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I’m not outgoing by nature. I’m awful at going up to people I don’t know and introducing myself. I’m not a natural leader. I’m somewhat of an introvert. I’m a homebody. I find myself getting worked up if I have more than one or two things going on in a week. I love deep relationships and have found I only need a few in my life.  This way I feel like I can truly invest into them. Therefore when I found out I … Continue Reading »

IT’S A……………

BOY!!! Beckett Titus Lundeen was such a good little boy who listened to his Momma and came 2 weeks early, making his entrance into the world at 3:27 in the morning on August 7th.  He was not a good little boy in the fact that he came really fast, too fast in fact for his Momma to get the drugs she so desperately wanted! Do you see that death grip on the railing there??  That was my, “put the camera away dear!! smile:)” … Continue Reading »


Remember how my word for the year is “Prayer?”  And remember how I said I was praying for one of my girls that I so desperately love and want to see get married??  Well….an opportunity has presented itself. Through a series of events that I completely think is a “God thing” a matchmaking opportunity came along.   So my friend contacted me one day about an opportunity she saw online of a blog that allows singles to “link up” and share information that … Continue Reading »

Pop Up Dinner Event

This past weekend Ry and I went to an event that was way out of his comfort zone.  A pop up dinner.  Now you’re thinking, what in the world is a pop up dinner? Well my brother-in-laws good friends had starting hosting these “pop-up-dinners” in California.  You bought a ticket to an event that you had no idea where it was until the day of, you dressed in white, decorated your table and brought your meal.  They provide the tables and chairs, amazing … Continue Reading »


I’ll be the first to admit it.  I’m spoiled.  Not only did I get to enjoy a wonderful trip away with my hubby, but on top of that a month later I got to take another trip with some of the best girls ever….my college roommates!  It was quite random really…we were all 29 about to turn 30 and on a whim we decided to try to convince the hubbies to let us get away for a bit.  My ploy to Ryan was … Continue Reading »

Dropping The Ball On Friendships

I am a home body.  Do you know that term….are you familiar??? You probably are if you are one too:)  I love to be at home.  Always have from a young age!  It’s not that I think my home is superior to other peoples, and it’s not that I don’t need to get out for sanity sake, it’s just that I find a lot of security in my home.  I think some of it does have to do with growing up in such … Continue Reading »