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I have been working with a friend over the last 2 years…I know, that sounds crazy when I type it, but yes…2 years, on a total cabin reno project.  The reasons it has taken so long have been many.  1.)  We had Jules within that time.  2.)  It was a COMPLETE gut/remodel job. 3.)  We did a lot of the work ourselves, and 4.)  It is their cabin, and they are busy as well, so it was easy to not always make first … Continue Reading »

Warm Tootsies!!

If you’re not familiar, that’s what we call toes in our house:)  Our one other area that we splurged on in this was on something that can’t even be seen.  It about killed me but I knew in the long run we were all going to appreciate it so much.  And yes…we do:) When we first bought this house it had radiator heaters in the bedrooms and one in the living room (which we have since taken out, spray painted white, and put … Continue Reading »


Its been two weeks, and I don’t even have pictures!!  Here are my reasons…yes, I have reasons! 1.)  Paint 2.) Tile 3.) Paint 4.) Paint 5.) cleaning sawdust 6.)  Paint 7.)  No internet 8.)  Trying to use my sisters internet while having 2 kids run around is a bit challenging! Okay, does that excuse my two weeks of silence???  Here’s what I can tell you.  I did get our bathroom tiled.  Challenging but rewarding.  Ry did get my vanity in, it’s beautiful and … Continue Reading »

We Have a Bedroom….Sort of!

Alright, I know I have been gone for a long time, but all for good reason! We have been extra busy at work in the house with no Internet or tv to keep a girl busy, so what else is there to do?? Sheetrock you say? Yep, well…a little. I have to give most of the credit to ry, his buddies, and his dad. They have been a great help!! But…I did learn to cut and hang a few pieces myself, I mean … Continue Reading »

I’m Alive!!

Okay, so this has been my first official week of “camping” and with 80 percent dew point this week I have pawned myself and family off on any near relation around:)  I have been pretty optimistic about this so far, but I must admit….it is getting a bit draining living out of sheds/pop-ups/vans/etc..etc.   Just to get the kids dressed in the morning is quite an ordeal.  So–with that being said I wanted to tell you all to STICK WITH ME:)  There has been … Continue Reading »


It’s official.  We locked up the doors.  Wow.  Harder than I thought, especially when you have a little boy asking to go home and he can’t.  It was a good lesson for me though on how much I do find comfort in material things and my surroundings.  I am being stretched and learning that home is where your family is and sometimes it’s okay to venture out of your comfort zone.  It’s just hard to watch it affect your kiddos and not be … Continue Reading »

Demo Days!!

It’s official…I have pictures:)  The dust has still seized to settle!!  Here’s a little preview on what our last week has been filled with! The before of the kitchen… The progression of the demo… We removed the pantry to the left and wall to the right… All the plaster is gone, and all of the lathe, they finished that last night, just didn’t shoot a pic before I went to bed.  I know you can’t tell but I think I’ve swept and picked … Continue Reading »