Before & After–The Kitchen

P.S.  if you didn’t read my blog on how we got these cabinets for free, and what they looked like before, you should check out this post first:)


newhouse 002After

farmhouse kitchen

and a view of the command center…

command center

I added the subway tiles and command center recently.

Command Center

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we went with the Martha Stewart color…Sharkey Gray for the cabinets.  Who am I kidding, I went with it.  Ryan wasn’t tossing and turning over the decision, losing sleep over it like I was.  :)


newhouse 001


farmhouse kitchen

 We bought the farmhouse sink from IKEA

farmhouse kitchen

I transformed the little island in a mini makeover you can find here.


I’m loving the arches we put in…if you remember this part used to be a closed in pantry, which also closed off that huge window full of light!  I love that little nook, even if it only lead to the dungeon of a basement we have:)

So there she is…in her glory:)  We still have little things to do here and there, the story of our lives.   One last thing that I was going to mention on why this was one of the last rooms done was because Ry moved all the plumbing into the ceiling.  He didn’t want any of it under the house for freezing purposes since we don’t have a basement.  So the ceilings in the kitchen are a foot shorter than the rest of the house.  Thank goodness for 9 foot ceilings!  I was nervous at first, but it does “cozy” up the kitchen a bit!

Also, we ended up getting Corian counter tops from Menards.  They are called Silverstone.  We weren’t sure if they were in the budget or not, but Ry surprised me one day and said, here’s the deal.  I was gonna get you a wedding band for our 5 year anniversary, but if you want corian instead, you decide.  Some girls might think I’m absolutely crazy, but I chose the countertops.  3 reasons…1.)  There’s always more anniversary’s:)  2.)  My fingers are a little stubby so I’m not sure I really want a band…and 3.) Even though he said we could replace the countertops sometime down the road, I’m no dummy.  The chance we really would were slim to none.  I’ll take them when I can get them thank you!  If you noticed we don’t have much countertop space so they only ran us $750.  I didn’t think that was awful?!?

Source List:

Applicances:  Online auctions

Floors:  Ifloors (French bleed Chateau)

Sink:  Ikea

Curtains:  Ikea Tea Towels

Countertops:  Menards (Corian: Silverstone)

Faucet:  Overstock

Subway Tiles:  Menards

Shelf:  Ikea

Pendant:  Ferguson

Table Light:  Ikea

Island:  Pier 1 (made over)

Wooden Crate:  Whimsy

Cabinets:  Free

Cabinet Hardware:  Home Depot (Martha Stewart)

Wood Crates:

Stool:  Joss and Main