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Up & Running!

Okay, it’s kind of official:)  I’ve been dinking around on you tube and facebook for the last couple of hours trying to create a Whimsy Green page..that I think was successful?!?  I just can’t figure out how to link it up on my blog:) But….if you are interested in seeing information about our upcoming occasional sale that will be in less than a month (ahhh!!!) and some fun pictures (soon to come) about a few things that we have been working on and … Continue Reading »

A New Endeavor!!

Alright, before I left for Florida I told you we had a few fun things in the mix.  One of them was the guest house that I already shared and hasn’t really changed since….all in good time.  The second one though I am so excited for!!! I have had numerous people in my life tell me that I should paint/sew/decorate/craft for a living.  My response has always been HA!  First of all, I am my own toughest critic and hate doing it for … Continue Reading »


I’m writing a quick blog to ask for your patience and maybe a little bit of help:)  As of this far I have googled, you tubed, and blindlessly walked my way through creating this blog myself.  I am not 100% happy with the design or layout options, but I realized I cannot read html.  I am limited and I have a whole new appreciation for those computer geniuses:)  Also, I have a blog that I am already putting some time into and don’t … Continue Reading »