This week, I about had it with the cold, but I’m sure that’s no new news for anyone.  But….it made me antsy to do a project.  I tried to get the hubs on board to no avail.  He told me the man cave is next, to which I simply replied, but that can’t happen til the weather warms up, let tackle something inside!:)

Nope.  Didn’t budge.

So, I pulled out the air nailer, compressor and hose and decided to work on a project by myself.

Ryan had to go into work yesterday for a few hours and on his way home he called and asked what we were doing.  I told him I was working on a project, to which he responded, okay.  Ha! He doesn’t even ask what I’m doing anymore.  He’s trained well:)  Anyway, we don’t have a  laundry room in our house, we have a “laundry closet.”

When we first moved in the laundry was located in the downstairs bathroom.  I knew that would never work, since I don’t have a great track record of keeping a laundry room clean, so we moved it upstairs into our room.  There really weren’t many options, so we made it work.  At the time it was a priority in the fact that I was sick of trying to find places to do our laundry during the remodel.  But that was about it.  It was about getting it in and functional. But not pretty.

Ry built me a stand for the washer and dryer so it would raise the height without the hefty price tags of the manufactured ones.  He made it out of plywood and 2×4′s we had laying around.  He always said we could “make it pretty” later, but 2 1/2 years later and it sat the.exact.same.way.  SURPRISE!

Until I got my hands on it:)

Here’s what my beautiful, organized, meticulous laundry closet looked like before…..(errr….)


Yep, that’s about right.

So here’s a close up of the stand..


Super functional, thanks honey for making it so I don’t have to bend over as far.  As for the puuurrrty factor? Well…we can do better:)

I had some pieces of tongue and groove beadboard in the shed that I had never used.  They were about 6 inches wide and had a tongue and groove edge, which allowed them to be SUPER easy to work with!  I just cut them to size and started gluing and nailing them on…


Then I added the left over 1/4 MDF I had from the board and batten project, and a corner piece I had from the yet to be revealed bathroom project, and waa-lah!


and it was SO MUCH FUN!  I realized that I love being a carpenter and “beautifying things”  I just don’t like the material set up and tear down part:)

Lastly I added some quarter round on the bottom to clean it up..



small laundry room

So step one is down, making the stand puurrtty.


and step 1 was free!! Yay:)

I wish the rest of the steps would be.





Yeah, she’s got a ways to go, but here’s some of the inspiration pics I pinned for the rest..


since there are hoses and plumbing on the side of my washer and dryer, I’m thinking the curtains might be nice to hide that.  I also want to do a butcher block counter on top as well.

I love that I have a little bit of natural light in my laundry closet due to an awkward low window that was on that wall.  It helps with light.  I also have a fluorescent light in there now, but I’m thinking something like this would be cute hanging from the ceiling..


It’s on a wire, so I can hook it, which would work well with our slanted ceilings…

And, it’s from IKEA for only $14.99.  Steal!

And for those of you who are concerned, don’t worry, I wouldn’t paint it.  I actually love the green color…and I can handle it in a closet;)

I also loved this pin….


If it weren’t such an awkward space to get to, I’d consider subway tiling the whole back and do the dark gray grout. I love it.  But, I don’t  think that’s going to happen.  I do love the neutral colors with the pops of fun in the accessories.  Since we have slanted ceilings though, the shelves could be a bit hard.

And my last inspiration pin….


I’m loving the hanging rod, which I think would fit our space well.  With the slant and all.  I also love the white with wood and naturals.  Surprise!

So, the next steps?

1.) Figure out wall color/treatment

2.)  Get a counter top and make curtains

3.) Get light

4.)  Hang a rod


5.)  Organize, organize, organize

Who is this girl?!?

Ry thinks this project is a complete waste of money, but I told him that it makes a heart happen to open a space and see it organized and put together.  Even if it’s in a closet.  Can I get an amen?? :)

And….I’m hoping to do this project on a tight budget, for reasons afore mentioned ^^^^Ryan;)  Love you babe!


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a house project on the blog, and this project has actually been done for awhile now.  But I’m going to let you in on a little secret for all of the people that think my house is spotless all the time.  Boy do I have you fooled.  I haven’t posted this blog for the last month cause that means that I would have to have every room upstairs cleaned AT THE SAME TIME!  No, I do not live in a magazine.  It’s real life people.  Blogs are deceiving in that way:)  I’m just like the rest of you:)  I have had my upstairs cleaned a couple of times when companys come over, but it’s usually always at night, which mean the lighting stinks and I can’t photograph it.  So today my project was not just to blog, but to clean the upstairs SO I COULD BLOG:)  Oh the life of a blogger:)  It’s rough folks.

Ever since I painted my hallways upstairs and the huge stairwell wall, I didn’t like the color.  I thought I should pull in a bit of a more dramatic color since the rest of my house was so light, because I didn’t want to be, dare I say, boring!  So instead of an actual color, cause that’s just radical, I did a dark gray.  The problem was that it had a really strong green hew that I never liked and and made our hallway really dark.  I had planned on changing it for awhile, but like I said, it was our stairwell wall, the really tall wall that I needed to haul the big ladder in for, the one I HAD to inquire the help of the hubby with.  That always holds me back a bit:)  Here’s a picture mid process where you can see the color I had that I didn’t like…

Board and Batten

This is the most accurate picture of hte color, except it was on all the walls.  I was prepping here for the board and batten that I wanted to put up in this hallway.  Note to self, it is MUCH easier to paint BEFORE the boards go up and touch up AFTER.  I’m learning here folks.  The walls sat prepped like this for about two weeks before I actually got around to the boards. Whoops.


After I painted the white I bought my wall paint and painted the upper.  I chose a Behr color called Gray Mist or something along the lines of that, I’ll have to double check, but I loved the light gray color it was.


The boards were brought in and getting ready to go…


I did the height about 2/3 of the way up the wall.  I knew I still wanted to hang pictures so I didn’t want to go too high.

Then I had to call in the help.  All of these angles in the hallway are not 90 degrees.  Allie doesn’t do angles.  I sweet talked the hubby into helping and he was an all star:)


Hard at work.  Lookin good babe!


p.s. He also helped with this corner, cause I just couldn’t do it.  I start getting all shakey that high up and go into a cold sweat.  Who knew Ryan could paint?? This could be dangerous:)

Board and batten

I’m not going into the details of the board and batten on this post, since I did that here, but it actually is really easy to do.  We did all of this in one night, probably about 2 hours.  Just putting the boards up that is, I had it all prepped and painted before that:)

I was loving the look, although it did make the hallway seem a bit narrower yet.  We’ve gotten used to it though:)  And it has brightened up this hallway and our whole upstairs A TON!

After it was up I patched the holes, gave it it’s final coat of white paint, and caulked all of the seams until I could caulk no more!

Oh and took a month to clean the upstairs to bring you these pics:)

board and batten

So much brighter!

board and batten

** Anyone notice some changes in the bathroom?? More to come on that …..

board and batten

The white also flows so much better into the kids rooms’ now.

board and batten

My intentions were to put up frames to showcase the kids artwork in this hallway.  And I did it.


and I realized I just.can’


Although I truly love their artwork, it’s just too bright for the flow of the house.


So it might just go back into the portfolios.  I’ve been seeing walls like this lately that I love!

canadian_house_and_home gallery wall

Although I wouldn’t want all of my frames to match, I love how these go over the door and everything…


more like this.

