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Living out my faith in today’s world, the triumphs, challenges, and struggles.

Faith and Blessings

I was laying in bed last night and asking the Lord what He wanted me to share.  Having 2 sick kiddos the last three days, it seemed like parenting was screaming at me.  But when I sat down to do my devos He lead me in another direction.  It may seem redundant…but there seems to be so many people dealing with trials that have lost hope, or are having a hard time finding it.  They want peace but they just can’t quite get … Continue Reading »

It’s in the Details….

I was going to blog today and show you our Christmas, the kids had so much fun decorating the tree, but then a God story came up that was just too good to not share.  I have been hearing from so many of you that are having a hard time finding peace with God and completely trusting Him in all things, even the really hard things we have to face.  I so believe that this story is just another bit of evidence that … Continue Reading »


How do you find peace in tough times…this is a question I get quite often.  And it is a really a hard thing to explain, except when you stand on what God promises. The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace. Psalm 29:11 When you feel this sense of peace, when you can stand and smile and praise God at your daughters funeral, when you can’t even explain how you are not sobbing…you know it is God … Continue Reading »


6 Years ago today I was getting my hair all done up, perfecting my make-up, and putting on a beautiful white dress to walk down the aisle to my life long partner, Ryan.  I can honestly say that never in a million years did I think that we would be celebrating our 6 year anniversary in a church, for a wake for one of our little girls. None of us have a magic crystal ball that we can look into and see the … Continue Reading »

Life Changer…

When I was little my dream was to be a mom.  My mom stayed home with us and I just thought that’s what all women do.  As I got older I realized that some moms work and some moms stay home.  I still wanted to stay home:)  When I graduated from high school I knew I was headed to college because that’s what you do…so I had to pick a degree.  I picked elementary education because to me that was the next best … Continue Reading »

Jules is Home!

We went in to be induced with Jules yesterday morning at 7:00 a.m.  We welcomed our little angel Jules into the world at 6:23 p.m.  She wasn’t crying right away, but after a few puffs of oxygen she opened her eyes and said hello.  We were ecstatic!  and she is Beautiful! and she was a whooping 4 lbs 11.8 oz.  Sorry for the iphone pics, the rest aren’t uploaded yet. Sarah was with us all day to help relieve some stress:) and take … Continue Reading »

The Blogging World

Lately I have been writing posts in my head around 3 in the morning when I can’t sleep.  I really should just wake up and go downstairs and type it out, but it usually doesn’t happen.  And usually the post always sounds better in my head.  But, I’m writing this post for 2 reasons… 1.)  To say Juliet is still staying put.   I know a lot of you are checking in to see if there is any news, so I thought I would … Continue Reading »

Indescribable Peace

Jule’s due date is tomorrow.  October 2nd has been going through my brain ever since we found out about our sweet Juliet at 26 weeks along.  It’s a day I didn’t think we’d get to, but our little fighter proved us wrong!  What a good girl:)  Throughout this experience just about every emotion has overtaken us.  We have grieved, we have rejoiced, we have celebrated, we have sulked, we have been angry, happy, sad, and overwhelmed.  One thing though…is we have never even … Continue Reading »

Quite the Journey

Many of you don’t know this but before we got pregnant with Jules we miscarried, right after Christmas.  For someone who has had 2 very easy pregnancy’s, I was quite shocked.  After reading the percentages of women that miscarry, it wasn’t quite as alarming and I was able to tell myself that it was the Lord’s natural way of taking care of something that maybe wasn’t working out all right.  4 weeks after that we got pregnant with Jules.  (I didn’t know you … Continue Reading »

Praying for a Miracle

I believe in a God that breathed life into dust. I believe in a God that separated the Red Sea and raised Lazarus from the dead. I believe in a God that sends fire from heaven and closes the mouths of lions. And most importantly, I believe in a God that can heal Juliet. Although I have absolutely not a doubt in my mind that He can heal her, surprisingly this is not my biggest prayer.  Selfishly it would be, and trust me…many … Continue Reading »

Life Goes On….

