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This past weekend we had our first ever Whimsy Green trunk show.  We packed up two mini vans, one trailer, and 9 kids, to our hometown of Mosinee, Wisconsin.  My parents graciously allowed us to set up in their garage…which I might add practically looks better than my living room! ha!  They recently built a new house that I am blogging about next! Their garage is dry walled, painted, and trimmed out.  It was a bit of a different aesthetic than our wood barn … Continue Reading »


As we just wrapped up our last Whimsy Green sale of the year, I can’t help but marvel at what the Lord has taken as a hobby and turned into a full fledged business, and what we love to think as also a ministry.  A lot of people ask how Whimsy Green came to be, and we keep scratching out heads trying to figure out how it has evolved into what it has, so I thought I would share our story with you … Continue Reading »


I feel like I have been non-existent this last month.  Well, not really non-existent, maybe more just home bound.  The fact of the matter is we have only 5 weeks turn around from our fall Whimsy Green sale to our Christmas sale, which is our biggest sale of the year.  And our customers are so amazing that we sold out of almost everything, which means we have to start completely over and create our biggest inventory all within 4 weeks.  So with that … Continue Reading »


After making my DIY window boxes, I thought it would be fun to make some wood box/crates for Whimsy.  I’m always looking for an easy centerpiece to sit on my dining room table that I can set on and set off without moving a bunch of stuff and thought this would be the ticket.  A longer box that I could fill with different things seasonally.  But as I started thinking of summer I thought it would be fun to have them also serve … Continue Reading »


So the other day I was perusing through Menards like I so often do, grabbing my weekly supply of paint, stain, glue, nails, you know…every girls accessories, and I came across a major score!  Now that the outdoor department is open, I just had to see if they had any fun shrubs or trees that needed to be planted in my yard:)  You probably don’t know this but my mom is a major green thumb.  She know just about everything there is to … Continue Reading »


I was perusing Pinterest the other day looking for some inspiration and came across these little cuties…. source The only problem is that these little puppies will run you $148. I’m assuming that’s for both for, but the website is quite unclear on that.  Thankfully it does include the feather insert, but still…it’s ridiculous. So, I thought I’d try to recreate my own pillow like this.  I pinned it originally for a Whimsy Green idea, but loved it so much I may just … Continue Reading »


OH.MY.GOODNESS. We are so excited!!!  We just got done prepping and crafting, moving and primping, filling and stuffing, EVERY CRACK OF THE BARN!  And we have SO MUCH STUFF!  We are so excited to see you all this Saturday and we are so excited to be able to have everything ready that we can show you a preview before the sale so you can know what to expect. There are a few changes we are making this sale. 1.)  We are only open … Continue Reading »


Well, Whimsy week has come and gone, and I’m quite a bit behind these days.  But some of the rooms turned out so cute that I just couldn’t help but share. Our front room was an office….and yes, that is my desk there:(  Ry just didnt’ quite like the no function of a desk without drawers, but I loved her.  She would make an awesome crafting table as well… This was one of my favorite rooms. during the day we opened up the … Continue Reading »


Every change of season I pull out my seasonal bins and start decorating there.  Inevitably there are always a few things that I no longer like or that have passed their prime.  So after I use what I have I go around each room and try to figure out a way to make (cheaply) the rest.  That and maybe a Home Goods run usually finish it off;) So this year since I started with some different pillows, my last year pillows no longer … Continue Reading »

Whimsy Week!