But I also love how these seem to effortlessly wrap around the corner.


and this…




So, we shall see what comes of it, for now I’m just super excited to have the board and batten done…and to have a clean upstairs;)




Well I promised you after the new year that I would show you my latest makeover at the farmhouse.  And this room has always been my nemesis.  It is the room that seems to always “collect” all the junk and leftovers that I can’t find a spot for.  During whimsy months it becomes an overflow of Whimsy and also holds all of my crafting messiness that needs a spot somewhere and inevitablly ends up there.  When we renovated we decided to do an arch with an open entry to the office.  Looking back I sure wish I would have put a door on it just so I could have the option to close it off to the world when it’s in it’s unsightly state, but that’s not an option.  So, instead I needed some major organization and remodel to make it function in the way we wanted it to.

Our office has been through a lot of changes, like I said.  It started out when we first bought it, as a den…..

 newhouse 004

We never changed any of the windows in this process, so you can always go off of them.  We did make this room quite a bit smaller to make room for a formal dining room on the other side…

newhouse 005

Then we unloaded everything in here and we had a big ole mess…..which I can’t seem to find the picture for at them moment…

We finally turned an old farmhouse table into a desk and made it “look” functional for a bit…

 Farmhouse Desk

Until the space just wasn’t working for us anymore.  I then swapped out desks for something with more storage to hide clutter….added a dresser and some fun and here’s what I came up with…

craft room/office

I painted the wall color a really pale blue.  I actually just picked it up from Walmart one night because I was desperate for change.  It is a Better Homes and Gardens color called Airy Blue.

homeschool room

After I painted the blue I used an overhead machine to cast up an outline of the world on the walls.  The bugger is that I couldn’t move the overhead far enough away to get it as big as I wanted, so I had to free hand a lot of it. With that being said I’m sure A LOT of my proportions are off.  Geography was never my thing.  But I”m okay with that.  I wanted it to be pale in the background so I painted it in my trim color, decorator white.

book shelf

I got this old plate rack from a lady and after seeing Ann Voskamps home school room where she had low bookshelves for her kids, I decided to add a piece of wood to the front so it would hold the books in place and hang it low enough for the kids to see it at eye level.  I love the pops of color it brings into the room and also how easily accessible it is for the kids to use.

kids bookshelf

feather tree

I found this cute feather tree at a garage sale last year for $4, and was super excited all summer to pull it out at Christmas time. It fits the playful feel of the office perfectly.

bright pennant

I love pennants hanging from the ceiling as well.  It makes the room seem more fun.  So I took scraps from all of my christmas pillows and cut them into triangles, hot glued them onto bakers twine, and hung them up using 3M command strips.  A free little bit of fun:)

pin board

I used my burlap tac board for our Christmas cards this year, and also used a basket to keep all of my wrapping paper together.  It looked a bit cuter before Christmas when all of my fun paper was still in there.  Slim pickings these days;)

And although I would have loved to see Ry’s beast of a gun safe go….it didn’t.  At least not until he finishes off his man cave.  So for now I just decorated around it.

world globe

I had seen these fun world globes on Land of Nod and thought they were so fun…


and at $29 they really weren’t that bad.  But, I remembered I had some light kits I had picked up from IKEA  awhile back, and so I thought I’d try to make something similar.  I bought 2 sizes of white paper globes off of amazon for I think around $3 and $6.  Then I used a large circle paper punch and punched out as many holes as I could from a large map I had.  I ended up only having enough holes to do one globe for now, but I hot glued them on, put the light kit in, and ended up with my own globe lantern.  Now to just buy an atlas to finish off my other one..

globe lantern

They look pretty fun lit up at night.  I also got that awesome wood star from a sweet friend.  They got the lathe out of an old barn and I love how it has some old paint still left on it.

craft room

My mother-in-law had found this dresser for $3 at a garage sale.  I was getting ready to fix it up for Whimsy when I realized ti would be a perfect fit in this little cove in the office.  I added new hardware and some numbers and filled it up with all of my crafting stuff.  A great fix to remove the clutter!

craft room

I still want to add chalkboard plaques under the larger drawers to say whats in there.  I got the satin nickel pulls off of eBay for $2 a piece.

Glass canisters

I got these jars from Walmart for $5 a piece and I just chalked the front of it to make them personalized.

I’m still working on this wall.  I’m not quite happy with it yet.  I’m thinking it may get a chalk treatment, or different storage on the shelves.  Either way it’s just not quite right yet.

kraft paper

I do love this area though.  I bought a big roll of brown building paper from Menards.  I like it better than kraft paper because it’s not quite as thick.  I then bought matching curtain rods from Walmart as well for around $10/piece, and hung the paper and ribbon on them.  It worked great this Christmas to have this as a wrapping station.  I’m thinking the kraft paper will work well for notes/homeschool/wrapping/lists/ and all of the above:)

She’s come a long way, and got a lot more practical in the last month.  With a few more tweaks I’m hoping this room is as functional as I’d hoped it would be when we remodeled it!


The last couple of months I have been helping a friend of mine with a renovation they did.  The project actually started this summer when she told me they were transforming their screened in porch into a four seasons porch.  (They have an amazing spot on the lake by the way:)

She asked if I would help her with some ideas and decorating, and since I like decorating (a little) and liked her (a lot) I said sure:)

I’m just going to tell you all right now that I am not starting up a design business.  I love to help friends but I’m not looking into it as a business venture.  Although I love decorating, I’ve realized I am not a professional:)  I don’t have my swatches and resources and degrees or anything else….and at this point in my life I don’t have the time to pursue it full time.  I have been having a blast helping out a few ladies though and am so excited to show you this project!

So, here’s what her porch looked like “before”…


It’s attached to a small living room with fireplace, so the extra space was going to open it up big time and allow for nice family living space.  They had a family member do all of the construction, and they already had decided that they were going to open up that wall a bit wider and add some columns to separate between to the two areas.

When she first told me they were going to do a four seasons porch I immediately thought light colors.  All of their trim in their house is wood, but you know me and my love for painted trim…..:)  So I talked her into doing a cream trim with wood details in the ceiling and pillars to pull it together.

I wasn’t too good at snatching pics in the process, but here’s what we came up with when the addition was done.


Their kitchen is right off of the area as well, and they have two tone cabinets that I love.  (I should’ve snapped a pic) but their bottoms are a dark stain and the uppers are lighter, so we brought in both colors in this room.  I knew they were a little “hesitant” about all of the cream so I suggested a wood ceiling to warm it up a bit.  They used the stain of the uppers for the ceiling.  *she was a little bummed the stain stained a bit more orangey than her cabinets but I still think it looks great:)

Here’s the living room that is attached to it.


It’s a step down from the kitchen (where I’m standing) and super cozy.  I’m guessing you can bet what I wanted to get my hands on in this picture??? And yes..we did.  We painted the brick!  Surprise:)

photo (2)

This was the blurry cell phone pic,

and this is when she had the fire going and everything clean for me to come take pictures:)


We painted the built in too, and I can’t tell you how much it updated it.

I actually can’t take too much credit for the manual labor in this place.  And I have to tell you, it was so much fun to say I would paint this this color, and I’d come and it.was.done.  AMAZING.  That never happens with a DIY’er:)  All you fellow DIYers get me.

It was also AMAZING to be given money and just told to “shop for the room.”  Seriously.  That’s what I got to do.  And that’s what all of  those bags are up there.

So, we started with the basics in the room..


The rug is from Ballard, the couch is the ektorp sectional from Ikea with the wheat/linen-y looking slipcover (no white this time:)

The ottoman is from overstock and the red tv stand she had and I gave it a bit of a paint job face lift.  Oh, and the wall color we used was Revere Pewter, by Benjamin Moore and the trim was cotton blossom by Dutch Boy.