I realized something crazy this last week.  Even though you can receive some of the hardest news you’ve ever been given, life goes on.  People go about their normal lives around you and I tend to look at them with jealousy quite frequently.  I continue to function, dishes have to be done, kids have to be fed…a house has to be kept up.  But always at the back of my mind is, life is so different.  I truly again thank each of you … Continue Reading »

Beyond Words….

Just wanted to say to everyone that has texted, emailed, called, messaged and commented that we are beyond blessed by your words and encouragement and mostly prayers.  Little Jules is such a lucky girl and we are already so blessed by her life!  God is so good and never ceases to amaze us.  Ryan and I have read every story, message and comment, usually through tears, and are humbled by your sweet Jesus love on us at this time.  The body of Christ … Continue Reading »

Trisomy 18

On Wednesday, a new reality sunk into our lives.  We went in for a level 2 ultrasound to see if our little peanut had a cleft pallet.  We were told at our original 20 week ultrasound that there was a “shadow” on the lip and they wanted to look into it further.  We were also told that baby was in less than 3rd percentile for weight and had cysts on the brain.  Both sound scary but after researching and talking to some doctors … Continue Reading »

Living Life Sheltered and Naive

By  now most of you know my past.  I was the typical “good girl.”  I was raised in a Christian home with great Christ centered morals.  I went to Sunday School every Sunday and Youth Group every Wednesday.  I learned Bible verses at a young age and was taught the difference between right and wrong.  To some of you this may seem a “sheltered” life.  I did attend public school but the Lord had mercy on me and provided Christian friends that didn’t … Continue Reading »


This is the post of how television almost ruined our marriage.  Okay, not really…but it could have:)  Cable television has always been a novelty to me.  I loved going on vacation as a kid and watching Saved By the Bell, thinking it was the coolest thing ever.  We never had cable growing up and for that matter we didn’t even have a VCR til I was in highschool.  We had no gaming systems, not even the old school Nintendo.  We had bikes and … Continue Reading »

He Is Faithful!

I don’t think that I’ve shared this with many of you but we started attending a new church about 2 years ago.  I had moved out to the small town after living in the big city and attending a charismatic mega-church, to attend my husbands ever so sweet, very traditional hymn singing church.  I’m not going to lie and say it wasn’t a little difficult for me, but that’s where he grew up and his family was.  So that’s where we went.  Well, … Continue Reading »

30 Days with Jesus…Update:)

Okay, well the 30 days have come and gone and I just wanted to share with you what I learned over that time period.  There were quite a few things, some pretty, some ugly….it’s amazing what we can learn about ourselves!! 1.)  I learned that I am not a morning person…but that the Lord rewards you for making Him priority.  I know I blogged on this and said that amazingly once I committed to getting myself up at 7:00 Satan attacked and my … Continue Reading »

Step Aside Satan!

It’s funny how when we commit to growing closer to the Lord, the enemy shakes in his boots.  If you don’t believe that there is a darker force in this world, then you should just try it for yourself.  The day after I wrote my blog on my 30 day quest to grow closer to God, Tate got sick.  Now some may think this just a coincidence, not me.  Two days after I wrote the blog my kids started waking up at 7:30…7:30!! … Continue Reading »


So, this past weekend I was able to leave my home for 30 hours (yippee!!) and go to the cities with my mom and sister where we got to attend a Beth Moore conference.  If you have never heard of her then check that link out…she’s the cutest little southern spitfire lady you’ve ever met.  Oh, and God speaks through her….need I say more???  So anyway, I was super excited to go to this conference to get a little fire lit back up … Continue Reading »

A Healthy Fear of the Lord and Garage Sales

I know I know, right now you are probably thinking how in the world is she going to tie these two subjects together…well, I’m not.  I just couldn’t decide which one I wanted to talk about, so thought I’d throw you for a loop and talk a smidgen (is that a word???) on both:) So, to start with the first, this subject has been on my heart for a long time now.  See, when I first accepted Christ into my heart at the … Continue Reading »