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Ahhhh!!!! I can’t even believe I am typing this post, because this post means that we are DONE with our addition!  And by done, I mean there are still projects to do this summer with outdoor work and some random different things, but visually, 99% of everything looks complete. You may have noticed I haven’t posted much since we’ve been working on this addition.  And honestly most of it has been because I just haven’t had a spare minute.  It’s so much quicker … Continue Reading »


Well, I am now a month late, but I thought I’d officially share our news that Ruby Sue made it safely into our family on February 23rd:)  She came fast I tell you…a little too fast for this momma!  I always thought that when people said their deliveries were so fast it was a good thing.  NOT. SO.   I mean, yay for no 24 hour laboring…but holy moly the intenseness is just that.  INTENSE! I went from my contractions being 6 minutes … Continue Reading »


As we just wrapped up our last Whimsy Green sale of the year, I can’t help but marvel at what the Lord has taken as a hobby and turned into a full fledged business, and what we love to think as also a ministry.  A lot of people ask how Whimsy Green came to be, and we keep scratching out heads trying to figure out how it has evolved into what it has, so I thought I would share our story with you … Continue Reading »


I can’t even believe I’m blogging the night before our big Whimsy sale.  Usually we are working until 11:00 in the barn and scrambling to get everything done.  Amazingly, we have put the whole shop together in 24 hours this sale.  I don’t even know how that’s possible, if you saw the before and after you would think it’s impossible as well.  Needless to say, I’m excited to have a few minutes to sit down and blog my fall tour.  I snapped some … Continue Reading »


I’ve been up to a few changes around here.  And I’ve had them done for awhile, I just haven’t shared them yet.  Why? You ask?  Welp, mostly because that requires me to have a clean kitchen, long enough to snap photos, and get them uploaded and on the the blog.  A task that has proven quite hard these last few months with a crawling babe around:) There you have it . True life.  My kitchen is not always spotless.  “gasp” But, I finally … Continue Reading »


So I’m a few days late on the winner of the giveaway, but for good reason.  This week I had the opportunity to go back to my alma mater and speak at chapel at the University of Northwestern, St. Paul.  Although I am not a public speaker (I like my platform from behind the computer) I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to speak to these kids that reminded me so much of myself 10 years ago.  Wow! That makes me sound old.  But … Continue Reading »


I know there are a lot of new readers out there who hear me talk about Whimsy Green and aren’t exactly sure what I’m talking about.  I thought I’d use this post to explain what Whimsy is, how it came into existence, and the amazing sale we had this last week! When we first moved into the current house we are living in, I had a lot of furniture that didn’t fit the spaces well.  As well as a lot of decor that … Continue Reading »


A couple of months ago I got an email from the sweet lady who owned this house before us.  In it she sent a picture of a postcard she had that had a picture of our house on it from…wait for it…the year 1909.  A whopping 105 years ago.  It was amazing to see that our house has been a home for people for so long, and fun to think about the changes this house has seen.  It’s actually quite amazing how similiar … Continue Reading »


The other day Tate got a fun new toy from his dad’s work party.  It came with mini screwdrivers and wrenches.  Now that he has these fun tools he thought it would be fun to take stuff apart and his dad assured me that it was good for him.  This is how he learns.  So when he asked if he could take his clock apart (Pottery Barn mind you) his dad said, let him….we’ll put it back together.  Well, we should’ve known after … Continue Reading »

Updated Captains Chairs

So, I’ve been re-working our dining room the last month or so, and it started off with switching the lights out, and then adding a chalkboard wall, and now it’s onto some chairs.  I have been wanting to get rid of the black chairs for awhile now, but chairs are so expensive…so they’ve stayed. I was staying a week at my parents house in Wisconsin and my mom and I were thrifting (surprise!) one day and came across these beaut’s at the Goodwill. Do … Continue Reading »

Projects and a winner…

When Whimsy ends I always get some extra motivation to start working on projects at more house again.  It gets a bit neglected and then I try to give it some extra special loving:)  So, I have been busy busy busy working on things… and I am so excited. Ry can’t believe how often this house changes, but to me, I’m seeing it come alive.   These were some of the visions I had for this house since the day we bought it … Continue Reading »

Felt Food Fun!

A girl contacted me the other day and asked if she dropped off some felt food that she makes, would I be willing to show it on the blog.  I thought Kynlee would love the felt food and thought, sure, I can do that.  Little did I know what I was in for:) First of all I was so impressed with her adorable packaging…. I loved the paper boxes and cute tags.. and what was inside was even better!! I loved the bag … Continue Reading »


When we moved into the pop up for the summer 2 years ago, I had so many people tell me about Pinterest and how much I would love it.  Unfortunately we didn’t have internet, so I always smiled and said thanks, I’ll have to look into it:)  In the back of my mind I was thinking, I already have too much to do/look at, do I really want to add one more thing to my life?? Well, eventually I did. oops. Actually, surprisingly, … Continue Reading »

Board and Batten

Ryan took off a couple of weekends ago to go fishing up north with a couple of the nephews.  When he’s away I always think it’s a great time to do a project:)  The house can be a mess and it’s no big deal:)  So the project I decied to tackle??  Board and batten in the entry way.  I have read a thousand posts of people that diy’d their own board and batten, and it looked manageable.  I took my measurements and figured … Continue Reading »


I stumbled across this verse the other day on another sweet blog of a family who just lost their 5 months old to brain damage caused in utero.  If you want to read their story, you can find it here. I found it quite interesting that throughout our whole journey I had never come across this verse.  I had read lots of books, blogs, and God’s word and although I found exactly what I needed when I needed it, this verse was not … Continue Reading »

Sense of Humor

The last week I was starting to get depressed.  The arctic freeze got to me.  I have projects to do and a few pounds to work off.  I want to dig in the dirt, use power tools, paint in the shed…..not to mention not have my lips crack every time I smile and my fingers go numb every time I walk outside the door.  But alas, we live in Minnesota.  That’s what we ask for.  But then this morning I wake up and … Continue Reading »

Calling All Downton Fans!

Is anyone else in love with this show as I am??? I can’t figure out if it’s the era I’m in love with… or the clothes… or the character.. or the magical castle setting… or the idea that people actually lived like that. But, Yes, there is a bit of scandal and drama, no doubt about that, but for the most part it is quite clean and entertaining.  It is a PBS show after all:) Does anyone else like to google search … Continue Reading »

My Favorite Slip

I told you I’ve been having fun working on projects around the house, and this last week was one of my favorites.  Not to actually do, mind you, but the finished product. Brenda, at Little Red Hen, another occasional shop in town that we love, knew I slipped furniture.  She had come across two wingback chairs that needed a little update, and asked if I’d be interested.  Of course I snagged them right up after seeing what great shape they were in!  But … Continue Reading »


6 Years ago today I was getting my hair all done up, perfecting my make-up, and putting on a beautiful white dress to walk down the aisle to my life long partner, Ryan.  I can honestly say that never in a million years did I think that we would be celebrating our 6 year anniversary in a church, for a wake for one of our little girls. None of us have a magic crystal ball that we can look into and see the … Continue Reading »

Follow me on Facebook

Since I can’t upload photos from my phone I created a Facebook  page that you can follow me on.  I’ll post updates and photos of Juliet on there as well as my blog post.  If we don’t “know” welch other personally, please like my proverbs31 Facebook page as I have been a bit overwhelmed with friend requests on my personal page.  I am soon grateful for all of you and want you be able to continue this journey with us and this will … Continue Reading »