After the basics were done, I got to make it cozy and decorate…

four seasons porch

now wasn’t that just fun.

four seasons porch

The end tables came from my shed with a face lift:)  The lamps were from Home Goods, and were most of the pillows and accessories.

cottage porch

I made the number pillows for her, cause what’s a makeover without a few numbers right?!?

number pillows

I fell in love with the blue moroccan pillows and quite honestly didn’t know what colors I was going to accent with until I saw them.  I guess you’d say they spoke to me:)


and every good sectional needs a faux fur pillow.  Pretty sure her hubs thanked me for that one;)


It”s all about the texture.  That’s why I grabbed this throw as well, to warm it up a bit and bring in the punch of color.

And I had loved that she had so many great Whimsy buys:)  So we had to find a spot for them.  We put together a little “gallery wall” behind the couch.

cottage living room

She’s still planning on hanging some bamboo shades in the windows, but other than that we got her mostly wrapped up!


They just purchased these amazingly comfortable leather recliners for in front of the fire….seriously cozy spot.  And now they have a double functioning living room.  Gotta love that!


One last shot with a better look at the ceiling.

The last thing we did was add a little board and batten to their entryway.  I loved how this area turned out, and thought it would help the flow of the house better if we brought some of the cream to the front of the house, and tie it in with their wood trim there as well.

Board and batten was the perfect fix.


We did it down their hallway and to their front entry.


I put the boards up for her (after her hubby cut them the right lengths, boy did that go fast!) and again, I got to just come back and see the results after she had painted!


I love how it turned out…and her clock collection!


So there you have it.  Thanks Dan and Abbey for being amazing friends/clients to work with:):)  I had a blast doing this project!


When Ry announces that he is going to go on a hunting trip for the weekend, my mind immediately starts racing.  I start thinking about what project I want to get done.  Quite honestly, its usually easiest to work on these projects when he is away.  1.) We can have cereal for every meal  2.) I don’t have to clean up the house 3.) I don’t have someone watching over my shoulder.  Ideal time:)  So the last trip he took I took full advantage.  I had been wanting to have an area in the house for my laptop to rest:) and charge when we aren’t using it.  We have a desktop in the home office and I found that my laptop was ending up on the couch most of it’s life.  Not a very convenient spot.   I also knew that had a nice amount of “dead” space next to the fridge.  You’ probably wouldn’t have realized it because I never photograph it, but here it is..


As you can see I already started the reno:)  I was trying to figure the best use of this space and decided I wanted a little mini desk area.  Therefore I could sit/stand during the day while using the computer and the kids could potentially use it for school as well.  I started by planking the wall with my favorite thin plywood and cutting them into 6″ strips.  This time I tried painting them a couple of coats first to try to cut down on the process later.

Then it was time to add some corbels and a desktop.


I bought these corbels at Home Depot for $10 a piece.  I placed this one here because there was a stud there.  When you see both of them, you’ll realize they are not perfectly centered.  That’s why.  Remember, Im doing all of this solo, so sometimes good just has to be good enough, if you know what I mean;)


This piece of butcher block is a whole other story.  I had found some great, authentic butcher block in our garage and knew I’d love to use it.  Ryan pulled it out of the garage from the last house we lived in.  This stuff is amazing.  And  I had no idea what I was getting myself into and nearly killed myself cutting this piece to the size she is now.  It started out as about an 8′ piece that was twice as thick.  I had to two wheel it from the garage to the shed, where I somehow managed to prop it up so I could chop saw it and cut it down with the table saw.  Seriously, if someone were watching I think they’d die.  I almost gave up a couple of times, but persevered.  I seriously think the thing weighed 500 pounds:)

After getting her all cut down and being so proud of her, I sanded her down and stained her in Minwax Dark Walnut 2716.


I decided I could only have her about 15″ deep, in order to have enough room to get comfortably through and to the basement door.  Although we don’t go down to our cellar often, (as least as possible for me actually) our deep freeze and water softener are down there, so there is a possibility we would have to carry out a large piece of furniture.  With that being said, have enough clearance was crucial.  In a perfect world I would have liked to keep it another couple inches deep, but it works.

After I got the butcher block on I decided I wanted a large chalkboard above it.  I originally thought I’d make a large permanent calendar, but soon realized that if I wanted it centered over my countertop, it wouldnt’ fit.  So I cut a board that would fit over my countertop and painted it with chalkboard paint.


We amazingly had a piece of thin board in the shed that I found.  It’s not the smoothest, and I probably should have just waited until I could have gotten a larger piece of smooth plywood, but antsy pants kicked in and I wanted the project DONE!

I could handle a little bit of rough texture.

I then used 1×4 mdf boards and framed it out and stenciled the days of the week on it.

command center

Here’s a better look at the coutnertop.

command center

So, now that I had her in, I had to try her out…

command center

The kids use it everyday for their phonic lessons online.


It keeps them a bit more focued when they are facing a wall:)


And this is usually how little lady looks for school:)

I’m not in love with all of the cords..but at least the laptop hides most of them.  The second cord is from a little light I purchased at IKEA for $15.  It is usually dark in this corner so it was nice to shed a little light on the situation.


IMG_2936 - Copy

I thought I was going to try to disguise the cord by painting it white, but I actually don’t mind it hanging down.  Looks a bit industrial.

Farmhouse Kitchen

I’m a bit in love with how it keeps the kitchen going.  Makes use of otherwise useless space.  And we use it everyday.  Gotta love that!

Chalkboard calendar

and the weekly schedule comes in handy for keeping track of life as well.  I’ve seen some people use one like this for meal planning as well.  Not a bad idea.  But that would mean that I would actually have to plan my meals.  There’s that.

IMG_2940 - Copy

The view from the sitting room is even better:)  Another project done, for a small price.  I think I only used about $15 in plywood, free butcher block, $20 in corbels, $5 in mdf for the frame around the chalkboard, and $15 for the light.  Oh, and I stole the stool from my whimsy stash:)  So I guess you could call that free!  Although I have been eyeing this beaut at World Market …..


We kinda want a stool with a back since we sit there a lot, and World Market has 25% off furniture right I may have to get her soon:)

I’m also looking for a few wire baskets for the right of the chalkboard.  It would be nice to have a spot for bills and mail.  They are harder to find than  you’d think though, so I’m waiting for just the right ones:)

IMG_2941 - Copy

So, that’s it until the next hunting trip….I’ll keep you posted:)


A few weeks ago we got away as a family to celebrate Jules’ birthday.  We decided to head North to Duluth, an adorable little town that’s set right on Lake Superior.  It’s quite idyllic actually.


It was a bit chilly that weekend but it was still fun to watch the boats come in..


Tate was a little frustrated at this point.  He just wanted to chase seagulls:)




It didn’t last long….


It was a great family time.

It got even better when the kiddos could throw rocks…





After a few wet pants legs, we headed over to the aquarium and let the kiddos explore all the creatures.  We also ended up staying at a water park for the kiddos.  They gave us a great home school discount which was a huge score as well.  Gotta love that!

The last day the sun came out at sunset so we took advantage and went to a look out point over the city…


IMG_2785 - Copy

IMG_2802 - Copy

Tate loved climbing on all of the rocks.


Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers on Jules’ birthday.  We can’t believe all the love.  It’s hard to think that this time last year we were savoring every moment with that little cutie.

I’m gonna leave you with a little sneak peek to another one of the projects that I finished and will show you next week.  It something that we use everyday and I just love how it turned out!


Have a great weekend!


In the last post I left you hanging with the whole room reveal.  I feel like this dining room has been a bit of a menace ever since we moved in.  I have struggled with it for so long.  Part of the reason being that this whole room is just so long and narrow, and in the dining room I have 3 solid walls with nothing to break them up!  Usually there are windows, or a door, or something so you don’t have 3 white walls, but not here.


And although we bought our dining table new when we got married, I just didn’t like the look quite as well in this house.


