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Well the man cave is almost complete.   We tried to get as much of it done as we could before we started the addition.  And there was quite a bit we had done before that I never updated you on.  So I thought I’d share with you where it’s at today. We added this bar table behind the sectional that we made out of 2×4’s and some pipe legs Ryan got from work. It works great for extra seating and also for … Continue Reading »


I hate when additions look like an afterthought.  When you can clearly tell the addition from the old house.  I am determined to make this flow into the house, so hopefully you can’t tell:)  The exterior of the house will look something like this… The whole left side is the new part. And my inspiration for the dormer came from this photo.. Hello pretty.  I love the cape-cod style feel these dormers give vs. the new build traditional dormer.  I’ve since learned that … Continue Reading »


Wow, I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve sat down to write a blog.  Actually I feel like it’s been forever since I sat down. period. :)  But all for good reason.  Ruby has been an amazing baby…Beckett is running full force into those 2’s…and Whimsy has been growing, growing, growing.  All of which makes for a busy momma:)  So, I finally have a minute to myself (two babies napping at the same time. winning! ) and I thought I’d share our … Continue Reading »


There were a couple things on my “nesting” list that had nothing to do with baby, but everything to do with wanting to get it done before baby came.  One was to get shelving in our toy closet located in the living room.  We didn’t touch it since we moved in, and used the existing shelves that were in there for the last 5 years.  Every time the kids tried to get one thing out an avalanche would occur.  I dreaded it everytime! … Continue Reading »


I have realized that every time I post a picture of my kitchen island, people want to know where I purchased it from.  And although I did purchase it from a big box store, I always have a hard time wanting to tag it because I did so many changes to it that you wouldn’t even recognize it.  And I did write one blog post on what I did to it, but again I realized I wasn’t all that thourough in explaining it … Continue Reading »


Whimsy is done for the year, and as much as I love it, I’m always so glad to be able to take a deep breath, snuggle in, and enjoy a few months off.  Usually that first month or so also is spent doing a few projects around the house that I’ve been eyeing up for awhile.  I’m happy to report that most of those projects have been wrapped up already, and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on:) My … Continue Reading »


If you follow me on instagram you saw this photo the other day…. a torn apart living room with walls getting planked.  I picked up these boards the other day at Menards when it was 11% off.  They are called Luann there, and are that reddish color on both sides.  I think they run about $10-$11 for a 4×8 foot sheet.  Ryan helped me cut it down to 6″ planks the other day, so I was ready to start hanging.  I’ve had a … Continue Reading »


The office/work room project continues.  I think my biggest problem this far has been storage in that room.  It just collects.  If you know what I mean.  So this time my plan was to incorporate some major shelving.  I wanted it to look custom but knew the hubs would never go for anything with a “custom” price tag.  So I went to Pinterest and found this inspirations..   So I followed the link and found an amazing tutorial of how to make these … Continue Reading »


I have been working with a friend over the last 2 years…I know, that sounds crazy when I type it, but yes…2 years, on a total cabin reno project.  The reasons it has taken so long have been many.  1.)  We had Jules within that time.  2.)  It was a COMPLETE gut/remodel job. 3.)  We did a lot of the work ourselves, and 4.)  It is their cabin, and they are busy as well, so it was easy to not always make first … Continue Reading »


Alright, I gave you a sneak peek earlier but I have given our bedroom a face lift and haven’t shown it in awhile.  I also haven’t done it as a complete before and after to show you how far it has really come. I have fallen into the navy craze along with a lot of the blog world, and thought the bedroom would be a great place to pull it in.  It’s brought a little bit more of a masculine feel to our … Continue Reading »


When Ryan told me that he was going to have to work Mother’s day weekend and wanted to head up to the cabin the weekend after, naturally my mind began to wander as to what project I wanted to tackle.  I love working on projects while he is gone, because he tends to get a little “aggitated” when I’m working on them with him around.  It’s just best if he comes home and sees the finished project if you know what I mean:) … Continue Reading »


This week, I about had it with the cold, but I’m sure that’s no new news for anyone.  But….it made me antsy to do a project.  I tried to get the hubs on board to no avail.  He told me the man cave is next, to which I simply replied, but that can’t happen til the weather warms up, let tackle something inside!:) Nope.  Didn’t budge. So, I pulled out the air nailer, compressor and hose and decided to work on a project … Continue Reading »


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a house project on the blog, and this project has actually been done for awhile now.  But I’m going to let you in on a little secret for all of the people that think my house is spotless all the time.  Boy do I have you fooled.  I haven’t posted this blog for the last month cause that means that I would have to have every room upstairs cleaned AT THE SAME TIME!  No, I do not … Continue Reading »


When Ry announces that he is going to go on a hunting trip for the weekend, my mind immediately starts racing.  I start thinking about what project I want to get done.  Quite honestly, its usually easiest to work on these projects when he is away.  1.) We can have cereal for every meal  2.) I don’t have to clean up the house 3.) I don’t have someone watching over my shoulder.  Ideal time:)  So the last trip he took I took full … Continue Reading »


Well, if you follow me on instagram @prvbsthirtyonegirl, many of you have noticed something a bit different in my kitchen.  And have asked about it.  Well, I’m FINALLY getting to put a blog up about the DIY subway tile backsplash I did on a whim a couple of weeks ago:)  I knew I wanted the classic subway tile ever since we moved here.  Honestly I wanted it in our last house as well, but that was a bit before my full fledge DIY … Continue Reading »

Slow Going….

Okay, I know ever since the move my blog has kinda taken second fiddle.  It’s not even that I don’t have the time to do it….It’s just that I have been kinda burnt out.  But….here’s the good news:) Well for me… We are heading to Florida for a week to get some rest, relaxation, sun, burns, good food, yadda yadda.  I am so looking foward to a week away where I can do minimal cooking and cleaning!!  Even though we have been having … Continue Reading »

A Sheet Rockin Party

Things have changed a bit in our house, and I have to tell you…it’s getting for the better:)  It seems like my mood shifts so much these days, especially with the cooler weather!  I can’t help but think about cooking soups and baking cookies in my “non-existent” kitchen.  Or curl up with my latest Better Homes and Gardens by the fire.  But, after a small pity party that I try to keep to myself, I think, wow…I am so excited to see how … Continue Reading »

Dressser Turned Vanity

While our house is under demolition, I decided that it would be good for me to work on a few things that I can do.  Like painting.  My first project??  Painting a $5 dresser I scored at a garage sale a couple of months back.  I had been inspired by a friend who had turned her dresser into a vanity, and then started to see a lot of “different” furniture pieces being used as vanities.  I loved the vessel sinks that people were … Continue Reading »

Master Bedroom

So, when we first saw the picture of this house that was going up for auction, my first thought was yay!!  It’s got character and shape, something I can work with….minus the bats!  But I also remember seeing this cute dormer coming off of the roofline and wondering what fun little nook or cranny that was in.  Please forgive the quality of the photo.  I took it on the 90% humidity with 100 degree temps, crazy how that affected it!! After going to … Continue Reading »

Slowly But Surely…

First of all I want to introduce you to some cute little friends we have encountered throughout this process… awwww, isn’t he cute?? Yep, it’s true.  We ran into a bit of a bat infestation.  Ryan opened up the attic above the kids rooms to run wires and found himself shin high in bat poop and urine.  ISH!!  Him and his two buddies (thanks a millions Jeff and Andy!!) spent a whole day shoveling 10 inch piles of bat poop out of the … Continue Reading »