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The most recent project we tackled on this house that is soon to be not ours anymore *sniff sniff* :)  was the outside.  I repainted the whole house, with help from my mom and sister with I was 8 1/2 months preggers with Kynlee.  That nesting thing…it really is true:)  Then last summer my mom came up and helped us landscape.  She’s a true master gardener…yay us:)  But my favorite spot that we created was actually with the help of Nagel Landscaping.  He does amazing work with landscaping, but since my mom was free we used her.  What she can’t do though is stamped concrete patios:)  That’s where Brandon Nagel worked some magic.  I wish I had a before pic, but unfortunately I don’t.  If I can paint the picture though, the old owners used to have a big gazebo and hot tub in the backyard.  They took it with them when they moved so a big dirt spot was left.  Since we also put in the patio door while we were here all we had was a make shift step that Ry built in 5 minutes…needless to say it was functional but not pretty!

Here’s what we have today!

We are still working on the grass, but the patio has created such a cozy outdoor living space!

My favorite part is the grilling nook and this awesome outdoor light my mother-in-law found at a garage sale for 10 bucks!

But I also love these cute stepping stones Brandon made out of the leftover concrete!  They especially look cute when the black-eyed susans are in full bloom and the hostas are fully out!

My hubby found some awesome rocks, big and small to place for decorations and walkways.

So this is where you’ll find us most nice nights, eating and relaxing on our back patio.  At least for the next month:)  So if you are thinking of updating your backyard living space, seriously consider Nagel Landscaping and tell them Allie sent you:)

I’ll show you the rest of the landscaping next time…I love this time of year when everything is growing like crazy!!

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  1. Nicole C says:

    LOVE it!! :) looks so great.

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