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Ahhhh!!!! I can’t even believe I am typing this post, because this post means that we are DONE with our addition!  And by done, I mean there are still projects to do this summer with outdoor work and some random different things, but visually, 99% of everything looks complete. You may have noticed I haven’t posted much since we’ve been working on this addition.  And honestly most of it has been because I just haven’t had a spare minute.  It’s so much quicker … Continue Reading »


So the addition is coming along….slowly but surely.  We actually had some great progress this weekend when a few friends came to help Ryan, and they got our whole master suite sheet rocked!!  All the praise hands for white on the wall.  So stay tuned for that sneak peek.  But, awhile ago I switched where the command center was in our house.  If you remember, I added this little spot to our house 3 years ago now, and it worked great for a … Continue Reading »


You guys…we’ve been giving er over here!  I’ve been working on Whimsy like crazy since the Christmas sale is coming in a little over two weeks, and the hubs keeps plugging away on the addition.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but it is a slllloooooowwww process when you do it all yourself.  Soooo many times I told the hubs lets just take out a loan and pay for a few things to be done…haha…shows my patience.  But, we are … Continue Reading »


Oh my goodness what a week we had!  Summer Whimsy sale was this past Thursday and Saturday, and my brother-in-law and his boys have been here the last two weeks working on framing our house!  This process has been amazing because it goes so fast!  I wish every step of the process was this dramatic and went this fast:)  So I thought I’d give you an update and show you what we’ve got so far… As of two weeks ago we had a … Continue Reading »