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My latest finds for a great price and how I used them.

New Panes

This arrived in the mail yesterday and I got giddy! I know…you’re probably saying what is that?? Well, before we moved we had just gotten new windows, and I loved them.  I was happy that the house we moved to had newer windows, and that they were double hungs….but they didn’t have the grids that I loved.  Our old ones looked like this… They just had grids in the top. I went over to a friends house one night and saw that she … Continue Reading »

A New Bed

One of the first pieces of furniture Ryan and I bought together was a bed.  We ended up getting a dark wood sleigh bed, but in true allie fashion it got a “white paint” makeover a few years later:) all you wood lovers may want to close your eyes! When we moved to the farmhouse I ended up distressing it as well. In a miraculous event, one night out on the town with friends I got the hubby to walk into Restoration Hardware … Continue Reading »

What Can $50 Get You???

Well, if you head out to your local mall, $50 might get you a new pair of jeans, a couple of shirts, or a pair of shoes.  If you head out to your local city-wide garage sale $50 might just get you… A whole lot more!! This is what I walked away with after only shopping for 2 hours at garage sales.  The final tally on what I all got for $50 is.. For Tate:  3 Hoodies (2 are GAP) 3 Long sleeve … Continue Reading »