.  Whimsy is going on Thursday and Saturday of THIS WEEK! from 9-3. We’d love to see you!  You can find more information here.