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I packed myself, a trailer, and 4 kids to head to Wisconsin this last week.  We were on the road to do our first Whimsy Green trunk show.  Although I was excited to do the trunk show, I was almost more excited to be staying at my parents house.  You see, I grew up in Mosinee, Wisconsin and we lived in the same house our whole lives.  It was a great house, super spacious, and on the Wisconsin River.  When we all moved … Continue Reading »


Well, I am now a month late, but I thought I’d officially share our news that Ruby Sue made it safely into our family on February 23rd:)  She came fast I tell you…a little too fast for this momma!  I always thought that when people said their deliveries were so fast it was a good thing.  NOT. SO.   I mean, yay for no 24 hour laboring…but holy moly the intenseness is just that.  INTENSE! I went from my contractions being 6 minutes … Continue Reading »


This fall we got our family pictures taken for the first time since Jules has been gone.  It’s always a little bittersweet.  I had to force myself to change my profile pictures and family picture.  She will always be a part of us, but time goes on and our family is changing.  Our pictures reflect that now.  It does make my heart smile though when I come over to my kids playing with Beckett and Kynlee tells me, I was just telling him … Continue Reading »


Oh you guys, I am so in love.  I have been snuggling and snuggling like crazy.  And adjusting to a baby again:)  I kind of forgot how much independence I had with a 5 and 6 year old, but it has been so good.  Our little family seems so perfect right now.  So thanks for allowing me a little time off to snuggle and treasure these precious moments that fly by waaaay too fast! During the last couple of weeks, my amazing photographer … Continue Reading »

IT’S A……………

BOY!!! Beckett Titus Lundeen was such a good little boy who listened to his Momma and came 2 weeks early, making his entrance into the world at 3:27 in the morning on August 7th.  He was not a good little boy in the fact that he came really fast, too fast in fact for his Momma to get the drugs she so desperately wanted! Do you see that death grip on the railing there??  That was my, “put the camera away dear!! smile:)” … Continue Reading »


The day has come when we said goodbye to our cute little pups we have been loving on the last 8 weeks. It was so fun to see Neeko be such a good momma, especially after we took the pups in to the vet and found out that older dogs usually don’t make good moms. She was amazing…. And the kids had a blast with them too… Even when they pulled on Kynlees ponytail and bit their toes:) The last puppy left Sunday, … Continue Reading »


We went into the dr. last week for another ultrasound.  The first ultrasound all looked well, but little peanut wasn’t’ cooperating and they couldn’t get a good measurement on his/her legs.  At first when I heard this, I was so bummed.  Immediately my mind thought something more was wrong, why would they need another ultrasound?? After being reassured by my doctor and a few other doctor friends, I felt a bit better about it and was actually excited to be able to see … Continue Reading »


Two weeks ago we set out on a 25 1/2 hour road trip to Orlando, Florida, where my parents have a timeshare.  So we left a Thursday night at 6:00 and rolled into Orlando Friday night at 8:30.  The drive actually wasn’t all that bad, the kids were AMAZING, it was just the staying awake part that was the toughest:) The kids were so excited to get in the pool! and turned into little fish! It was such a fun age to take … Continue Reading »


When we found out at 26 weeks that Jules was deemed “incompatible with life” all I could think of was how I wish this “trial” in our life would pass.  Meaning just that.  That I wouldn’t have to carry this child any longer that I knew I couldn’t keep.  That God would take her right then and there.  That I could push it all behind me and start over. Raw but true. Little did I know the blessing the Lord would give us. … Continue Reading »


It seems like just yesterday I was all  big and round and excited to welcome my baby into the world…. and pretty soon this little cutie came into our lives and rocked our worlds! can you even take it??? I can’t. And then he stole my heart with his smile… and fuzzy hair, and long toes..and, well…quite honestly, everything! Do they get much cuter?!? I just love him. This little boy seriously has my heart…and this past weekend we celebrated his 6th birthday!!!! … Continue Reading »


