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Praises and Blessings….

We’ve had many praises to celebrate this week, that we’d love to pass on to you, because I’m quite sure that many of them are happening because of the prayers of all of you! We had a doctors appointment last week for Jules.  Nothing is really done at these appointments, but it allows us to ask questions and make sure we are doing everything okay.  Our first praise is that Juliet put on some weight!  It’s not much, and it will need to be quite … Continue Reading »

Happy 1 Month Baby Girl!!

Happy 1 month birthday sweet baby girl!! We Love you to pieces!!! You are fearfully and wonderfully made! and chosen just for us… We couldn’t have asked for a more precious little angel…. You are a miracle! lots of love… Mommy and Daddy A huge thank you to Sarah Pollio Photography for graciously taking pictures for us!! We love you Sarah:)

Life Changer…

When I was little my dream was to be a mom.  My mom stayed home with us and I just thought that’s what all women do.  As I got older I realized that some moms work and some moms stay home.  I still wanted to stay home:)  When I graduated from high school I knew I was headed to college because that’s what you do…so I had to pick a degree.  I picked elementary education because to me that was the next best … Continue Reading »

Blooming Bath & More

Last week I posted a picture of Jule’s taking a bath in our sink on Facebook. After that I got a reply from a lady saying, Jule’s need a blooming bath, send me your address and I’ll get one for her.  Well, I had no idea what a blooming bath was but wasn’t going to pass it up, so I sent her my address and then proceeded to check out their website.  That’s when I realized that Jules was getting hooked up with … Continue Reading »

3 Weeks Blessed!

We’ve reached a day we never thought we’d see.  Actually 21 of those to be exact.  Jules is a complete miracle to us and we are falling in love with her a little more every day. Happy 3 Weeks Birthday little girl! Juliet got dressed up in her new outfit from Auntie Sarah to celebrate her 3 week birthday.  It’s amazing how big a (fits 5-8 lb) dress looks on a little lady:)  Looking good Jules. The other hoodlums didn’t want to be … Continue Reading »

Life Lessons

When I got pregnant with Juliet the kiddos were so excited.  Especially Kynlee.  We weren’t going to find out the sex of the baby (per ryan’s request) and have it be a surprise.  Kynlee insisted that it be a girl.  I told her that Jesus gets to decide that and it might be a girl or it might be a boy.  She still insisted:)  Tate was game for it to be a girl as well because he didn’t want to have to share … Continue Reading »


The chance of us having a baby with Trisomy 18 are 1 to every 6-8,000.  They say that 1 in every 400 babies have trisomy 18 but most end in miscarriages before they can diagnose it. 95% of babies with Trisomy 18 are miscarried or born still born. 50% of babies born alive don’t survive to their first week of life. About 8% live to be 1 year old and only a small 1% make it to the age of 10. As I … Continue Reading »


Our life seems to be a bit of a roller coaster these days.  To tell you the truth it’s been a roller coaster the last 4 months of the pregnancy as well.   The unknowns were so great….the fun thing with trisomy 18.  Each case is so different.  There are no text book answers.  Most babies die in utero, which in turn made me on edge the whole pregnancy.  Have I felt Jules kick yet?  When was the last time she moved.  We should … Continue Reading »

Jules turns 1 week old!!

Unfortunately, our Internet hot spot stopped working on us when we got back from the hospital.  Fortunately my dad can use his phone as a hot spot so I was able to blog, but he had to leave Sunday.  So I have a call in to the satellite Internet company and will hopefully be up and running in another 3-5 days.  Until then ill update you from my phone ( gotta love technology) but I can’t upload pictures:( so they will have to … Continue Reading »

Perfect in His Eyes

When I first started this journey, one of my really raw feelings was Lord, am I going to be able to love this little girl even if she looks “different?”  Can I look past the deformities?  And I would pray, please just let me see her as beautiful. Well, the Lord must have just been chuckling.  He knows a momma can’t think any other way.  The minute I met Juliet I was in love with her.  She is precious in my eyes and … Continue Reading »

