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The reason behind starting this blog and my true inspiration.


You guys, I wanted to share with you a company that I have recently found that I fell in love with.  Not only because it has amazing products and super cute stuff, but more so because of the mission behind it.  You may have heard of it because Jen Hatmaker has also fallen in love with the company and teamed up with them to come up with the best product possible and spread the word to help thousands of women throughout the world.  It’s … Continue Reading »


Remember how my word for the year is “Prayer?”  And remember how I said I was praying for one of my girls that I so desperately love and want to see get married??  Well….an opportunity has presented itself. Through a series of events that I completely think is a “God thing” a matchmaking opportunity came along.   So my friend contacted me one day about an opportunity she saw online of a blog that allows singles to “link up” and share information that … Continue Reading »


Well, I’m a few days late, like always, but I thought I’d finally getting around to sharing my new years resolution.  In the past these have been strictly surface resolutions and purely for myself.  I want to eat better, exercise more, give up soda, etc. etc.  This year though I have wanted my resolution to be a spiritual one.  One that not only betters me, but betters my whole family, community, friendship circle.  I’ve been seeing everyone pick a “word for the year” … Continue Reading »

I Want to be In Love With Jesus

All of my life I have loved Jesus.  I met Him at a young age and accepted Him early on.  I have lived by his commandments and was the typical “good girl” throughout most of my life.  I do not swear, I have never drank, I married pure, I went to a Christian college, I go to church most every Sunday…yadda yadda yadda.  Typical.  What am I trying to say??  I love Jesus.  Always have.  I’ve never questioned my faith, never doubted God, … Continue Reading »

My 1st True Love

February is the month of love, and while we tend to think of our significant others as the most important love in our life, our first true love should go to our amazing Father in heaven who has loved us from the beginning.  He has been there while we were in our mother’s womb and I want to share my love story with Jesus throughout these last 27 years. And so it began: Yes, it’s true…this is me!  I had cheeks that lasted … Continue Reading »

What?!? A Blog?!?

Oh mercy, here we go!  Hi all, first I must say thank you for taking some time out of your day to even check this out, and second of all I must say that I have been on the computer learning new vocabulary and working my brain harder than it has been worked in awhile trying to figure out this “blogging” business.  I know…Allie starting a blog??  It shocked me too, but after a little encouraging by some great friends and prayer deep … Continue Reading »