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I  went on Instagram this morning talking a little bit more about our home school curriculum.  I thought I would share a blog post that links all of our resources in one place so you can easily find them:) I thought I’d start with our favorite book to teach kids to read, Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons…. I have used it with both Tate and Kynlee and it seriously works!  Teaching my kids to read was one of the … Continue Reading »


Well, we are nearing the end of our first year of homeschooling in the next few months and I realized I have never let you all know how it has been going for us.  Quite honestly it has been a bit of a transition, having a little boy in Kindergarten and a girl in Preschool.  Although I have been told by many other home school moms to ease into Kindergarten, there still is a lot riding on my shoulders.  Quite honestly if you … Continue Reading »


Well I promised you after the new year that I would show you my latest makeover at the farmhouse.  And this room has always been my nemesis.  It is the room that seems to always “collect” all the junk and leftovers that I can’t find a spot for.  During whimsy months it becomes an overflow of Whimsy and also holds all of my crafting messiness that needs a spot somewhere and inevitablly ends up there.  When we renovated we decided to do an … Continue Reading »


Wow, sorry I’ve been gone so long.  Trust me, I’ve been keeping busy:)  With lots to show, at some point.  But what’s been keeping me the most busy at this point is the decision Ryan and I made about a year ago.  The time we started realizing that our kids are growing up and we can’t stop them.  Bugger.  I asked Tate if he would stop growing and he said he can’t, because then he would have to stop eating and then he … Continue Reading »