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Quick and easy projects to improve your home.


I did a project quite a while back that I have never showed you guys yet, and thought it was finally time…because it’s one that I am super happy with how it turned out:)  When we bought the farmhouse I was super happy with all of the tall windows it had.  It let in sooo much light.  I especially liked this HUGE window they had put in the living room area. Throwing it waaaaaayyy back to when we first moved it! But you … Continue Reading »


I have realized that every time I post a picture of my kitchen island, people want to know where I purchased it from.  And although I did purchase it from a big box store, I always have a hard time wanting to tag it because I did so many changes to it that you wouldn’t even recognize it.  And I did write one blog post on what I did to it, but again I realized I wasn’t all that thourough in explaining it … Continue Reading »


If you follow me on instagram you saw this photo the other day…. a torn apart living room with walls getting planked.  I picked up these boards the other day at Menards when it was 11% off.  They are called Luann there, and are that reddish color on both sides.  I think they run about $10-$11 for a 4×8 foot sheet.  Ryan helped me cut it down to 6″ planks the other day, so I was ready to start hanging.  I’ve had a … Continue Reading »


For the last 2 years I have wanted to spruce up the outside of the guest house by adding some window boxes.  I initially was waiting for the hubby to offer to make me some…..but that didn’t happen.  Huge surprise.  So since I’ve become a little more comfortable with my air nailer and chop saw, who am I kidding, I”m in love with them, I decided to tackle the project myself.   I realized all it really was was a couple of 1x6s … Continue Reading »


I was perusing Pinterest the other day looking for some inspiration and came across these little cuties…. source The only problem is that these little puppies will run you $148. I’m assuming that’s for both for, but the website is quite unclear on that.  Thankfully it does include the feather insert, but still…it’s ridiculous. So, I thought I’d try to recreate my own pillow like this.  I pinned it originally for a Whimsy Green idea, but loved it so much I may just … Continue Reading »


The motivation to get stuff done around the house has slowed to a halt.  Not sure if it’s the weather, the weather, or the weather.  I’m pretty sure though that it’s the weather:)  Projects around here require scavenging almost every shed during the process, so getting the motivation to bundle up and head outside for everything I need just seems like too much work.  I have been working on a few projects for our Women’s Retreat coming up at church though and I’d … Continue Reading »


One of my favorite ways to change out my seasonal decor is by changing pillows…although this can get quite expensive and take up lots of non-existent storage (at our house at least) so the easier option is to make my own pillow covers and just switch out the covers.  I buy most of my designer fabric at because of the great price and free shipping over $35.  Plus, they return your fabric for free if you aren’t satisfied.  GREAT customer service!  Although I … Continue Reading »


First I should start by saying we got a new door in our back entry (insert applause here).  It’s been 2 years in the making and we finally just got it in before the snow flies.  The reason we wanted a new door was because the old one was original to the house and it was wood, which had some rot on it.  The seal wasn’t good anymore and cold air would come streaming in.  And lastly, because the last one had no … Continue Reading »


Well, if you follow me on instagram @prvbsthirtyonegirl, many of you have noticed something a bit different in my kitchen.  And have asked about it.  Well, I’m FINALLY getting to put a blog up about the DIY subway tile backsplash I did on a whim a couple of weeks ago:)  I knew I wanted the classic subway tile ever since we moved here.  Honestly I wanted it in our last house as well, but that was a bit before my full fledge DIY … Continue Reading »


Every change of season I pull out my seasonal bins and start decorating there.  Inevitably there are always a few things that I no longer like or that have passed their prime.  So after I use what I have I go around each room and try to figure out a way to make (cheaply) the rest.  That and maybe a Home Goods run usually finish it off;) So this year since I started with some different pillows, my last year pillows no longer … Continue Reading »


Have you seen the new dipped furniture trend?? I think it acutally first caught my eye when it was in the clothing stores. I found my eye drawn to colorblock items like this.. source and before you know it I started seeing dipped furniture.  And I loved it! source It takes an ordinary piece of furniture and creates it into a one of a kind piece! Source Even if it’s just the feet of a chair. I especially love how this piece blended … Continue Reading »


In the last post I left you hanging with the whole room reveal.  I feel like this dining room has been a bit of a menace ever since we moved in.  I have struggled with it for so long.  Part of the reason being that this whole room is just so long and narrow, and in the dining room I have 3 solid walls with nothing to break them up!  Usually there are windows, or a door, or something so you don’t have … Continue Reading »

How To: Paint Your Concrete Steps

Well, I’ve been on a bit of an outside kick lately, since we have to soak every minute of it up before the brutal cold comes again here in Minnesota. So I have one more project that I’m going to share with you. It was a while back when I was reading the Thistlewood Farm blog and found this post.  She painted her steps!  And not only that, she painted them to look like there was a carpet runner on them. I.was.smitten. and … Continue Reading »

Planked Fireplace

Remember way back when we first put the fireplace in and I had this inspiration picture from Better Homes and Gardens….   Sorry for the bad picture…it’s all I had:)  But..I loved everything about this fireplace.  The mantle, the planking, the big white trim.  I mean LOVE.  It would be in my category for dream fireplace.  At the time mine looked like this… I love looking back at old pictures, it reminds you so much of how things evolve!  So, here was my … Continue Reading »

How to turn a barrel shade into a pendant

Well, I gave you a sneak peek of what I’ve been doing around the house lately, and let me tell you, I’ve got a lot done.  But then I headed to my parents for the week and finally got on my computer today:)  So I thought I’d show you one of  the updates that I am loving. When we first gutted our house I was seeing so many pictures of people putting two lanterns over their tables and I loved it!  It was … Continue Reading »

A DIY and Giveaway

I was reading one of the blogs I follow, My Sweet Savannah and got a little inspiration.  She has the best DIY’s and creative ideas on turn junk into true treasures.  The other day though I saw this picture and it caught my eye…   She was doing a craft night with a bunch of friends, so fun!, and this is what they made. I knew at the time that we were having a boy room in whimsy and thought how fun to make … Continue Reading »

Vintage Feed Sack Prints

I was doing my morning blog reading this morning and came across a very familiar look that I just couldn’t not share.  I have had so many people ask me where I got my vintage feed sack prints from in this picture… This picture was from my painting curtains post that you can find here….but I”m amazed how many people have asked if I made those prints in the background.  Although I wish I could take credit for them, I can’t.  I actually … Continue Reading »

Scraping Popcorn

Who knows what I’m talking about??  Not yummy delicious buttery home made popcorn. White, flaky, the so-not-my-friend-popcorn.   Yep, now you know what I’m talking about. Fortunately since we pulled out every single bit of drywall and plaster in our current house, we could choose to not use this as a texture to cover up seams in the drywall.  We kept our ceilings flat.  In our last house though, it was everywhere. I have to tell you that I wasn’t a big fan … Continue Reading »

Board and Batten

Ryan took off a couple of weekends ago to go fishing up north with a couple of the nephews.  When he’s away I always think it’s a great time to do a project:)  The house can be a mess and it’s no big deal:)  So the project I decied to tackle??  Board and batten in the entry way.  I have read a thousand posts of people that diy’d their own board and batten, and it looked manageable.  I took my measurements and figured … Continue Reading »

An Easy and Fun DIY Project

I had bought this paper mache letter at JoAnns a while back in hopes that it would find a home somewhere in my house.  I loved the size of it.  It’s 23 1/2″ tall and makes a big statement. You can find them here.  They are 9.99 a piece, but hopefully you have a coupon (They accept Michaels coupons as well!) and you can get it for $5. Well, for almost the last year it found a home in my office, hiding, behind … Continue Reading »