So, I asked the hubbs one day if I could refinish our table.  He said we’ll talk about it later.  I waited a couple of months and figured since he didn’t say no…that it was okay:)

I must tell you first that this was just a veneer table and the top was already showing major signs of wear.   A lot of the veneer was starting to come off and flake in places, so even though I wanted a new look, it also would extend the life of the table.  That was my justification at least!


Not even lying:)

So, one day when I was bored…(sarcasm) I pulled out the power sander and went to town…


Now here’s a bit of advice that is more common sense than advice, but I’d recommend doing this outside.  Allie did not, because I couldn’t move the table outside by myself.  And in turn I ended up adding another job of dusting my WHOLE house when the project was done.  On top of vacuuming about 20 during the process.  But, it was worth it!


I started getting giddy when I saw the natural color that was coming through.  You never know what you are going to get when working with a veneer…

Refinishing a table

and after a couple of hours of sanding, tingly hands from the shaking, sore arms from the pushing, and sneezing from all the dust, this is what I was left with.

I was loving the beachy natural color of the wood, and didn’t want to compromise that.  I tried a bit of a gray stain on the leg but it immediately turn an orange color, so I scrapped that idea.  I really wanted to keep this look, so I decided to try to give it a white wash look, one that wouldn’t turn orangey.

so I started out with an expensive:) styrofoam cup, and filled it a quarter of the way full with my white paint.  Then I added the same amount of water and stirred.

how to whitewash

I then used this mixture like a stain.  I’d brush it on..


and then rub it off with a rag.


I tried it on the legs first to make sure I would like it..and I did!  So to the top I went.


Brush it on and wipe it off.  I only did about 1 foot wide sections at a time..

How to white wash

When I was done with the whole table it looked like this..

white wash table

Just what I wanted.  But, I wasn’t quite done yet.

Lately I’ve been loving color blocking on furniture.  I will share some inspiration photos with you later, but basically what it means is a random chunk of color on a piece of furniture.  Since my favorite color seems to be white, that’s what I chose:)

I taped off my section..

color blocking

and started painting..

color blocking

It’s almost like a permanent runner.

color block

Seeing as though I like to change things so frequently, you may be surprised that I did this.  But, it’s just a power sander away from back to normal:)


Nothing is every permanent around here!

Since I had finished the table I also found these chairs..

photo (38)

I have been wanting to get rid of the black for quite some time, but didn’t know what I wanted yet.  These I found on an online auction and ended up paying only $25 for 4 of them.  Of course I wasn’t in love with the color, so 5 cans of spray paint later and they were..

farmhouse chairs

White!!!!  Huge surprise, I know.  If you follow me on instagram at @prvbsthirtyonegirl you got a sneak peek of them.

So, for the final after picture of the dining room reveal…

farmhouse dining room

and just because I love showing the progression, here’s the order it went..


to this..

lantern lights

to this..

Barrel Shades

and now this..

chalkboard wall

I even was able to use it for hosting a bible study dinner the other night.  I had fun dressing it up!


I had to add the leaf in to make it fit ten people, we had a little problem…


nothing a table cloth couldn’t fix!


It’s our little secret:)  Someday I’ll get to painting that!


Guest House Door Makeover

This actually is not a new makeover, but I realized I hadn’t shown it to my blog readers yet.  If you remember, we turned our little garage behind our house into a small little guest house for the in-laws and any friends that show up:)  And now looking at the pics I realized I changed a few things inside as well…I’ll have to update that too:)

But when we started the garage had an itty bitty door to enter…


with the cute classic shutters.  Well, in order to enter into the garage you had to duck your head everytime.  That gets old.  So, we decide to add a cute little dormer over the door and put in a standard height 9 panel door.




and the door stayed this color a long time….until I finally got around to figuring out what color I wanted it.  If you remember correctly I wanted a cheerful yellow door like this…


but the hubby vetoed that decision.  So instead I decided to go with a  classic black door, and stick with our color scheme…






it looks a little better with all of the construction stuff out of the way as well:)

I like the dark pop though…makes it stand out a bit.  I also cut a stencil with our address on it to dress it up.  I just used cardstock, figuring I probably won’t use that stencil again, grabbed a stencil brush and stenciled it on.  A free trick that takes an ordinary door and makes it just a bit more original.


I added some new landscaping as well.  I”m excited for the boxwoods to get big enough to hedge together…


and I planted hydrangeas in front of the fence.  They should get huge and have beautiful balls of white that I can cut for free fresh flowers!

and…if you’ve been reading with me since the beginning you might remember the dwarf korean lilac tree I was so in love with.  The one Ry ruined, but came back to life…and then we moved.

Well…I finally got a new one, thanks so some very sweet people that gave us money for a nursery to get a plant/shrub in honor of Jules.


I love it, and Jules’ rock:)


it’s cute and little and unique just like Ju Ju was:)

Although I love this tree, we are still going to plant a bigger tree  on the other side of the house where will be Jules’ spot.  Then it can grow big and everyone can see it when they drive in.

Planked Fireplace

Remember way back when we first put the fireplace in and I had this inspiration picture from Better Homes and Gardens….



Sorry for the bad picture…it’s all I had:)  But..I loved everything about this fireplace.  The mantle, the planking, the big white trim.  I mean LOVE.  It would be in my category for dream fireplace.  At the time mine looked like this…


I love looking back at old pictures, it reminds you so much of how things evolve!  So, here was my fireplace when I threw up a mantle shelf I had from the old house, just so I could put something on it. And at the time it was perfect.  We had so many projects going on that this was easy and free, all we could do at the time.

Then I went on an online auction that I have bought quite a bit of stuff from and found  a mantle so close to the inspiration pic I was giddy.  I ended up “winning” it I think for $165.00.  Considering it retailed for $750.00, that was a steal of a deal at 90% off, even if Ry did have to Magiver it a bit since it was a foot too long.  Pretty soon I had a mantle like this…


This was also pre-good camera days:)  We still had a little work to do on her, but she was beautiful.  And for now, this was as close to the inspiration pic as I was gonna get.

But then I started seeing all of these DIY posts pop up in the blog world about planking your walls.  Planking just like my inspiration pic.   And I thought, I can do that.  So, I went to the Home Depot and bought some 1/4″ smooth plywood.  I’m not exactly sure what it was called, but it looked like this…


And what’s awesome is that is it is only about $12 a sheet, so I only needed about $30 worth to do my whole fireplace.

I had the Home Depot guys cut it into 5″ strips for me, free of charge.  Gotta love that.  Now I was ready to start planking…


I had learned a good trick in the blogging world about using a nickel for spacing, so that’s what I did.  For the first few rows anyway, then you start to get the hang of it…


I also used a few dabs of drywall glue on the back of the wood, to help hold it in place…


once I got to the lights I had to take them down to measure and draw my circle on my wood as to where they would go…


I then used the jigsaw Ry has and cut out the shape.  It didn’t have to be perfect, that’s what caulk is for…it just had to be close:)


Did I mention I did this a day that Ry went fishing…so he didn’t have to witness my methods and mess:)  But he did know I was doing it, and hauled in the tools for me.  No surprises this time!

This is the caulk I used to fill in my nail holes.  It doesn’t matter what kind you use as long as it is PAINTABLE.  We have made that mistake many times and it is not fun!


So when I finally got finished nailing my planks up and putting on a coat or two of white I got this…


If I were to do this again I would have painted at least my edges first, it was a pain to try to get in the crack to paint them and then you had spots that got filled up with paint.  So for those of you that may try this, learn from my mistakes:)  I ended up using a knife to clear all the paint out of the cracks….

