I’m not outgoing by nature.

I’m awful at going up to people I don’t know and introducing myself.

I’m not a natural leader.

I’m somewhat of an introvert.

I’m a homebody.

I find myself getting worked up if I have more than one or two things going on in a week.

I love deep relationships and have found I only need a few in my life.  This way I feel like I can truly invest into them.

Therefore when I found out I was pregnant with a sweet baby girl that wasn’t going to make it…I somewhat hated the attention.  If it were up to me I would have locked myself in my house until I was ready to come out again.  Who knows how long that would have been.  I needed an outlet (this blog) to express my feelings, to grieve, to inform.  I needed some form of therapy, but honestly…I hated talking about it out loud with people.

So I wrote.

Jules’ story has been captured on this blog and I’m so grateful for that.  I am so grateful that she continues to help mommas who are going through the same fear/anxiety/uncertainty as I was.  I hear from those mommas often, and I am grateful, blessed actually, that the Lord continues to use my baby girl and our story in this way.

But you see….sometimes the Lord wants to know we are willing.  Although my story is out there in blog land.  Forever google worthy…He asked for more.  He wanted more.

Although my comfort zone is my home, behind a screen, He knew that and said do you trust me?

Because what happened is people started to contact me to tell “my story.”  To share what the Lord had done in our lives.

And I said no.

No.  I didn’t need to.  I already did that!

But He kept knocking.  I ran until I couldn’t sleep at night because I knew I was saying no to God.  So I made a deal with him.   Alright Lord….just this time.  Famous last words.

I told him if you could give Moses words than surely you can give me words.  And it has to be you God.  I am not a speaker, I am not a teacher, I am not a leader.  I don’t want this, but you keep bringing this to me…so I say yes.

And you know what?  He pulled through.  Huge surprise I know…

And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.  Philippians 1:6

And I realized something that God continues to confirm, WE ALL HAVE STORIES! and we need to tell our stories.  We are relational and we need to help each other through in this world.  We need to connect, and encourage, and cheer lead, and push ourselves out of our comfort zones.  We need to testify and challenge, and run this race with others.  And I realized (which really is Jesus showing me) that when we do this, we.are.blessed.

So this last year I have told my story.  It gets a little easier every time ;) And I’ve been encouraged through it.  The Lord continues to take the ugly and turn it into beautiful.    And trust me, if the Lord can use this introvert, homebody…He can use you:)

photo (64)

This was an opportunity I got to speak at the church camp I grew up going to.  My momma is on the left and  the camp directors wife is on the right.

photo (65)

and talk about full circle moment.  I spoke at chapel at Northwestern university St. Paul, where I went to college 10+ years ago…crazy!



IT’S A……………


Beckett Titus Lundeen was such a good little boy who listened to his Momma and came 2 weeks early, making his entrance into the world at 3:27 in the morning on August 7th.  He was not a good little boy in the fact that he came really fast, too fast in fact for his Momma to get the drugs she so desperately wanted!

IMG_4554 - Copy

Do you see that death grip on the railing there??  That was my, “put the camera away dear!! smile:)”

IMG_4555 - Copy

and here was a little break in the action.

I started contracting wednesday night around 9, and by 11:30 they were 2-3 minutes apart.  I woke up Ryan and told him it was go time, so he quick packed a bag and we headed in.

We got to the hospital at 12:30 and I was at a 5.  They asked if I wanted an epidural and I said most definitely, but I could probably make it another hour or so.  Well, turns out the anesthesiologist was in surgery and came down when I was ready to push.  Having never done it “el natural”  before, I didn’t realize all the pressure meant it was time for little man to make his entrance, and since I didn’t get checked before the epidural came, I didn’t realize it was already too late.  I can honestly say I had never wanted to experience natural childbirth (God bless those that do) and I can honestly say I never want to experience it again:).  Call me crazy but I love drugs.  They are amazing.  I missed them.  But I survived!

IMG_4556 - Copy

Beckett Titus joined our family at 3:27 int he morning..

IMG_4558 - Copy

Weighing 7 lbs 3 oz, and we were sooo excited to finally find out what Peanut was!!!


We actually saw so much of Jules in him, which I think was a little blessing from Jesus.

And if you follow me on instagram @prvbsthirtyonegirl, you saw this photo…

photo (50)

He even has her hair!!

I can’t lie and say there hasn’t been a ton of emotions the last week and a half and memories of our sweet baby girl that came up.  But overall we are just so grateful to have a healthy little boy to love and snuggle and kiss and as Kynlee and Tate would say, “keep.”

