My $6 Find

I had the handy hubby turn a dresser into a vanity when we moved into the house.  I had been loving taking regular furniture and incorporating it into a bathroom.  It makes it seem a little less “bathroom-y?” if that’s even a word:) Anyway, it ended up looking like this..


At the time I was deciding between a drop in sink and a vessel sink.  I think I ended up going with the vessel sink just because it was different.  I’ve never had one before.  By the time we ended up putting it all together the very practical Ryan says, “well good, the kids will be able to brush their teeth by themselves when they are 16.”  Ha!  He was partially right.  The sucker was tall!

So since then I had been on the lookout for the perfect little stool.  This is where I say to the people that think a room can come together over night…IT TAKES TIME.  I had been on the look out for a year for the perfect little stool.

I almost settled and just bought a target one like this…


and it would have gotten the job done, but it just didn’t have much for character.

So the day I was at the occasional shops I came across this lil cutie for the shocking price of $6!!!



The bath wasn’t painted on top and distressed, I added that later, but the shape and color was perfect!


She’s got great legs:)  Nice and feminine.  I’m a bit jealous over here…


and the natural color wood warms it up just a bit.


So the kiddos can finally brush their teeth by themselves.

Mission accomplished.  Sorry honey that it took a year!

So keep your eyes out for cute little stools.  It’s amazing how a little stencil on top really dresses it up and makes it an original.

And the best part is when you find them cheap.   I eat $6 all the time at chipotle for a burrito:) This $6 will last  a little longer!


I found one for even cheaper that’s a perfect fit for the downstairs bathroom, but that room is getting some “tweaking” done, so I’ll show you it in a bit:)

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11 Responses to My $6 Find

  1. Absolutely LOVE your dresser-turned-vanity! You inspired me to diy one for my own bathroom space and blog about it. Thanks for the inspiration! You have an amazing website and an even more beautiful house!

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  3. Dria @ Dio says:

    That is adorable I love it!! Your bathroom looks amazing as well, I love your style, your kitchen is one of the prettiest kitchens I’ve ever seen!!

  4. Megandvd says:

    I adore — simply adore your style. I have recently been gawking and stalking you and just had to comment after this post bc my dear — you can find SUCH a bargain. I also would like to say on a more personal note how the story of you with your daughter completely whispered something to my soul. I stayed up late the other night and could not let myself stop following you on your journey. The love you have for your children is epic. After completion of your story, I found myself sneaking into my son’s room and kissing him forever..then tip-toeing into my baby girl’s room and sleeping beside her crib with my hand touching her. You made me a better mom. For that — I am eternally grateful.


    • allie says:

      Aww Megan, you just made me cry. Thank you thank you thank you for that comment. <3<3

      • allie says:

        :) Just stalked you and found out your name isn’t megan:) Sorry for that!

        • Megandvd says:

          You can stalk me ANY time. :) Haha. I have had the alias MeganDVD since I was 10 and was 1st allowed on the internet — and it just stuck. Just saying I have an “alias” makes me sound so mysterious..maybe that is the real reason I keep it. :)


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