Then the hubby comes home and I’m grinning ear to ear and he says it looks like the whole fireplace is crooked. :(  It was true, the last 2 pieces I put on were a half an inch different from one end to the next.  The guy cut two boards at once and so not all the measurements were perfect….and I knew they wouldn’t all be.  But this one did need some fixing.


Off they came (I hate redos) and new ones that weren’t so crooked went up…



This is as far as I got before leaving for Wisconsin for a week, so of course even though it wasn’t finished, I had to decorate it just to see:)


Yep, I loved it.


even with the rough edges:)  I had fun playing around with my summer stuff too!



Once I got back from Wisconsin I was feeling motivated to get the job done.  I used the same 1/4 inch plywood to put on the sides and finished trimming out around the fireplace…


and the sweet hubs put up the crown for me.  I wasn’t quite ready to tackle that yet!

We had bought crown for this project quite a few months prior but it was one of those things…we’ll get to it someday..


and I love how “someday” finally turned out!! It was worth the wait:)


and since the fireplace is literally in the center of our house, it’s so fun to have it be a focal point now.  One that I am proud of:)


and everything pops on it!


I love how the sides even add character..


so, here’s my motivation picture again…


and my mantle now..


and just because it’s fun to see the progression, here’s the stages of the fireplace in order…


then lights and a mantle…


and finally planking and finishing…


Finished project complete! Check check.

So, here’s the breakdown.

Mantle $165

Lights $75

Plywood Planking $30

Crown Molding $20

Paint $30


The other good thing about doing a project in stages is that we didn’t have to come up with all of the money at one time.  It got spread out.  So the  final stage of this makeover only cost us $80, not too bad.

How to turn a barrel shade into a pendant

Well, I gave you a sneak peek of what I’ve been doing around the house lately, and let me tell you, I’ve got a lot done.  But then I headed to my parents for the week and finally got on my computer today:)  So I thought I’d show you one of  the updates that I am loving.

When we first gutted our house I was seeing so many pictures of people putting two lanterns over their tables and I loved it!  It was something that I had never had and was so different!  Pictures like this..




and this..



and this..

Atlanta Homes Magazine Lanterns


I had my inspiration!  So I ended up finding these lanterns…

Thomasville Piedmont Collection Pendant


It is called Piedmont Collection Antique Bronze Pendant and at the time I bought it through my sister who works at a lighting showroom.  After I saw it was also at the Home Depot, but since has been discontinued in the stores.  I think you can still order it online though.  I liked this light because it was more traditional but was still in our budget.  We actually even got a better deal than Home Depot since ordering straight from my sister. I was one happy girl:)

The time came to finally hang them up…


and although I liked them, I never got that LOVE feeling that I did when I saw them in pictures:)

I hate that when that happens.  And so does the hubby.  He already thinks I change things up too much…imagine that!  Here’s the bugger with home decor, it doesn’t always work the first time.  And just because you see it in a picture doesn’t mean it will look the same in your house.

I think the main reason it just wasn’t working for me like I hoped it would was because of the layout of our house.  Although I am in love with my house and all the character, the one downfall if this super duper long room…and I realized I don’t have a picutre of it:(  But, you know the set up now.  We have the living room onto the end that runs into the fireplace sitting room, which goes into the dining room.  It’s a long stretch!

I realized that having the see through lanterns didn’t really help to break up the length, and that I might want something  that isn’t see through that helps to warm up and break up the space.   And I have always loved this picture…



and I’m quite a fan of drum shades, so I went on the search for drums, but they were all quite expensive.  And on top of that I needed 2!  Not fun, and the hubby would surely never spring for that!  So this time I googled how to make your own drum shade pendant and I came up with a great answer, make my own for a fraction of the cost.   The first thing I needed was a pendant adapter kit.


I got mine on Amazon for $14.73, and since I’m a Prime member I got free shipping as well.

Then I had to hunt for some lamp shades.  This was the hardest part because I wanted a certain color and texture and I just couldn’t find them.  I ended up buying 2 lamps at homegoods and using the shades off of them.  I have a few random lamp shades hanging around so my plan was to take the shade, replace it, and then sell the lamp at Whimsy.  A great perk for keeping costs down I must say.

This was the shade I ended up with…


I realize I should have taken a picture of the whole lamp, but I forget about these important things amist my excitement of a project! I wanted to show this pic though because this is important, you need to get a shade that has the small circle on top, one that uses a harp!

Then, you dig in your hubbys tools to find what you think is a wire cutter…


Then you snip the small circle out of the middle.  I suggest you stay as close to the circle as possible, I found that out later.  Soon after you get yelled at by your hubby for using his sheet metal cutter (whoops) that you thought was a wire cutter and potentially ruining it!  Sorry babe!!  But still, mission accomplished…


and here’s what you took out..


Your son then thinks your the coolest mom because he has a new gadget to play with:)

Now for the fun part, you take your light adapter and spin off the bottom piece, stick your 3 metal pieces onto the wrungs, and spin the piece back on…


See between the black and white piece, my 3 wires are just sitting in there and hold on by twisting the white piece up tight to hold them in place.  Make sense?? When I was researching this I found many ways to do it, but most included extra pieces and parts and this way was the easiest.  You have to work with it a bit to make sure it’s straight, but it actually works really slick!

I then turned the power off to the house, watched a you tube video on wiring in lights, and hung them myself.  Don’t underestimate what you can do women!:)

One thing I learned and would suggest is not putting the shade on until you have the adapter wired in.  It makes life a lot easier I realized after the shade fell off about 10 times during the process.

And here’s what we have now..


I have to apologize, my wide room lens broke so I have been using my 50 mm until I replace it and it is really hard to get a full room in it.  so until then I guess you won’t get the full affect.


Although it looks like my shade is crooked, I promise it’s not, it just wasn’t being photogenic that day or something!


The color doesnt show the best either…it looks more yellow in the pics than the nice natural it looks in person.

I do like how it warms up the space a bit, and blocks out some of the length.  So here’s the breakdown…

I sold my 2 lanterns for $150 at Whimsy

I bought 2 pendant kits from Amazon for $30

I bought 2 lamps from HomeGoods for $80

I sold 2 lamp bases with shades I had at Whimsy for $56

Total cost of 2 new light fixtures….$54

Which means I got to pocket $96!

The hubby can’t complain too much about that:)

I’ve already made a few more changes in this room that are helping to pull it all together that I’ll show you in a bit!

1 Kitchen, 3 Ways

I’ve been enjoying a few blogs lately that have been having a 1 room, 3 ways party, and decided to join them!


I thought this would be a fun post to show the evolution of our kitchen.  And also good to show you that a room doens’t usually come together all at once.  At least for me it doesn’t.  It ends up evolving.  Sometimes due to budget, sometimes due to my tastes changing, and mostly due to when inspiration strikes.

So, here’s our kitchen when we first moved in…

newhouse 003

Then, after a good 4 months of demo-ing and re-doing, it turned into this…


and it’s funny how at the time I thought it was so complete.  I mean, we did go from doing our dishes in the bathtub to actually having a real sink and real countertops!  All of the basics were there, but the personality wasn’t quite where I wanted it to be yet.

I got a little bit closer by taking off some cabinet doors, you can find that post here…and painting our mini island, you can find that post here….oh, and the skirted sink I added as well.  And you guessed it, it’s drop cloth:)  All of these changes were almost free but added so much more of my style and personality into the room.


but it wasn’t quite done yet…

The last picture I added a shelf above the window, the chalkboard backsplash and cafe curtains, you can find that post here...

Here again I made a drastic difference with all about a $35 price tag!


And that’s where the room sits for the time being.  I can actually say that now when I look at her, I”m in love:)  I’m sure there will be tweaks here and there, but at least now I feel like my personality fits the room.