They were so excited to meet him!


She’s a little mother already!


and the best helper!

And tate is the best snuggler:)


He’s gonna teach him everything he knows someday:)  The first thing he told me when he met him was how he was saving his money to buy camo clothes and a bb gun for little Beckett.  Good big brother:)


We feel so blessed!!


And were so happy to introduce him to our friends and family!!


Since I didn’t know what gender he was, I feel like it took a little bit of extra bonding time for it to really sink in that I had a little boy. Ryan went home the second night to stay with Tate and Kynlee and I felt like that night I met my little guy and fell head over heels in love with him!

photo (51)

while taking selfies and watching HGTV:)  Does it get any better??  :):)  That’s my favorite spot for him to snuggle by the way.  If only I could freeze time!


Time to come home!!



those cheeks!

photo (53)

He’s been such a good little baby,

photo (54)

Thank you Jesus!! And all of you wonderful followers for the prayers and support in our journey these last two years.

God is good.

The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised  –Job 1:21


Remember how my word for the year is “Prayer?”  And remember how I said I was praying for one of my girls that I so desperately love and want to see get married??  Well….an opportunity has presented itself.

Through a series of events that I completely think is a “God thing” a matchmaking opportunity came along.   So my friend contacted me one day about an opportunity she saw online of a blog that allows singles to “link up” and share information that has led to 9 marriages in the course of three years.  I got SO GIDDY!! cause I immediately thought, “Molls, let me write a blog for you!”  Which came the response. “NO.”  I felt so strongly about this opportunity for her that I couldn’t let the thought die.  After serious prayer on both ends, and a lot little convincing….she thought why not, lets give it a try.  So this is definitely a first for me (and her actually) and hopefully a last….at playing my hand at being a matchmaker.

Let me introduce you to my friend….Molly.


 Molly and I go way back to college days, where we attended Northwestern University, St. Paul.  After being friends and getting to live together for a few years, we’ve created a lifelong friendship and have a lot of stories, laughs, and respect for each other.  Molly has been there for me through thick and thin and has been a prayer warrior for me through the “Jules” ordeal and sent sweet notes with encouraging words that helped get me through.

So here’s some background on Molly….

1.)  She GORGEOUS! (she wasn’t going to let me write that one)

2.)  She just turned 30.

3.)  She loves Jesus.  Seriously, they have a relationship people.

4.)  She’s funny, loves to laugh, and always up for an adventure.

5.)  She has worked in marketing since college, and has had great experiences and always a good story.

6.)  She loves to travel and  to stay active, do yoga, and work out, counterbalanced with a love of Chipotle and frozen yogurt. (No wonder she’s my friend!:)

7.)  She’s also a girl, so of course she loves to shop, but she doesn’t mind watching sports, especially live.

8.)  She’s got an amazing family…you’d hit the jackpot with this one!

9.) Oh, and she’s the sweetest thing…seriously…did I mention that?!? (I’m getting a glare now:)


With that being said…I wanna find this girl a guy.


I think a good guy for Molly would be…

1.) Someone whose got some height to him:)  She’s 5’10″ without heels so we need at least a 6 footer;)

2.)  Let’s keep the age between the late 20′s to late 30′s.

3.)  Someone who loves Jesus, like has a relationship ladies…not just says he loves Him.

4.)  Fun personality who would laugh with her.

5.)  Someone whose not afraid of adventure and having fun.

6.)  Above all, husband quality.

I’m passionate about this because Ryan and I got introduced through a third party, who I barely even knew.  But she had an “inkling,”  And that “inkling” ended up being a God thing.  So I’m just asking my readers (whom I love and respect) to help a girl out.  And if you read this post and someone “popped” into your mind, even if you think it’s crazy, why not just give them a shout out.  Even if you aren’t from the area.  We’re up for an adventure:) That’s right…I’m including myself in this one:)

Email proverbs31girlmatchmaker@gmail.com if you think you have a candidate for my sweet Molly.  We’d love a picture and a little background information, and of course we’d love it if he was on board with the idea too:) She really is the sweetest girl ever you guys….I wouldn’t be writing this post if she wasn’t:)

Love you Molls!!

P.s.  If you can’t think of anyone..you can join me and throw up a sweet prayer for this girl too.  Cause pretty sure that’s the ticket.  It’s all in God’s hands now:)





Pop Up Dinner Event

This past weekend Ry and I went to an event that was way out of his comfort zone.  A pop up dinner.  Now you’re thinking, what in the world is a pop up dinner? Well my brother-in-laws good friends had starting hosting these “pop-up-dinners” in California.  You bought a ticket to an event that you had no idea where it was until the day of, you dressed in white, decorated your table and brought your meal.  They provide the tables and chairs, amazing location, and music/entertainment.  They decided to try a pop-up dinner in Minneapolis and when my sister-in-law asked if we wanted to go, it was too intriguing to pass up.