Well, this winter has about done me in.  I thought last winter took the cake, until the negatives came in December this year and are just starting to leave now.  I am a Minnesota girl, and like to think I’m a bit hearty, but even the heartiest are sick of the frigid cold.  I realized it was bad when they said Minneapolis was the coldest large city in the US, beating out, wait for it……. ANCHORAGE, ALASKA!! Yep.  It was time for some … Continue Reading »


Some days I can’t believe it.  I can’t believe I’ve gotten to spend 7 years with you. From the day you proposed to me… to the day I got to say “I do” to spending all 7 rainy days in Jamaica together on our honeymoon… To welcoming our first child into the world.. and our second, 15 months later (eek!) to becoming a family of 4.. To living in a pop up trailer with you (sorry no pics, I tried to block this … Continue Reading »


A few weeks ago we got away as a family to celebrate Jules’ birthday.  We decided to head North to Duluth, an adorable little town that’s set right on Lake Superior.  It’s quite idyllic actually. It was a bit chilly that weekend but it was still fun to watch the boats come in.. Tate was a little frustrated at this point.  He just wanted to chase seagulls:) grumpy. It didn’t last long…. It was a great family time. It got even better when … Continue Reading »


This past weekend we went to family camp.  And it was so much fun!  So many people have asked what family camp is.  Well, it’s actually at the same Bible camp I went to for a week at a time when I was a little girl.  I loved it then, and I still love it now.  It might be the nostalgia that hits when you smell the familiar smells, or the quality family time you spend there, or the great sessions you get … Continue Reading »

Pop Up Dinner Event

This past weekend Ry and I went to an event that was way out of his comfort zone.  A pop up dinner.  Now you’re thinking, what in the world is a pop up dinner? Well my brother-in-laws good friends had starting hosting these “pop-up-dinners” in California.  You bought a ticket to an event that you had no idea where it was until the day of, you dressed in white, decorated your table and brought your meal.  They provide the tables and chairs, amazing … Continue Reading »

My Favorite Flower…Bathroom Updates, and Weekend Fun!

Well, as you can tell this is going to be a smorgisboard of a blog.  I have been trying to be more diligent about blogging more frequently, but time seems to get away from me.  Whimsy is soon approaching again (our next sale is June 27th and 29th, you can find more here) and much of my time is spent crafting, cleaning, mothering, and digging in the dirt now that it’s nice:)  So I’m gonna fit a few things in this blog! First … Continue Reading »

A Momma’s Heart

I remember before we had kiddos, and all I had to think about in this world was myself and the hubby.  But lets be honest, mostly myself.  We seem to be selfish by nature. Then I had Tate. Boy did that blow the selfishness right out of the water, and honestly I had  bit of a hard time adjusting.  I dreamed of being a Momma my whole life and when it actually came to be I remember having a melt down and crying, … Continue Reading »

A Little Getaway

We haven’t been home to my parents house in Wisconsin since Christmas.  It.was.time.   The kiddos were beyond excited to know that we were going to get 3 sleepovers there:) And a lot of quality time with daddy, grandpa, and grandma. Something they love. My parents live on the Wisconsin River, so needless to say daddy was quite excited to get a little fishing in.  We barely got out of the van and some lines were in the water. and they were as … Continue Reading »

Easter Happiness…

I love Easter.  I love that it is a culmination of events that tells the best story of all times.   I love that it allows me to reflect every year on what my Savior actually did for me, something that we can so easily overlook.  The ultimate sacrifice! For that reason we really don’t do the Easter bunny at our house.  Everyone asks the kids if they have visited the Easter Bunny yet and they look at them with a dazed and … Continue Reading »

Training Up Our Children

I started writing a blog about our little family adventures over the last month, but when I went to upload pictures from my camera I realized my battery is dead.  So, it looks like I won’t be doing that at the moment. What has been so heavy on my heart lately though, is parenting.  Specifically parenting in a world where women are mainly looked at as sex symbols, lust is acceptable, and almost encouraged, daytime television can’t be watched because of commercials that are slightly … Continue Reading »