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Tis the season for all the color in our little farmhouse…and I love it!! Although I’m loving seeing all the gorgeous decor of all colors or non-colors….this little house begs for a pop of red:) And plaid is still super popular this year…praise Jesus! Because I love these Pottery Barn plaid pillow covers I got last year:) and I really should go around my house and count how many little trees I have.  It may be getting out of hand:) Honestly, I barely … Continue Reading »


This year I struggled to get my Christmas post up.  I have had the decorations up for weeks now, and actually the pictures taken for quite some time as well.  But for some reason I just couldn’t write my post.  Every time I tried I drew a blank.  And then I started seeing all of blog land posting gorgeous photos and then I started to get self conscious.  My photography skills aren’t as good.  My decor isn’t as high end.  I don’t use … Continue Reading »


Holy Moly Christmas is less than two weeks away.  How does that happen every.year.  I think I’m going to be so on top of things.  I start decorating early, I get Christmas shopping done early, my baking is done, I’ve been listening to Christmas music for two months now, but still….it creeps up on me.  Sometimes I wish Christmas was January 25th so it would help to speed up winter.  But alas, Christmas is upon us! So I thought I’d share this little … Continue Reading »


I’ve decided that a home school family can’t have a photo shoot ready house.  ever.  I feel like I end up chasing my own tail  So for those of you who think that bloggers actually live in a house that looks like their pictures…don’t be so easily fooled.  At least if they have young children.  It’s just not possible.  And I am a little OCD about my house being picked up.  But picked up, dishes done, coats away, toys out of sight, … Continue Reading »


Whimsy is done for the year, and as much as I love it, I’m always so glad to be able to take a deep breath, snuggle in, and enjoy a few months off.  Usually that first month or so also is spent doing a few projects around the house that I’ve been eyeing up for awhile.  I’m happy to report that most of those projects have been wrapped up already, and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on:) My … Continue Reading »


I feel like I have been non-existent this last month.  Well, not really non-existent, maybe more just home bound.  The fact of the matter is we have only 5 weeks turn around from our fall Whimsy Green sale to our Christmas sale, which is our biggest sale of the year.  And our customers are so amazing that we sold out of almost everything, which means we have to start completely over and create our biggest inventory all within 4 weeks.  So with that … Continue Reading »


As promised, I’m back to show you the rest of the house.  You saw some of the living room but I thought I’d show a bit more. This room actually is the hardest room for me since there is so much brown.  If it were up to me I probably would have done the whole house with wood floors with some nice big area rugs, but the hubs insists on carpet in the living room and bedrooms.  I get it, it’s comfy and … Continue Reading »


Oh I’m finally getting my act together over here and got my house clean enough to snap a few photos, and really…in a bloggers reality, that means moving the “piles” from one spot to another, just out of view of the camera;)  Just so you all know we are human to and we really DO live in our houses.  No, they are never not always picture ready.  Shh…..don’t tell!:) So, this is the one time of year I start to get all sweaty and nervous … Continue Reading »


Well, another year has gone by and I did not get Christmas cards out:(  Fail.  And I so love getting all of the holiday cheer in the mail and am SO BLESSED by each card we have received this year, so thank you to all of you faithful Christmas card senders!!!  I (most likely) promise, next year we will have a card in the mail:)  This year though a blog will have to do.  So from our family to yours, we wish you … Continue Reading »


I told you I love to shop Whimsy just as much as the next girl, so I always snag a few fun things during the sale.  Sometimes the sisters and I trade items and sometimes we just purchase them.  Either way it’s a win win.  When I saw this sign my sister Mel made I knew I wanted one.  I loved the natural look to it yet it was still playful!  And it fit perfect in my entry:) I got the lantern from … Continue Reading »


I think I had the most fun this year working on my bedroom for the Christmas home tour.  And I’m pretty sure it’s because since we moved in I have never been able to quite figure out/utilize all of the space.  I’ve been picking up pieces here and there and finally have enough furnishings to fill most of the area. Also, I love glitzy pretty Christmas, but it just doesn’t fit my house style well, so this was an opportunity to use the … Continue Reading »


I gave you a sneak peek before with this picture…. and promised I would show the rest soon.  Well, I’m finally getting around to it and hope if you haven’t decorated for Christmas yet you can find some inspiration.  But shame on you!:) The bad news about my Christmas decor is that I change my mind every year as to the feel I want.  The good news is, is that I think I found her Christmas identity once and for all.  I was … Continue Reading »


One of my favorite ways to change out my seasonal decor is by changing pillows…although this can get quite expensive and take up lots of non-existent storage (at our house at least) so the easier option is to make my own pillow covers and just switch out the covers.  I buy most of my designer fabric at because of the great price and free shipping over $35.  Plus, they return your fabric for free if you aren’t satisfied.  GREAT customer service!  Although I … Continue Reading »


I love Christmas, always have.  I love the true meaning behind it, I love traditions, and I love the decorating.  It’s the one time of year that you can switch your whole house out and make it magical.  I loved when my momma did it as a kid, and I love doing it for my kids now.  So when I found out that our church did a Christmas tour of homes I was all over it.  The problem is, the first year I … Continue Reading »

Merry Christmas

If you didn’t get a Christmas card this year from us…don’t fret.  I know you were probably up all night worrying about it:)  With the eventful year we had this year we didn’t quite get to Christmas cards…. So, I snapped a few pics of the kids before we left for church yesterday. cheesy smile #1 Cheesy smile #2 Daddy trying to get them to smile:) Finally, a good shot:) Merry Christmas! Even though it’s been a different year this year, we consider … Continue Reading »

Christmas Time

Christmas is my favorite holiday, for many reasons.  I love the fact that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus which gives us such hope and renewed faith, I love all of the traditions that are involved, I love the twinkle lights, the goodies, the music, the movies, and the smiles on my kids faces when they open their presents.  It always is such a special time of year for me.  This year has been a little different to say the least…but I … Continue Reading »