On a budget.


Oh, and I did add the board and batten as well in the eating area…


For another $35:)  You can find that post here...

So don’t worry if your room doesn’t feel pulled together yet.  It.takes.time.   And you don’t want to rush into something just to redo it later…or maybe you do, cause I do it all the time:)  I’m learning, and hopefully you are too!:)

On a Mission….

Last Thursday I was on a mission.  See, I had moved this dresser out of my back entry on the last day of the Whimsy sale.  It didn’t end up selling, but I was adamant not to bring it back in…

Christmaspics 007

Ha, shows how bad this corner had gotten, I couldn’t find a picture of it since when we first moved in.  Since then I re-did the dresser and it turned out really cute.  It’ s currently in the barn though, and I”m a bit too lazy to go take a picture of it.  Maybe someday:)   So, This back entry has become a bit of a catch-all.




No wonder why I haven’t photographed it:)

 The dresser was overflowing with coloring/arts and crafts stuff, and dvds barely fit in the middle drawer.  Since we have a lack of storage already, I need to make every space count.  I found this from ikea and thought it would be nice…


Of course I”d get it in white.  What I loved about it is that it is tall, 77 1/2″, but more importantly, narrow.  It’s only 14 1/2″ deep.  This would open up the space a bit.  I was hoping the price was right, and although $365 isn’t  a ton of money for a big piece, it was a bit more than I wanted to spend.

I found out that the week after Whimsy, there were occasional shops near us that were open.  I thought maybe I could find a treasure at one of these, so my sister-in-law graciously watched my kiddos for a couple of hours so I could scour the stores for a good deal. Thanks Brielle!

I did find one piece that I loved, but it was again over the budget at $450, but what  a cool piece!

photo (5)

It was the perfect size.  I thought I would have painted the black white, and distressed it, and then left the wood doors.  But, I stuck to my guns and passed it up.

I ended up having no luck  with that piece, but what I did find was something else I had been looking for for awhile.  Small dressers for my nightstand.

I found this little cutie at the first store I went to for an amazing deal of $59.

photo (6)

The lady did such a cute job of painting it light blue and distressing, but of course it wasn’t quite what I was looking for color wise.  Such a shame, but I’d have to give her a makeover…

So let me just take you back to the small nightstands I had before…


And here’s how it looks now…


You’ll notice I kept the hubby happy with what’s hanging above the bed as well!  Although it still needs to have the base cut and painted white:)


This piece was a solid, well-built piece of furniture.  The piece was originally all cherry.  And I know there are a lot of cherry fans out there, but the color was a bit too red for me.  I tamed it down by sanding the drawers and staining them with Minwax “Weathered Oak” stain.  It was still a bit more “red” than I would like, so I took a dry brush and brushed on a tiny bit of white as well to give it more of a whitewash look….


I painted the body of it white and added some numbers…


Because everything is cuter with numbers:)

I topped it off with a date with the power sander, and she was finished.


I lucked out on the hardware, I loved the original.  And my favorite part is this cute little board that pulls out on top..


Now Ry doesn’t have to complain about my decorations and not having space to set anything.



So once side of the bed is done, I”ll show you the other side next.  It’s not as great of quality as this cutie, but it gives a similar look:)


A Quick Before & After

Just thought I’d share another mini project I did a couple of nights ago for Whimsy.

My mother-in-law found this bench at a garage sale last year and I never got to it.


It had great bones, was in great shape, and full of potential.

I finally got to her and dressed her up a bit:)


White slips are so classic.  This would be a cute little bench at the end of a bed, or in an entry or reading nook.


I did a flat skirt on this one to give it a bit more of a traditional feel.


I always fall in love with my projects.  I don’t know if it’s because of the labor of love, or seeing the transformation….but, there is no room for her in my house, so to Whimsy she will go:)


We’d love to see you Thursday! :)

Board and Batten

Ryan took off a couple of weekends ago to go fishing up north with a couple of the nephews.  When he’s away I always think it’s a great time to do a project:)  The house can be a mess and it’s no big deal:)  So the project I decied to tackle??  Board and batten in the entry way.  I have read a thousand posts of people that diy’d their own board and batten, and it looked manageable.  I took my measurements and figured out how much wood I’d need and headed to Menards.  I was planning on buying pine 1×4′s for the top and 1×2′s for the vertical boards like we did in the guest house, but when I got there I realized that the primed MDF, which most people use, was actually cheaper.  These boards aren’t solid wood, it’s a composite.  But that makes them perfectly smooth and nice and straight, much easier to work with!  Plus, they were already primed white.  Score!  They only had the ones I wanted in 12 foot pieces……and I couldnt’ quite see myself driving the mini van home with 5 feet of MDF sticking out the back.  I found a guy that worked there and asked if there was any way he could cut them in half for me, which would be the perfect size.  He said he’s supposed to charge for it (which was fine by me…even though lowes and home depot offer it complimentary) but he said I”ll do it for you for free:):)  Gotta love that!

So, I spent $35 on my MDF and figured this would do it.

Where was I going to put board and batten you may ask??

I’ve been eyeing it up for my entryway.  I thought this would be a great place to start since it seemed a quite manageable area.  Here’s what it looked like before…


The first thing I decided was how high I wanted my board and batten to go.  I decided to go up 5 feet from my baseboard, which would make it 5’4″.  Since I had bought 1×4′s, that means the top of the board would be at 5’8″.  I then measured and drew a line at that height the whole way around the area I was going to do…


Our thermostat was right there, which helped decide the height for me:)  I did’t want Ry to have to remount it.

Here are the things you will need to do this job:

Drywall glue


I bought it in the big tube, and used 1 for this project.  You also need the caulk gun to use it with:)

Nails and a nail gun:


I used 2″ nails in Ry’s finishing nailer.  He showed me how to load it.  Watch out, now I’m trouble:):)




A chop saw, circular saw, or table saw.

I think that about does it.

So, after I got my line up I took my measurements.


This is seriously how I measure…gotta work on that. Ha.  I’m not good with all the little unlabeled lines, hence the +1 line comment:):)

Once I had my pieces cut I glued them up…


Make sure you have a paper towel or something to catch the drips.  Sometimes it keeps coming out:)  You want enough glue, but if it squirts out the sides make sure to clean it up right away as it doesnt dry clear and it will be bumpy.

Then, use your level to make sure it is straight, and hang it up.


I shot 4 nails into this little piece, on the edges.  The more nails you put in the more holes you need to fill:)

So here’s how the progress went….


Top board is up!

vertical boards went up next.  I butted my corners up instead of trying to do 45 degree cuts.  That was just going to be a disaster:)  The only one that really shows, is this one on the corner, but after it’s all painted and patched, it really isn’t that noticeable.  If you have some mad carpentry skills, I would have 45′d that one:)


I ended up putting my boards 14″ apart.  I have so many breaks in this area though, that I could play around it a bit.  I marked them before I started putting them up so that I didn’t have to deal with any outlets or light switches.  Don’t bring your tape measure over…I guarantee they will not measure out perfectly:)

After all the pieces are up, I filled in the nail holes with some wood putty, and then I painted it in the Decorators White that the rest of my trim is painted in.

Okay, now for some before and afters…














and a few more for fun…


I love how the decor on the table pops more now with the white behind it..


Here’s the view from the stairs..


And I even like it that you can see it peeking through from the sitting room..


Last ones, looking into the office..


And…if you think my house is always put together and clean, I decided to show you these pics..all for you Abbey:)

This is what my office looks like during Whimsy time:)


haha, it’s amazing what you can hide in pictures:)


secrets out!


