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Two years ago today we welcomed a miracle into our lives… and we have never been the same since. She was our little princess… who taught us so many amazing lessons. That it’s okay to be different….. that size doesn’t matter…. and she taught my kids not only how to be a great big sister.. and big brother…. but more importantly, that eternity is at hand.  The kids are much more aware of our final goal in this life, to be with Jesus … Continue Reading »


Dear Juliet, I can’t believe that I am writing you this letter on your first birthday.  I can’t believe it’s been that long.  I’ve seen your little cousins learn to sit on their own, crawl, and start to walk.  I’ve seen them turn 1 and can’t help but be a little jealous.  I can’t help but think I should be preparing for your first birthday party right now. But I”m not. Instead I’m writing you a letter because it’s therapeutic to me.  Because … Continue Reading »


Last night I was laying in bed, and it was one of those nights that the Lord puts all sorts of things on my mind.  Nights that I say, okay Lord…I hear you.  I start praying  for people, start talking to Jesus, and my heart is opened.  Of course Jules usually comes to my mind as well.  And last night my heart just BROKE for all those little babies like Jules that never get to enter into the world. But more importantly, my … Continue Reading »


I stumbled across this verse the other day on another sweet blog of a family who just lost their 5 months old to brain damage caused in utero.  If you want to read their story, you can find it here. I found it quite interesting that throughout our whole journey I had never come across this verse.  I had read lots of books, blogs, and God’s word and although I found exactly what I needed when I needed it, this verse was not … Continue Reading »


If you look at this picture, what’s the first thing you notice?? That this closet is super messy?? That I wish winter would be done so all the gear could go too? That allie needs some organizational help? Well, although those are all screaming out loud…the first thing I notice when I open my front closet, every time I get a coat, is that little brown box on the top shelf. That one, sitting right there. I notice it because it has precious … Continue Reading »

Big Brother

Sometimes this is what I miss most. Seeing how my kids interacted with Juliet. And how much they loved her. Every morning they would wake up and ask where baby Jules was:)  They were amazing! Thank you Lord for these precious memories!!


The day we went to our level 2 ultrasound, and fully understood what we were up against, was a day I will never forget.  I won’t forget the feel of the waiting room, or the feel of the patients room.  I won’t forget the look on the doctors face when she told us the news, or the way her voice just kept on going on and on and on about everything that was wrong.  I won’t forget the pamphlet they gave us, (that … Continue Reading »

A Daddy’s Heart

Throughout this journey with Juliet, you all have heard my thoughts, feelings, emotions…raw and true.  And through me you have heard a bit of Ryan’s heart….but he’s never got on and typed out all of his feelings.   So, I was a bit surprised when he told me that he wanted to talk at Jules’ funeral.  More so for the fact that I would never be able to get up in front of everyone and hold it together.  I’d probably have walked up … Continue Reading »

Creating Smiles

When we went in for our 20 week ultrasound with Jules and found out that she may potentially have a cleft lip/palate, it was devastating.  It took us awhile to process it, and even though we knew it could be fixed, it was still hard to know that something was wrong with your baby.  Oh how there are days that I long that that was all it was.  It’s so funny how we went from hoping she didn’t have a cleft, to praying … Continue Reading »

1 Month…

It’s been 1 month since I got to snuggle my little Ju Ju B.  One month since I got to feel her fuzzy head.  1 Month since I smothered her in kisses.  And 1 month since I’ve had to say goodbye. The journey has been a crazy one to say the least, and this knew transition is no different.  There are moments when I feel as though this whole last 6 months have been a dream.  Almost like I have to force myself … Continue Reading »


I was beyond excited to bring my little angel baby home from the hospital, and be able to spend time with her…..but with that being said I was also scared to death.  I was scared to become too attached, I was scared that I wouldn’t know what to do for her, I was scared to allow my mind to think maybe she might actually make it, but most of all I was scared to death of her dying in my arms. I knew … Continue Reading »

It’s in the Details….

I was going to blog today and show you our Christmas, the kids had so much fun decorating the tree, but then a God story came up that was just too good to not share.  I have been hearing from so many of you that are having a hard time finding peace with God and completely trusting Him in all things, even the really hard things we have to face.  I so believe that this story is just another bit of evidence that … Continue Reading »


How do you find peace in tough times…this is a question I get quite often.  And it is a really a hard thing to explain, except when you stand on what God promises. The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace. Psalm 29:11 When you feel this sense of peace, when you can stand and smile and praise God at your daughters funeral, when you can’t even explain how you are not sobbing…you know it is God … Continue Reading »

Dear Jules’…

Hey sweet baby girl, I can hardly believe that it’s already been 1 week since you left us, although some days it’s seems like a  lifetime ago that I got to hold you, kiss your sweet cheeks and feel your fuzzy hair.  I have never been more curious about heaven and what you are doing at this very moment.  I’m sure you are twirling and singing, just like your sister loves to do:)  Your daddy said it took awhile to get used to … Continue Reading »


My friend Sarah, who took all of the amazing pictures we got with Juliet, put together a slideshow with her husband to play at Jules’ funeral.  They did such a great job with it that I wanted to share it with those of you who weren’t able to make it. Hanging out in the hospital room for 12 hours payed off after we saw the raw emotion Sarah captured through her photos the day Juliet was born.  We first saw these pictures when the slideshow … Continue Reading »


6 Years ago today I was getting my hair all done up, perfecting my make-up, and putting on a beautiful white dress to walk down the aisle to my life long partner, Ryan.  I can honestly say that never in a million years did I think that we would be celebrating our 6 year anniversary in a church, for a wake for one of our little girls. None of us have a magic crystal ball that we can look into and see the … Continue Reading »

Celebration of Life

We are going to celebrate sweet Jules’ life Sunday night from 4-7 with a visitation and her funeral Monday at 3, both at Cornerstone church in Litchfield. I never thought I’d have to write an obituary for one of my kiddos, so today I had to google how to write an infant obituary.  Such fun stuff for this mom (sarcasm)  But, here’s our tribute to our little lady and more information for the coming days.  Thanks for the prayers!  It truly is amazing … Continue Reading »


Juliet Faith Lundeen earned her wings this afternoon and is dancing for Jesus.  Shes going to leave a big hole in our hearts but we are so grateful to share her and her story and watch her be used by Jesus.  Here’s to a perfect body little lady! Thanks for all the prayers, we feel the cloud lifting us up.  We will share more information later.

Born a Fighter….

We had the opportunity to tell Jules’ story to our local newspaper.  The story came out yesterday and to our surprise Jules made the front page!  They did such a good job with the story and just wanted to share it with you all, we are thankful how God is using such a little package in such a mighty way to touch so many lives! Here’s the link to the story….. Jules has been hanging in there all day.  Still on oxygen 24/7, … Continue Reading »


The last 36 hours Juliet has started struggling.  She was doing so good for so long and then overnight we noticed a difference.  Her first set back.  This is the day I was dreading. The week we brought Jules home she had a few apnea attacks at night.  She would stop breathing for a couple of minutes and then come back fighting hard.  Super hard for Mom and Dad to watch, and we said our goodbyes a few times during these.  A couple … Continue Reading »