Master Bedroom

So, when we first saw the picture of this house that was going up for auction, my first thought was yay!!  It’s got character and shape, something I can work with….minus the bats!  But I also remember seeing this cute dormer coming off of the roofline and wondering what fun little nook or cranny that was in. 

Please forgive the quality of the photo.  I took it on the 90% humidity with 100 degree temps, crazy how that affected it!!

After going to look at the house a couple of times I forgot about this dormer until after we had purchased the house and realized, that dormer is nowhere to be found!  It was a false dormer purely for asthetic looks for the outside of the house!  Well that was not going to fly with this girl, and thankfully my hubby was on board on opening that sucker and bringing more light (and character) into our bedroom.   So, we have finally opened up the dormer!! And raised our ceilings, so here are th pictures of what she looks like before….

Lots of paneling, lime green carpet, and a big ole closet right when you walk in.

Also the ceilings were super low.  The lowest ones in the house.  Boy did we change that!

So, after lots of demo and lots of sweat, we managed to come up with this…

Don’t mind the huge mess, but the ceilings are higher and we added lots and lots of insulation in the roofline.

Ta da…there’s the hidden dormer!  The window is almost a whole window length above the rest, so it’s going to be more of a skylight, but with no windows on that side it really did lighten it up in there!  Notice the old roofline?? Gotta love those shake style shingles.  The wall will go straight up on that side but I think we are going to add a couple of built-in cabinets to store off-season clothes. 

Our other plan is to add a double closet the whole length of the room on the side with the yellow insulation in the roof.  We got some fun doors to do double door openings, one for our washer and dryer, and the other for our closet.  Nothing grand, but we just didn’t want to cut out a huge square from the room again once we had it opened up.  So again, stay tuned.  Next week I’ll show you the vanity I’ve been working on and am super excited about!! 

Happy Friday everyone!!

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  1. Sarah P says:

    I think this will be my favorite room in the house~ well, it’s a toss up between the master and the kitchen! Ill get back to you on that! :) Looks great Lady!!

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