Guest House Remodel

Well, we have still been feverishly working on the guest house.  Okay, maybe not feverishly…but Ry’s been going to town.  I must say, I’ve been quite impressed with his abilities, he never ceases to amaze me!  His dad actually came and trimmed out all of the windows for us and we were going to wait for him to do the baseboard and door as well, but Ry decided to go for it.  And it turned out great!  So, we have it painted, the floor mostly in, and trimmed out.  If I didn’t have some crazy requests we could be moving in furniture right now.  Silly allie:)

So, here’s how it started….

as a single garage stall.

It then went to this…

raised ceilings, drywall, and a window in place of a garage door, yay!

and now it’s looking like this….

oooh…ahhh:)  As you can see the walls are painted and the floors are in.  We actually scored these floors from our friends that bought a house and had 4 different types of flooring on their main level.  These were quite cool but since they didn’t match anything else, they wanted to get rid of them…for free.  Lucky us!  Thanks Pollios:)  Their living room was 11×18 and our guest house is 11×17 so we were pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to do quite all of it since there was some waste in cutting and pulling them out.  I’ll show you how we solved that problem in a bit.

Here’s Ry hard at work.  You would be happy to know I did all of the measuring and cutting, behind the scenes:)

okay, again here’s the before….


and after…

That’s the little electric fireplace I got for $40.  I painted it the color of the walls to try to get it to blend in a little bit since it’s quite little.  Ry is also going to build me a bigger base for it to sit on so it make sit look a  little bit grander.  It will really just raise it up about another 10 inches and out about another 3.  Here you can also see how we solved our flooring shortage.  We have about  a 4×5 foot space in front of the door that we are going to tile.  It actually works out quite nicely since I’m sure there will be wet shoes in the winter.  And I already have a rug for there so you won’t really  even notice.

And here’s the heater Ryan put in and the picture window we added.  I got the inspiration for this room from The Lettered Cottage’s reading room.  I loved the look of it with the board and batten wood treatment.  So that is the next plan, and Ryan actually started it for me the other night.  I’m hoping to finish it soon.  We trimmed out the ceiling with 1×3’s and now we have to add the vertical boards.

I also loved her paint colors and copied those as well.  I have never painted a ceiling before but am in love with this Sea Salt color by Sherwin Williams.  It’s amazing how it softens everything up!

I just went to the home depot and told them the name and they could look up the color on their computer.  It’s good to know when you don’t have the actual paint swatch, most colors are in the computer as long as you know the name and maker.

On the walls is Benjamin Moore’s Moonlight White.  It’s a nice soft creamy white color.

So, that’s it for now.  We just grouted the tile last night so I’ll show you that soon, and hopefully we’ll be able to clear out the saws and bring in a bed.  We are still looking for a queen box spring if anyone has one in their garage they need to get rid of;)

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  2. Susan Howard says:

    Love it…cant wait for u to finish & decorate it ~~

  3. It looks amazing! Well done…

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