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Home makeovers that I have done in the course of living in our home.


The last couple of months I have been helping a friend of mine with a renovation they did.  The project actually started this summer when she told me they were transforming their screened in porch into a four seasons porch.  (They have an amazing spot on the lake by the way:) She asked if I would help her with some ideas and decorating, and since I like decorating (a little) and liked her (a lot) I said sure:) I’m just going to tell you … Continue Reading »


When Ry announces that he is going to go on a hunting trip for the weekend, my mind immediately starts racing.  I start thinking about what project I want to get done.  Quite honestly, its usually easiest to work on these projects when he is away.  1.) We can have cereal for every meal  2.) I don’t have to clean up the house 3.) I don’t have someone watching over my shoulder.  Ideal time:)  So the last trip he took I took full … Continue Reading »


A few weeks ago we got away as a family to celebrate Jules’ birthday.  We decided to head North to Duluth, an adorable little town that’s set right on Lake Superior.  It’s quite idyllic actually. It was a bit chilly that weekend but it was still fun to watch the boats come in.. Tate was a little frustrated at this point.  He just wanted to chase seagulls:) grumpy. It didn’t last long…. It was a great family time. It got even better when … Continue Reading »


In the last post I left you hanging with the whole room reveal.  I feel like this dining room has been a bit of a menace ever since we moved in.  I have struggled with it for so long.  Part of the reason being that this whole room is just so long and narrow, and in the dining room I have 3 solid walls with nothing to break them up!  Usually there are windows, or a door, or something so you don’t have … Continue Reading »

Guest House Door Makeover

This actually is not a new makeover, but I realized I hadn’t shown it to my blog readers yet.  If you remember, we turned our little garage behind our house into a small little guest house for the in-laws and any friends that show up:)  And now looking at the pics I realized I changed a few things inside as well…I’ll have to update that too:) But when we started the garage had an itty bitty door to enter… with the cute classic … Continue Reading »

Planked Fireplace

Remember way back when we first put the fireplace in and I had this inspiration picture from Better Homes and Gardens….   Sorry for the bad picture…it’s all I had:)  But..I loved everything about this fireplace.  The mantle, the planking, the big white trim.  I mean LOVE.  It would be in my category for dream fireplace.  At the time mine looked like this… I love looking back at old pictures, it reminds you so much of how things evolve!  So, here was my … Continue Reading »

How to turn a barrel shade into a pendant

Well, I gave you a sneak peek of what I’ve been doing around the house lately, and let me tell you, I’ve got a lot done.  But then I headed to my parents for the week and finally got on my computer today:)  So I thought I’d show you one of  the updates that I am loving. When we first gutted our house I was seeing so many pictures of people putting two lanterns over their tables and I loved it!  It was … Continue Reading »

1 Kitchen, 3 Ways

I’ve been enjoying a few blogs lately that have been having a 1 room, 3 ways party, and decided to join them! I thought this would be a fun post to show the evolution of our kitchen.  And also good to show you that a room doens’t usually come together all at once.  At least for me it doesn’t.  It ends up evolving.  Sometimes due to budget, sometimes due to my tastes changing, and mostly due to when inspiration strikes. So, here’s our … Continue Reading »

On a Mission….

Last Thursday I was on a mission.  See, I had moved this dresser out of my back entry on the last day of the Whimsy sale.  It didn’t end up selling, but I was adamant not to bring it back in… Ha, shows how bad this corner had gotten, I couldn’t find a picture of it since when we first moved in.  Since then I re-did the dresser and it turned out really cute.  It’ s currently in the barn though, and I”m … Continue Reading »

A Quick Before & After

Just thought I’d share another mini project I did a couple of nights ago for Whimsy. My mother-in-law found this bench at a garage sale last year and I never got to it. It had great bones, was in great shape, and full of potential. I finally got to her and dressed her up a bit:) White slips are so classic.  This would be a cute little bench at the end of a bed, or in an entry or reading nook. I did … Continue Reading »