We want to do built in storage on that whole back wall for all of my crafting supplies.  But until then?? This is what you get:)

So, for $35 and about 4 hours of cutting, gluing, measuring and painting this is what you get.  I think it added a lot more than the price tag:)

An Update…

I finally updated our before and after pages of the kitchen and sitting room.  It’s crazy how much has even changed in the last 6 months!  I shouldn’t be too surprised though…a girl who loves diy stuck inside her house all winter long, things are bound to change:)  So, you should check out the kitchen here….you’ll even get a sneak peek of my latest diy I did while Ryan was away.  Hint:  It involved an air nailer and chop saw!!

The updated sitting room photos are here.


Choose 2 Shine Sign–DIY

I told you earlier that I would share with you how I made the choose 2 shine sign that was sitting on the mantle.  Well, I haven’t done it yet and a few people have asked how I made it, so here it is:)

It all started when I saw this sign on Pinterest.


I love how the wood showed through, and I also loved the color.  I was sucker for words with a number as well, but I couldn’t figure out what mills fab 5 stood for and it didn’t say anywhere in the post.  I knew people would ask what it meant and I really wanted to have an explanation.  I showed the picture to my sister and she said, that’s probably their last name and how many people are in the family.  Duh!  Funny how I never saw that before.  Even though I now knew the meaning, Lundeen fab 4 didn’t sound to good, and our family is hopefully still growing, so it didn’t quite fit.

I had some great wood boards I had gotten from an old barn that was going to be burned down.  They had the perfect color to them and fit together like car siding.  Reclaimed wood always makes great projects.  If you don’t have any of that laying around, you can buy some car siding from Menards or Home Depot and stain it.  Or you can use pine 1×6′s and stain those.  I love the new Weathered Oak by Minwax.  Gives it a bit of a gray old looking finish.  After I put the boards together I took a piece of lath or thin wood and glued it to the back with wood glue.


I then let this sit over night to dry well.  If you don’t want to wait, you can nail it down.  My wood was a bit fragile so I didn’t want it to crack, but if you use pine or carsiding, this shouldn’t be a problem with 3/4″ nails.

Since I loved the idea of a number in there, I found a phrase I liked, “Choose to Shine” and switched the to to 2:)

Step 1: done, phrase found!

Step 2:  Find a font.  I love mixing fonts, so I ended up using Arial bolded for choose and for 2

and after searching a half an hour to find the font I used on shine, I came up with nothing:(  Sad.  Lesson learned, save the files:)  I did find some similiar ones, which were Sacramento and Segoe Script.  You can find whatever font you like!

Once my boards were ready to go, I printed out my font in the size I wanted it and placed it on my wood.



After I found the placement I liked, I traced it with a pencil and pushed down hard.


Once I pulled the paper up, I was left with an indent of the outline of the words.  It’s faint, but I could see it better than the pictures show.


This project I actually started and then stopped.  I got this far and waited about a month to finish it, so unfortunately when I got back to it I forgot to take pictures along the way.  Next though I took a thin paintbrush and brushed on one coat of a blue color called Misty Surf, from Menards.  I had it made up in Dutch Boy but I think it was a grand distinctions paint.  Either way you can just have them look it up by the name:) I just painted carefully around the letters so I didn’t have to tape them off.

Once that was dry I used my power sander to sand a lot of it off, especially around the edges.  Don’t be afraid to sand to much, it’s really not possible.

Once the sanding was done I took a bristle paint brush, dipped it in some white paint, and then did a few brush stroked on a paper towel to get most of the paint off.  Then I gently swept over areas of the boards.  This gives it a nice white wash feel.  You really want your brush quite dry to get the best looks.  If it get too heavy, don’t worry…you can just sand a bit down again:)  So here’s the finish you’re left with..


 I know you saw pics of it on my mantle, but surprise! it’s not longer there.  Instead I put it on my front shelf.  It’s cheery right when you walk in.  Set’s the mood for the house.


and I’m in love with the little daffodils my friend just brought me:)


I also love how big the sign is..


It makes quite a statement.


I think it will last at least through the summer here:)

Happy Spring!

A Shelf, A Backsplash, and Cafe Curtains

As if I don’t switch things up enough for the hubby, I decided to work on the kitchen a little bit more.  I pinned this picture from Pinterest and fell in love.

I thought, hey…I have a window over my sink, with a farm house light and room for a shelf.  It was perfect!  So, a couple of weeks later I went to Ikea and purchased a shelf and 2 brackets.  I kind of liked how the shelf looked without brackets, but I didn’t know how to go about doing that with it holding some weight.  I was excited about this idea because I thought if I painted the shelf in the same sharkey gray as the cabinets, then the open cabinets would even seem more intentional:)

So, the shelf went up one afternoon when the hubby was at work.  (always the best time to do projects:)  As did some curtains….as did a chalkboard back splash.

Ry told me the weathers gotta warm up soon so I can start working outside.  He said he’s not going to recognize his own home pretty soon:)  Gotta keep them on their toes!

So…the reveal!

Here’s the before that I just recently showed you…


and the after…


I’m kinda loving it.  The shelf was only $13 with the 2 brackets, and yet I think it makes such a big statement.


and the chalk board back splash is so fun to decorate:)  I love how the white pops on the dark.  Little sidenote–the shelf is level, the window is not:)  There’s all sorts of fun optical illusions like that in a 100 year old house:)


I’m also quite in love with this little cafe curtain


I love the satin nickel spring rod I found at Walmart.  You can’t see it in the pictures, but the ends have a nice decorative finish, much nicer than the plastic caps most of them come with.  And it was only $10.  The curtains themselves (as well as the little hooks)  are actually from Ikea as well…they are tea towels!  I had to hem a couple of stripes off and that was it…how easy  That was actually my friends idea, thanks Em!


Since I moved the pitchers on the shelf, I put the original buckets back on the rod system, from Ikea.  Add a few fake greens and it’s starting to look a bit springy in here.


The open shelving side has won over the pantry side for me:)


The back splash painted on in a couple of hours.  I’m gonna tell you a little secret for all of you fellow impatient diy-ers like myself….I never allow the recommended dry time for paint.  I usually start the 2nd coat as soon as I’m done with the first.


I taped off my cabinets and counters with blue painters tape, grabbed my can of chalkboard paint from the closet, and painted 3 coats.


After the last coat was dry to touch, I used the side of the chalk to rub it all over (priming the paint) and then took a dry wash cloth to rub it in.  This helps to give it the chalkboard look instead of just a black paint look.

The can says to wait 24 hours to use chalk.

I say I don’t think so.

I’ve never ruined it….so it’s our little secret:)


Just in case you don’t know it’s fruit in the bowl, don’t fret!  You can label it:)


So for literally $30, this room got (yet another) mini makeover:)


Open Shelving

A small disclaimer to start that there will be a lot of pics in this post:)  So keep scrolling:)

For the last six months I have been drooling over pictures like these…


and this..


and oh, this..


You get the picture:)  I was LOVING the open shelves concept.  My mother told me I’m crazy, who wants to dust all that?  She’s learned

a few things in her years.  I’m still young and stupid so I said I didn’t care;)

I tried to “break” it in gently to the hubby that I was thinking about this and he said absolutely not.  We are NOT going to be changing everything around here every year.  Why not??

Needless to say, I got shot down.  So what does one do when they get shot down but are still in love??  Find a solution that is next to free that will satisfy you and keep “somewhat” peace with the hubby:)  That’s what I did.