Juliet’s Happenings

Although I’ve realized that neither Juliet or I have stepped outside our front door since we came home Tuesday, we fit quite a bit into our days.  This morning it started out with a sun bath… Jules started to get a little yellow so we are trying to get that vitamin D working in her favor.  I must say, she loved being perched on her little throne sitting in the warm sun. After that the nurse came to visit and check her heart … Continue Reading »

Jules’ 2nd Birth Day

Baby Jules is becoming a big part of our family…and it’s feeling so normal.  A little too normal that it’s scary for this momma…. it feels like we should get to keep her forever… She got lots of love, from everyone.. In fact, she never got set down once… She is making a lasting impression on all of us.. Her auntie soney and uncle Matt came with a birthday cake to celebrate her 2nd birth day with us… these memories will be priceless… … Continue Reading »

Jules is Home!

We went in to be induced with Jules yesterday morning at 7:00 a.m.  We welcomed our little angel Jules into the world at 6:23 p.m.  She wasn’t crying right away, but after a few puffs of oxygen she opened her eyes and said hello.  We were ecstatic!  and she is Beautiful! and she was a whooping 4 lbs 11.8 oz.  Sorry for the iphone pics, the rest aren’t uploaded yet. Sarah was with us all day to help relieve some stress:) and take … Continue Reading »

Sweet Jules…

Thoughts are starting to take over and reality is sinking in, and all I can think of is please keep fighting little girl!!! You are such a fighter, keep it up a little longer!!! Please come out crying tomorrow little thing.  I really want to hear you! Your momma wants to meet you in the worst way.  Thank you for the inspiration you have been to me and your daddy.  We are forever changed because of you and have a whole new way … Continue Reading »

The Blogging World

Lately I have been writing posts in my head around 3 in the morning when I can’t sleep.  I really should just wake up and go downstairs and type it out, but it usually doesn’t happen.  And usually the post always sounds better in my head.  But, I’m writing this post for 2 reasons… 1.)  To say Juliet is still staying put.   I know a lot of you are checking in to see if there is any news, so I thought I would … Continue Reading »


Little Juliet Faith is a stubborn one, just like her daddy….. possibly just a little like her momma:) Either way, she decided she didn’t want to grace us with her presence yet, and to tell you the truth I still enjoy feeling the kicks inside of me, although I’m getting a bit anxious to see how this story plays out that the Lord has written for us.  I can not stress enough how crazy it is that there is just no answers, no … Continue Reading »

Indescribable Peace

Jule’s due date is tomorrow.  October 2nd has been going through my brain ever since we found out about our sweet Juliet at 26 weeks along.  It’s a day I didn’t think we’d get to, but our little fighter proved us wrong!  What a good girl:)  Throughout this experience just about every emotion has overtaken us.  We have grieved, we have rejoiced, we have celebrated, we have sulked, we have been angry, happy, sad, and overwhelmed.  One thing though…is we have never even … Continue Reading »


When Tate was born we had just moved from our tiny one bedroom, 800 square feet  “birdhouse” into a massive (to us) 4 bedroom 2 bath house, close to 3,000 square feet house.  I had a cute little nursery all prepared.  That’s actually one of the reasons I wanted to find out what Tate prepare the nursery.  Big surprise.  Ryan didn’t want to find out either time and he says we compromised and found out both times, good guy too:) The wipe … Continue Reading »

3D Ultrasound

Well, I know many of you have been awaiting the results of our ultrasound, and honestly I wish I was more excited to share it with you:)  Not that it wasn’t good to see our little sweetie, but it’s more of a bittersweet moment than a fun one to go into something like this.  Knowing this may be the only time we get to see her kicking and hear her heartbeat again. Unfortuntately the ultrasound didn’t go all that great.  The hard thing … Continue Reading »

Quite the Journey

Many of you don’t know this but before we got pregnant with Jules we miscarried, right after Christmas.  For someone who has had 2 very easy pregnancy’s, I was quite shocked.  After reading the percentages of women that miscarry, it wasn’t quite as alarming and I was able to tell myself that it was the Lord’s natural way of taking care of something that maybe wasn’t working out all right.  4 weeks after that we got pregnant with Jules.  (I didn’t know you … Continue Reading »