The Art of Cookie Making

I love sweets, they get me through the day.  I do not claim to be a health nut in any sense, although sometimes I think I should take it a little more seriously…someday.  Anyway, one of my favorite things to do is make cookies.  I love the smell that it emits in the house, I love how delicious they are coming out of the oven, and I love the process.  So, here is Allie’s steps to make delicious cookies.

1.)  First–you need to round up a little bit of help!  Professionals work best:)

These will do for today.

2.)  Make it easy!  Especially when you are working with such qualified help!

I love using cake mixes, they make delicious cookies!  The recipe is usually on the side,  a 1/3 cup oil and 2 eggs…doesn’t get much easier than that!

3.)  Stirring/mixing..many people take this for granted, but this is where you add in the extra love:)

See what I mean…lots of love!

4.)  Into the oven they go!

So easy, just smoosh down with a floured cup.

5.)  Make it festive and fun, especially around holidays!  What a great way to include the kids.  Although I do suggest the adults spread the frosting, a little less messy that way!


6.)  The reward…

Happy face #1

Happy face #2

and happy face # 3

Plus…you get a cute decoration for a couple of days…or hours…or however long they last in your house:)

The final product, with lots of love!!

Okay, on a serious note, I really do like to bake homemade cookies…but with kids these are the perfect option.  I think it’s great to get kids in the kitchen at a young age and start teaching them, they are really life skills that they will use for a long time, even if right now it is only dumping the oil or flour:)  They will progress, and they love doing it!! So, set aside your clean kitchen and welcome the mess!  Sometimes the process is just as good as the end result:)


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5 Responses to The Art of Cookie Making

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  2. Gramma Borky says:

    All the neighborhood kids are going to want to come to your house to make cookies……easy…….but so fun! What a good mom you are!!!

  3. nicole says:

    Love the blog today Allie :) super cute! I have never made cookies using cake batter! Excited to try!

  4. jonelle says:

    yummy fun! but who is the extra lil girl????

    • allie says:

      You didn’t know??? She’s been hiding in the closet all these years:) No, I watch a little sweetie 2 days a week, so she’s kinda part of the family!

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