I came across this most amazing product in Menards.  Paintable bead board wallpaper.  GENIUS!  For $12 you get a huge roll of wallpaper that is textured and seriously looks like the real deal.  So, allie’s thought process went something like this.  I could take the doors off of my cabinets, but I don’t want it to just look like I took the doors off of my cabinets:)  If I put bead board inside maybe it would look a bit more intentional.  For $12 heck yes I’ll try….if nothing else I’ll have cute insides to my cabinets:)

So, our cabinets started out looking like this…


hmmmm….not too pretty


You can see Ry’s 100 attempts to find a stud to screw the cabinet too:)  And we also added that little junction box for our under cabinet lights.  Oh how I do love those:)  So, the bead board wallpaper was going to make this guy look a little cuter!

First for wallpaper you want to cut your piece to size.  Then you soak it in water for 5 seconds.


Then you fold it into itself so the adhesive backing doesn’t dry out.  You need to let it sit for 10 minutes before you hang it.


Once the timer goes off it’s ready to hang!


I did the back first, and just covered right over that junction box.  Then I did the boards on the top and bottom…


Looks much cleaner already. I must say that although I do like the look of the darker stripes, that’s only because it’s wet.  They will disappear when it’s dry.  One other thing to note, you are going to want to mark where the holes are for your shelves to go so you can re-insert your shelf holders without making too many marks in the wallpaper.


I just took a drill with the drill bit on to open up the holes once it was dry.  It didn’t tear the paper at all.

I had to let this dry over night before I could paint it.  You will be able to tell it is dry when all the dark lines disapper:)

This is how it looked dry…


Paint will help to fill in all the cracks nicely.

I taped off the bottom of my cabinet and started painting…


This was after the first coat.  It actually took me 3 coats:(  Ick.  But the wallpaper is almost a little foamy, which gives it the texture, and also soaks in the paint:)

So, after it dried I drill my holes and put my shelves back in place.  Here’s the final product.


I got those cute little galvanized tubs on Pick Your Plum, as well as the metal EAT sign.  I stenciled on the 1,2,3 real quick before I put them in:)  Also, I do have more than one coffee cup:)  The dishwasher was not emptied yet…SHOCKER!


Living room view


I know your wondering…what did the hubs think?  Well, he was a little upset he couldn’t find the toaster:) But other than that he was good with it:)  I told him how practical it was to not have to open doors to get a cup.  One less step babe.  I’m just looking out for you here:)


I’m a sucker for white dishes!  In reality though, most of these dishes actually were in these cabinets!  I only had to find a new home for the toaster, and a couple other things:)

So, here was a picture from the kitchen before…


Sorry, it was the only pic I could find… you’ll have to imagine the other cabinet:)

And after….


  Since I did this I have painted the front of the shelves gray to make them look a little more intentional as well.  I like it a tiche better.

I have gone to close the doors a few times since taking them off, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.  It does make unloading the dishwasher much easier:)

One last thing, if you follow me on instagram you have already seen another project I did in here to change it up even more!


I love diy!!

and cheap projects!

DIY–Painted Curtains

It’s true, I tried it.  I was reading a magazine while Ryan and I were in Florida and read about a lady who painted her drop cloth curtains, and they looked great.  If you google painted curtain images, it’s amazing how many pictures you will find.  So, I was on a mission.

I orginally fell in love with these curtains…






But at $99  a panel (enter gasp here) it just wasn’t going to happen.  I started looking online for different stencils I liked and end up finding this one..

I liked that it looked like it would be easy to paint.

Let the work begin.

First, I used Saran Wrap to lay down a barrier between the fabric and my wood floor.  I have learned from other projects that paint seeps through drop cloth quite easily.

painted curtains

Gotta love that painters tape to help hold everything in place:)

I used the cheapest white paint I could find and a small foam roller.

painting curtains

Yes, this is how I usually look when I’m doing projects.  No make up and comfys.

I bought this stencil to also use for some Whimsy crafts.  I got it from StencilEase and upgraded to a little bit thicker stencil for durability.  I think it was around $25.  Not bad for being able to use it again and again.

I just overlapped a couple of the ikat patterns when I moved it to make sure everything lined up.

painting curtains

It really used a lot more paint than I expected, and you had to push quite hard to get it to soak in evenly.  This project was definitely a labor of love, but oh so cheap.  Cheap wins every time.

painting curtains

Plus I had a GREAT cheerleading squad:)

painting curtains

Once I was finished I actually hung them on the rod to dry.  They were quite wet on both the front and back so you have to transport them carefully:)

painted curtains

The first panel took me about an hour….but once I got it down I got it to about 1/2 a panel.  Really, that’s not bad…it was just the aching  shoulders and back that were a bit of a bugger.

But, I think the results were worth it.

Here’s the before…..

drop cloth curtains

My $10 drop cloth curtains that have been up for a year now.

and after….

stenciled curtains

I love how subtle it is but still adds pattern..

painted curtains

Once again, my fear of color wins:)

cottage living room

See that fun sign on the mantel?  There will be a post on how to make one of those too:)

A couple of things to know about the curtains.

1.)  I used a gallon of paint on 6 panels, it takes more than you think.

2.)  I did not add the fabric additive you can add so they are washable, but I never wash my curtains..eek!

3.)  They are a bit stiff, but we never closet these curtains.  I do close the ones in my living room, and they close, just a bit stiff:)  It doesn’t bug me but it may bug some of you???  They don’t look stiff at all.  It’s our little secret:)

** There has been quite a bit of questions from this post so I thought I’d add in a few of the sources of where I purchased everything.

I  bought the chair from an online auction but it is a Room & Board chair, I didn’t even realize that til I went to go pick it up, score!

The ottoman I recovered, and the fabric came from here.

I made the pillow, and the fabric is from here.

I got the vintage feedsacks again on an online auction, but found a great tutorial of how to make them yourself here.

 I think that should do it, thanks for all the great feedback and questions!
Allie Lundeen

New Panes

This arrived in the mail yesterday and I got giddy!


I know…you’re probably saying what is that??

Well, before we moved we had just gotten new windows, and I loved them.  I was happy that the house we moved to had newer windows, and that they were double hungs….but they didn’t have the grids that I loved.  Our old ones looked like this…

They just had grids in the top.

I went over to a friends house one night and saw that she had added grids to her windows.  I loved it and she said it was so easy!

So I went on the  New Panes website and quickly ordered myself the medium sampler kit to try it out for myself.  I loved them so much that I just ordered the rest to finish our upstairs, and our guest house.

So…how does new panes work?  Well, you get these connectors….


I used one for each window, except for in the guest house when I did the whole window and did two.  These cost $.69 a piece…what a splurge:)

Then, you receive this pvc that you cut and put on the ends…


I just used a scissors and was able to complete all of my windows within an hour.  I would recommend that you cut the pieces just a tiche longer than needed so you can trim to a perfect fit.

So, what exactly do these do?? Well, here are Kynlee’s windows before…


and after adding the new panes…


It’s not a huge difference, but it adds a bit more character.  The pvc pieces are 2.99 a piece, and I figured it takes about 1 1/2 to do each window, so these 2 windows cost me under $11.  What I really love is that you also see them from the outside of the house.  It really looks like we got all new windows when you drive up:)

Here’s one more example….

The guest house before…


and now with new panes:)


and this is how it looks on the outside…


To get them to stick you put little pieces of double stick velcro on the cross piece so they easily pop on and off for cleaning!

And here’s how a little bit more of the house looks with the new windows:)


I love how well they show up!

So, our new windows cost us $140 to do the whole house and guest house.  I didn’t think that was too bad:)  And that was with shipping x2, so if you really think you’re gonna want do your whole house, I would try to order in one package since shipping is $10-$15.

Putting grids in only the top pane was also cost effective for us, but this wouldn’t work if you had crank outs or sliders since there is no division.  They do have corners you can buy so you could make a surround for the area, but again, that would be more money.   Please let me know if you have any questions!  For now, I’m just enjoying looking out my new “old” windows:)