Board and Batten

Ryan took off a couple of weekends ago to go fishing up north with a couple of the nephews.  When he’s away I always think it’s a great time to do a project:)  The house can be a mess and it’s no big deal:)  So the project I decied to tackle??  Board and batten in the entry way.  I have read a thousand posts of people that diy’d their own board and batten, and it looked manageable.  I took my measurements and figured … Continue Reading »

An Update…

I finally updated our before and after pages of the kitchen and sitting room.  It’s crazy how much has even changed in the last 6 months!  I shouldn’t be too surprised though…a girl who loves diy stuck inside her house all winter long, things are bound to change:)  So, you should check out the kitchen here….you’ll even get a sneak peek of my latest diy I did while Ryan was away.  Hint:  It involved an air nailer and chop saw!! The updated sitting … Continue Reading »

Choose 2 Shine Sign–DIY

I told you earlier that I would share with you how I made the choose 2 shine sign that was sitting on the mantle.  Well, I haven’t done it yet and a few people have asked how I made it, so here it is:) It all started when I saw this sign on Pinterest. source I love how the wood showed through, and I also loved the color.  I was sucker for words with a number as well, but I couldn’t figure out … Continue Reading »

A Shelf, A Backsplash, and Cafe Curtains

As if I don’t switch things up enough for the hubby, I decided to work on the kitchen a little bit more.  I pinned this picture from Pinterest and fell in love. I thought, hey…I have a window over my sink, with a farm house light and room for a shelf.  It was perfect!  So, a couple of weeks later I went to Ikea and purchased a shelf and 2 brackets.  I kind of liked how the shelf looked without brackets, but I … Continue Reading »

Open Shelving

A small disclaimer to start that there will be a lot of pics in this post:)  So keep scrolling:) For the last six months I have been drooling over pictures like these… source and this.. source and oh, this.. source You get the picture:)  I was LOVING the open shelves concept.  My mother told me I’m crazy, who wants to dust all that?  She’s learned a few things in her years.  I’m still young and stupid so I said I didn’t care;) I … Continue Reading »

DIY–Painted Curtains

It’s true, I tried it.  I was reading a magazine while Ryan and I were in Florida and read about a lady who painted her drop cloth curtains, and they looked great.  If you google painted curtain images, it’s amazing how many pictures you will find.  So, I was on a mission. I orginally fell in love with these curtains…       source But at $99  a panel (enter gasp here) it just wasn’t going to happen.  I started looking online for … Continue Reading »

New Panes

This arrived in the mail yesterday and I got giddy! I know…you’re probably saying what is that?? Well, before we moved we had just gotten new windows, and I loved them.  I was happy that the house we moved to had newer windows, and that they were double hungs….but they didn’t have the grids that I loved.  Our old ones looked like this… They just had grids in the top. I went over to a friends house one night and saw that she … Continue Reading »

A New Bed

One of the first pieces of furniture Ryan and I bought together was a bed.  We ended up getting a dark wood sleigh bed, but in true allie fashion it got a “white paint” makeover a few years later:) all you wood lovers may want to close your eyes! When we moved to the farmhouse I ended up distressing it as well. In a miraculous event, one night out on the town with friends I got the hubby to walk into Restoration Hardware … Continue Reading »

DIY– A Painted Rug

I have decided to work on Kynlees room and try to pull it all together the last couple of weeks.  I knew I didn’t want to spend much money so I’ve done a few projects that cost little to nothing.  The first I’m going to share is a painted rug. I had bought this rug from ikea a year ago just to help warm up the floors a bit. As you can tell, my fear of color and commitment once again played into … Continue Reading »

My Favorite Slip

I told you I’ve been having fun working on projects around the house, and this last week was one of my favorites.  Not to actually do, mind you, but the finished product. Brenda, at Little Red Hen, another occasional shop in town that we love, knew I slipped furniture.  She had come across two wingback chairs that needed a little update, and asked if I’d be interested.  Of course I snagged them right up after seeing what great shape they were in!  But … Continue Reading »