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Quick and easy projects to improve your home.

Choose 2 Shine Sign–DIY

I told you earlier that I would share with you how I made the choose 2 shine sign that was sitting on the mantle.  Well, I haven’t done it yet and a few people have asked how I made it, so here it is:) It all started when I saw this sign on Pinterest. source I love how the wood showed through, and I also loved the color.  I was sucker for words with a number as well, but I couldn’t figure out … Continue Reading »

Open Shelving

A small disclaimer to start that there will be a lot of pics in this post:)  So keep scrolling:) For the last six months I have been drooling over pictures like these… source and this.. source and oh, this.. source You get the picture:)  I was LOVING the open shelves concept.  My mother told me I’m crazy, who wants to dust all that?  She’s learned a few things in her years.  I’m still young and stupid so I said I didn’t care;) I … Continue Reading »

DIY–Painted Curtains

It’s true, I tried it.  I was reading a magazine while Ryan and I were in Florida and read about a lady who painted her drop cloth curtains, and they looked great.  If you google painted curtain images, it’s amazing how many pictures you will find.  So, I was on a mission. I orginally fell in love with these curtains…       source But at $99  a panel (enter gasp here) it just wasn’t going to happen.  I started looking online for … Continue Reading »

DIY– A Painted Rug

I have decided to work on Kynlees room and try to pull it all together the last couple of weeks.  I knew I didn’t want to spend much money so I’ve done a few projects that cost little to nothing.  The first I’m going to share is a painted rug. I had bought this rug from ikea a year ago just to help warm up the floors a bit. As you can tell, my fear of color and commitment once again played into … Continue Reading »

A Couple Of Stumps

I’m sure you may have spied them in some of my previous posts, and if you’ve hung with me long enough you have heard me rant and rave over wanting them…so I thought I’d share how I FINALLY got them:) STUMPS! So, here’s the picture that I originally saw that put the idea in my noggen…. and her site  actually had a really good tutorial on how to make them. As I was looking around a little more I found a few more fun ideas… … Continue Reading »

Tiling 101

1st Disclaimer: I do not proclaim to be an expert in this field.  I will tell you that I was just an ambitious girl that wanted to try tiling instead of resorting to peel and stick tile again.  So, if you find yourself in the same boat, you may want to tune in.  These are the things that I learned while DIY-ing.  1.)  You are probably going to need a strong man in your life to help with the durarock, which is the … Continue Reading »

Another Slip

I ran away to Wisconsin this week, for good reason.  Ryan took my last functioning toilet!  It really is a good thing because that means he’s onto plumbing, yay!!  But, I didn’t really care to stick around to watch him put in the pvc while peeing on a tree if you know what I mean.  So to Grandma’s house we go.  Oh how Grandma loves us:) wink wink While I was at home I thought I might as well bring a project with … Continue Reading »

DIY: Making a No Zipper Pillow

So I decided this week that I am going to get as many small projects done as I can before we move, because I will be a bit overwhelmed with HUGE projects at that point:)  I had gotten three outdoor pillows at the end of last season for $3.24 a piece and always had the idea of recovering them since they were in a plain jane green.  But, after looking at the price of outdoor fabric I could practically buy new pillows.  And … Continue Reading »

I Must Confess…

I stole! Shame on me…I couldn’t resist. Every couple of days we go out to visit the farmhouse to make sure someone hasn’t gone and moved it:)  And when we get out there our fears and worries about finances, fixing a 100-year-old house, and moving all seem to vanish.  It is so incredibly peaceful out there!  So I just had to.  I had to bring some of it home with me…even though it isn’t officially ours yet:) Can you blame me??? Aren’t they … Continue Reading »

The Endless Possibilities of Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint…love it!  It’s ingenious, and cheap!  I first learned about chalkboard paint when I moved in with my sister about 5 years ago and they were making a big chalkboard for their kitchen.  Then I got married and moved into our house and decided that I could find quite a few uses for it as well.  So, I invested in a can of chalkboard paint, made by Rustoleum, found at Menards.  It looks like this… I think it’s 8 bucks..for sure under … Continue Reading »

Inexpensive Wall Art

I’m not a huge fan of art or pictures on my walls, more for the fact that I never know what looks good or what goes, and also because I don’t live in an art gallery or museum.  I’d rather hang pictures of my children, wall art, clocks, or useful items, etc.  But when I had these two nice frames left over from the “before” living room, I knew I needed to figure something out.  They previously had flower pictures in from Ikea … Continue Reading »

I’m In Love

Remember my “free” chair I snagged at a city wide garage sale?? If not, here is  a reminder… In all her glory.  It’s kinda hard to tell but she’s a buttercream with country blue stripes…and  a little dirty! So I had been thinking lately that I really wanted to change the color scheme of this room.  The red was great for a time but after four years of staring at it, I was ready to move on.  I know, Ryan was thrilled:)  So, … Continue Reading »

DIY: Shelving

So, remember when I said before my dark dirty little secret?? My lack of organization??  Well that was one of my goals for this year and I have done a couple of things…or maybe just this one (more are in the works) to help simplify my life.  You know that spot in your house that tends to accumulate junk.  You know, the place that you set stuff that you don’t have a place for.  Yeah, I accumulate a lot of that, and this … Continue Reading »

And it only took 3 years!!

So here’s the deal, the other night for Ryan’s birthday we went out to the usual man stores, Gander Mountain and Scheels…and I lovingly asked him if we could stop off at another somewhat man store, the Home Depot, to get some paint to paint my bed.  I always try to pick opportune times to ask these questions, times  when Ryan is in a good mood, love you babe:)  He said sure, but before you paint the bed you should really fill in … Continue Reading »

How to Create a Gallery Wall

So I started collecting  silver frames about 2 years ago in hopes of creating a picture wall going up the steps in our two story home.  Well after 2 years of them sitting in my closet because I didn’t have enough yet, I decided instead to create a gallery wall.  A gallery wall is great because you can mix and match frames, wall art, mirrors, letters…pretty much anything you have hanging around your home.  I bet most people could create a gallery wall … Continue Reading »

Distressing Painted Furniture

So I’ve had a friend ask me if I could write a blog on distressing furniture.  This is an art that I have come to love, first of all I have always loved the shabby chic/cottage style that it creates, but also because with my somewhat imperfect ( I know, me??) paint jobs, it helps to disguise them and also hides all of the extra “character” that the kids may so sweetly place on the furniture as well!!  Seeing as though I love … Continue Reading »

Measuring Furniture for your House

So, I recently found another Craigslist bargain and wanted to decide if it would work in our home.  I came across a Pottery Barn couch with a chaise lounge.  Now, we already have a couch in our living room that we purchased when we were newly married, but every since we got it Ryan has never liked it.  He always complained of how uncomfortable it was and possibly that I had too many pillows on it:)  I love pillows as accessories.  So I … Continue Reading »