We went into the dr. last week for another ultrasound.  The first ultrasound all looked well, but little peanut wasn’t’ cooperating and they couldn’t get a good measurement on his/her legs.  At first when I heard this, I was so bummed.  Immediately my mind thought something more was wrong, why would they need another ultrasound?? After being reassured by my doctor and a few other doctor friends, I felt a bit better about it and was actually excited to be able to see our little peanut again.  So we went in last week when I was 27 weeks along and got to see little sweet pea.  I’ll tell you, it was SO HARD to not find out the sex!! If the hubby wasn’t there I think it may just have slipped out.  *wink *wink.

So here’s a sweet little profile shot of babe…


and a picture of the sweet little foot and arm that all checked out well!


And we even got a little video of peanut sucking on it’s arm…

As for the rest of the pregnancy, everything has been going great.  I’ve been craving everything sweet…like in a crazy bad way!  haha…poor kid will come out on a sugar high, have gained 16 lbs so far, and have been taking advantage of my sleep knowing it will be short lived soon!  We’ve so been enjoying this beautiful weather and it has helped to get me moving and motivated a bit more.  I have lots of fun projects to show you soon, AND…Ry started the man cave last week.  He’s turning an old grainery into his man haven.  He’s being a good sport and allowing me to insert *a few* suggestions along the way, and I’m hoping to help out in the “masculine decorating” in there as well.  We’ll see how much he trusts me;)  I’ll tell you one thing, I know this place will be practical, and I might only get to add 2 throw pillows;):)  Either way, I’m super excited for him to have his space!

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