Now Ryan on the other hand thought it was quite crazy that first, he had to dress in all white (waaaay out of his comfort zone:), bring our own meal, and decorate our table, and still pay to go.  Where is your sense of adventure Ryan??  Well…it ended up by the end of the night that he said he’s do it again:)  Win win.

So we found out at 3 the day of the event that the location was going to be Boom Island, in Minneapolis.  A gorgeous spot on the river with the skyline right behind us…



When we got there we picked a table and started decorating…


look familiar?? It’s pretty much most of my mantle:)  The key for us was “free” on the decor, since I already had to buy Ryan a white outfit, I know…shocking he didn’t own white shorts!:) and we had to make our meal and buy tickets.


I found these cute little name plates for free on Pinterest.  I tried finding them again and of course, for the life of me I can’t.  But, all you have to search is free printable place cards and so many fun choices pop up!

It was so fun for me to walk around and see everyone else’s tables.


It felt like we were at a wedding reception with a lot of brides:)


I loved the bark vase on this one.

this tree was creative as well..


We couldn’t believe how many people came with beautiful flower arrangements…


But this table took the cake…


seriously, look at that table cloth…


and those flowers..


Of course I had to go talk to them and found out they were event designers.  They had rented the table cloth and items.


And a pretty penny too:)

So, after the tables were set up we had a napkin wave…



Which signaled that it was time to eat!


It was fun to see the gourmet food people brought as well!


We kept it pretty simple…


But it hit the spot.

Since it was such a gorgeous day we decided to take the opportunity to snap a few pics, without kiddos pulling on our pants:)

IMG_2056This girl has 4 little babes at home…seriously?? She looks amazing:)

and they had some fun too…


so of course Ry had to look like we were as cool…




We tried:)  Ry wasn’t too worried about the couple 10 feet down from us that probably saw more than they should have….


But seriously, the views were too gorgeous not to capture..



and the all white was just too fun!


Soon the sun went down and twinkle lights started twinkling..


It was beautiful.  The only lights there were candles, so you could dance and no one could see you:) Perfect for this girl with 2 left feet:)

Thank Jason and Brielle for inviting us to this fun event!  We’d definitely do it again!

To find more information about pop up dinner events, you can check out their website here.


I’ll be the first to admit it.  I’m spoiled.  Not only did I get to enjoy a wonderful trip away with my hubby, but on top of that a month later I got to take another trip with some of the best girls ever….my college roommates!  It was quite random really…we were all 29 about to turn 30 and on a whim we decided to try to convince the hubbies to let us get away for a bit.  My ploy to Ryan was telling him he didn’t even need to throw me an awesome surprise 30th like I did for him:)  I would take that stress right off his shoulders:)  Although not all of the girls could come, we were so excited that 5 of us could get away.  And since we could split everything 5 ways it made for a very cheap vacation.

These girls have been amazingly precious in my life.  They became my family in college, sharpening me in my faith and challenging me in my walk with God.  And throughout the years, through babes and marriages…we have grown even closer.  You know you have a true friend when you only see them a handful of times throughout the year, but the bond keeps growing.  We can pick up right where we left off, chat for hours, and laugh uncontrollably.  I love that!  And when our world seemed to come crashing in around us with the news of Jules, these girls were RIGHT THERE!   I got cards, messages, visits, phone calls and they all dropped everything, took of work, and traveled to be there for us on that amazingly hard day of saying goodbye to our little girl for the last time.  Did I mention I love these girls!  Thank you Jesus for friendships such as these, that you continue to bless.

Here’s a flashback to the glory days of college, that’s me on the right with the super short curly hair and beautiful tan:) haha…I think I just got back from spring break Florida trip here too!

and here is us enjoying every second of our vacation in Key West…


We got a smoking deal on a hotel in Key West from Hotwire, it was about half price.

We found this little bakery the 2nd day we were there, it’s called Old Town Bakery..


It was the cutest little bakery ever with the best frozen coffee and sandwiches with different fresh breads made daily.  We ended up going there every morning before heading to beach to get our coffee and sandwich or pastry.


apparently we weren’t he only ones that thought this place was adorable!


