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My $6 Find

I had the handy hubby turn a dresser into a vanity when we moved into the house.  I had been loving taking regular furniture and incorporating it into a bathroom.  It makes it seem a little less “bathroom-y?” if that’s even a word:) Anyway, it ended up looking like this.. At the time I was deciding between a drop in sink and a vessel sink.  I think I ended up going with the vessel sink just because it was different.  I’ve never had … Continue Reading »

A Couple of Great Auction Buys!

So this last weekend we went to a real estate auction.  I have mentioned before how you can get some really great deals at auctions…but this was actually my first auction I personally bought something at!  It is quite a rush, let me tell you!  I came away with a few little treasures:) The first item was these cute little antique glasses.  I love the pedestal bottom with the cute!  I won them for a whopping price of $2.00!! The next item … Continue Reading »

My First Exciting Purchase of the Season!

Okay, so I promised that today I would reveal my first exciting new purchase of the garage sale season.  I must clarify though, it really wasn’t my find to have.  One of my good friends’ husband is an auctioneer.  She works all of his auctions and gets to see all of the fun items that come and go.  She also gets to bid on items when no one else is bidding, which can give her some steals of a deal!  This item she … Continue Reading »