If you noticed last week there were no blog posts. for.good.reason. I don’t think I sat down from Tuesday morning til Sunday night, except to eat an occasional meal:) This sale was kind of fun because we snapped pics of the shop from Tuesday when we first start the decorating process, to Saturday, an hour after we close up shop.  Be prepared…we all work very well under pressure:) Here’s the shop Tuesday night when my mom and sister come with a big load … Continue Reading »

Egg Crate

Sometimes I like to shop Whimsy.  I love to see what all of my sisters bring, and they bring some really cool stuff.  This last sale I bought a few things, but my favorite purchase was my egg crate that my sister Mel had made. I put it under the island in my kitchen.  Here’s the picture of before… and after… I tweaked it a bit to make it fit my home, just by staining it with Minwax Weathered Oak. and I added some … Continue Reading »

Whimsy Green

Okay, so sorry for being gone from my blog for so long…I hate when that happens.  But, sometimes life just gets a little too crazy and something’s gotta give.  Since I ususally choose for it to not be my children or the hubby (although that sometimes happens) this time it ended up being my blog.  For good reason though. We had our first Whimsy Green sale of the year, and it was a huge success!  We are so humbled EVERY TIME by the … Continue Reading »

A Quick Before & After

Just thought I’d share another mini project I did a couple of nights ago for Whimsy. My mother-in-law found this bench at a garage sale last year and I never got to it. It had great bones, was in great shape, and full of potential. I finally got to her and dressed her up a bit:) White slips are so classic.  This would be a cute little bench at the end of a bed, or in an entry or reading nook. I did … Continue Reading »

Whimsy Projects

For those of you who are new to the blog, I just thought I’d quick fill you in on the little side business my sisters and I started a year ago.  It all started when I had quite a bit of furniture from the other house that just wasn’t going to work in our current house…and I didn’t want to just give it away. ( I needed funds for some new things:)  So, my friend said to me, you should have a barn … Continue Reading »


Little Juliet Faith is a stubborn one, just like her daddy….. possibly just a little like her momma:) Either way, she decided she didn’t want to grace us with her presence yet, and to tell you the truth I still enjoy feeling the kicks inside of me, although I’m getting a bit anxious to see how this story plays out that the Lord has written for us.  I can not stress enough how crazy it is that there is just no answers, no … Continue Reading »

Whimsy Photos & a Guest House Update

Well Whimsy sale #2 has come and gone and it was a great success!  Thanks to all of you:)  We absolutely loved our new hours..taking Friday off and closing up shop at 3, and were able to re-craft and recreate on Friday to re-do the shop for Saturday and give it a fresh new look for you all who couldn’t make it out Thursday morning.  We do realize that some of you actually have leave the home jobs:) that makes it a bit … Continue Reading »

The Aftermath of Whimsy Green…

Well, I must admit that I thought the store looked quite fabulous.  And as it was fun to see peoples reactions, I had a lot of friends and family come out to see our house as well.  Our house….well not so fabulous.  Most of my time and energy as of late had been going into Whimsy Green, as well as my furniture:)  I knew I wanted to sell a lot of my chairs, because they were just “working” until we could afford new … Continue Reading »

Opening Day…Whimsy Green!!!

Wow!! What an amazing weekend….and exhausting:)  We had our first ever occasional sale in the big red barn and it was a great success!!  Thank you so much for everyone who came to support us.  It was so fun to see your faces walk through the door.  And the new people that we got to meet, from blog followers to neighbors, to facebook fans:)  We feel truly blessed.  And a huge shout out to all of my college girls that traveled a long … Continue Reading »

A Sneak Peak…

Alright, we are t-minus 8 days until the opening day of our new occasional shop, Whimsy Green, and we are so excited!!! Today we are going to show you a very tiny little sampling of some of the things that will be in there store.  I say very little…because we have so much stuff that is still in garages, tubs, Wisconsin, everywhere..that we couldn’t shoot.  And because the barn wasn’t quite ready to put everything into yet so we just set up a … Continue Reading »

My Latest…

So, I’ve been in a bit of a frantic, crafting, fixing, painting, creating mood lately.  More so because I am starting to hear some awesome feedback from people excited to check out Whimsy Green…Yay!!  Thank you so much for your support, and we really hope we don’t disappoint!!  We are trying to pack the barn full with all sorts of goodies!   One that I was working on might not quite make it to the barn.  I hate that when that happens.  I kinda  … Continue Reading »