This was a lady that was across the street painting the bakery.  She was in Key West for a month to paint and show off her paintings in one of the many galleries at Key West.   When we went over to see her painting, she said I was actually in it:)  I considered purchasing it since it was such a great memory from our trip, but when she said an 8×10 was $450 I started to get dizzy:)

Here it is though…so cute!!


That’s supposedly me on the corner:)

Our other favorite thing to do in Key West was to eat.  Surprise!  They had so many cute little restaurants!


and we loved enjoying the sites!


looks familiar doesn’t it???


We had gorgeous weather, thank you Jesus!


and in true college fashion, we ended our trip with our favorite… a little Chipotle!

IMG_1114Thanks so much babe for letting me go, and mom and dad for watching the kiddos!!

And thanks ladies for an amazing vacation…lets do it again next year shall we:):)

Dropping The Ball On Friendships

I am a home body.  Do you know that term….are you familiar??? You probably are if you are one too:)  I love to be at home.  Always have from a young age!  It’s not that I think my home is superior to other peoples, and it’s not that I don’t need to get out for sanity sake, it’s just that I find a lot of security in my home.  I think some of it does have to do with growing up in such a stable loving home, thanks mom and dad!! and knowing that it’s a place of love and security.  Now with my own family, home is the place I want to create for my kids.   I have never realized how much security was wrapped up in my home until we moved…and didn’t have a home to move into.  Wow!  Hard!  Okay, now I’m getting off the topic.

Some of you may be thinking what does a home body have to do with dropping the ball in friendships??  Well, for me a lot.  I’m going to dig back into my past 10+ years and re-visit my high school years.  I know high school isn’t a positive experience for everyone, but I had a blast.  And what made my high school years a blast was the friendships I had.  For some reason God guarded my heart from boys and the world with providing me with great friends.  He always has!!  But the point being, I didn’t have time for guys in high school.  I was too busy with my girls.  And they were great:)  We had such healthy and clean fun…not quite sure how to word it, but let’s just say we had a lot of fun:)  We would hang out at each others houses eating jalapenos and snicker bars while watching tv.  We would carve pumpkins every year in the fall like we were still in elementary school and love it!  We would go on mini vacations and big vacations and for me…create lasting memories!! I even had one sweet amazing friend that lived a couple of blocks from school but would wake up early…in high school mind you!!…to come pick me up (5 miles out of town) and take me to school so that I didn’t have to ride the loser cruiser..aka..bus!  Do people even do that anymore??

The part that has really been hitting me hard the last couple of years is that I dropped the ball on my high school friends, and I’m sure they felt it.  I honestly didn’t intentionally do it.  I went away to college (which was really hard for a home body) so when I came home…when everyone else was getting together, I wanted to be home.  I chose to be with my family over my friends.  At the time I didn’t think it was that big of deal…I was creating new friends at college, I still had girls to hang out with.  I didn’t lack friends.   But as the last couple of years have past the Lord has really put a hole/yearning in my heart for my high school friends.  It’s almost like the memories seem like yesterday even though they were 10 years ago.  I haven’t even talked to most of them in 5-10 years and don’t know what’s going on in their day-to-day lives…but I know that I miss them. :)  This verse has kept coming back to me,

“This is how I want you to conduct yourself in these matters. If you enter your place of worship and, about to make an offering, you suddenly remember a grudge a friend has against you, abandon your offering, leave immediately, go to this friend and make things right. Then and only then, come back and work things out with God. Matthew 5:23-24

In my case it’s if I have wronged a friend, and I feel I did.  God made us relational beings, he wants a relationship with us just as badly as we want them with our spouse, our family, and our friends.  That is in our beings.  The Lord has laid these amazing ladies on my heart so I can apologize for “dropping the ball” on our friendship.  For letting them go too easily.  I know that a lot of time has past but my prayer is that I can reconnect with some of these friends and make things right, even though we are scattered across the country.  But most of all to let them know that I am sorry, and ask forgiveness and try to make it right:)  And to tell them all that they have created lasting memories for me:)

p.s.  I was hoping to put a really cheesy high school pic in here for everyone but since realized that I don’t have any on my computer and the rest of them are still packed away outside in a shed…bugger!!!

Okay, before it gets too cheesy I wanted to say that everyone comes into our lives for a reason and serve a purpose.  Thank you so much girls of 2001 for serving such a large purpose in my life.  I’m really sorry if I didn’t let you know or show you how important you were:)   So for anyone else that this blog has struck a cord with I pray that you can make it right with people you felt you have wronged…or Jesus for that matter.  He desires a relationship as well that many of us over look!