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So my last blog post I mentioned how I added New Panes in my front door and picture window.  I just loved the character that it added!  And since I felt like I had a whole new door, I wanted to give the outside a bit of a face lift too!  The last time I did anything with the front entry was when I painted my stairs.   And although the painted steps helped to spruce it up a bit, there were still issues. … Continue Reading »


I couldn’t do it you guys.  I thought maybe if it was a guest house, I could do color.  If it wasn’t in my everyday vision I could live with it.  I could live on the wild side, abandon my neutral palette, and use color in the guest house. I caved. At least I gave it a go right??  I think it lasted 2 years, not bad for this girl! So I have just been doing a little re-decorating in the guest house. … Continue Reading »


For the last 2 years I have wanted to spruce up the outside of the guest house by adding some window boxes.  I initially was waiting for the hubby to offer to make me some…..but that didn’t happen.  Huge surprise.  So since I’ve become a little more comfortable with my air nailer and chop saw, who am I kidding, I”m in love with them, I decided to tackle the project myself.   I realized all it really was was a couple of 1x6s … Continue Reading »

Guest House Decor

I’m sure some of you have been waiting to see the guest house decor since I told you I about threw it together the day we finished painting the last board:)  That’s what was fun about this project, was that I was able to find pieces and save and collect for quite some time so that when the time came it would just be ready to move stuff in.  I’ve never been able to do that before, and I felt like I was … Continue Reading »

Board and Batten and Tiling

Ryan had to work all last Saturday, so I got the gumption up to try my hand at our chop saw and table saw.  I decided to bite the bullet and start working on the board and batten for the guest house.  Part of me wanted to be lazy and just start moving furniture in and scrap the idea, but I knew I’d be disappointed in the long run that I hadn’t tried it.   So, if you remember I was using this room … Continue Reading »

Guest House Remodel

Well, we have still been feverishly working on the guest house.  Okay, maybe not feverishly…but Ry’s been going to town.  I must say, I’ve been quite impressed with his abilities, he never ceases to amaze me!  His dad actually came and trimmed out all of the windows for us and we were going to wait for him to do the baseboard and door as well, but Ry decided to go for it.  And it turned out great!  So, we have it painted, the … Continue Reading »

Whimsy Photos & a Guest House Update

Well Whimsy sale #2 has come and gone and it was a great success!  Thanks to all of you:)  We absolutely loved our new hours..taking Friday off and closing up shop at 3, and were able to re-craft and recreate on Friday to re-do the shop for Saturday and give it a fresh new look for you all who couldn’t make it out Thursday morning.  We do realize that some of you actually have leave the home jobs:) that makes it a bit … Continue Reading »

A Guest House!!!!

We made it back from Florida.  Always a little bittersweet, especially when my parents are still down there!  And when the kiddos get to the age that they realize we have to leave.  Today Kynlee said I wanna go back to Florida, and Tate said, I never wanted to leave:)  To be perfectly honest, I agreed!!  But, that’s why vacation is so much fun, you don’t get to do it all the time. Before I left I told you we had a few … Continue Reading »