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The much anticipated and needed weekend arrived and flew by like I knew it would, but yet left me feeling so refreshed, in love, and glad to be a mom!  It’s interesting sometimes how I can get hung up on the fact that I rarely get away, or get a break from my kids…sometimes I even have a pity party for myself, and then when I do, I realize that the grass is not always greener on the other side!  First of all I love my kids with all my heart, and very seldom need a break from them, I more so just desire some time to keep that Allie part of me alive, remembering who I was and what I love besides my beautiful children.  When I do get a break though, Ry and I both found ourselves wondering what our kids were doing, missing their smiles in the morning and their goofiness at night.  It was especially a little bit harder this weekend because after a call home Friday night we found out they were both sick, sorry Grandma and Grandpa!!  Needless to say we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and were able to get that quality time that we so needed.  We just came away from the weekend thinking that it is not a bad thing to be with your kids all the time, life really is great with them:)

As for Ry and I, I will share a little of our weekend, first of all when we arrived up north the temperature was -10 degrees (have I mentioned I don’t like the cold??) and since my husband is an HVAC man the cabin is equipped with a furnace and central air:)  Yay hubby!! But, with temperatures like that it took 3 hours before it reached 60 degrees in the cabin.  While Ry was unloading I quickly found the heating blanket–never used one in my life but fell in love with it!–and stayed perfectly still as to not let out any more cold air from the couch.  It eventually did warm up and we went out to do a little snowmobiling.

I realized fairly quickly that my snow gear did not protect on up to -30 degree wind chills, luckily my husband brought 3 of everything:)

My studly man

So we spent our days snowmobiling, the first day I last 45 min, after getting stuck 5 times and my fingers and toes about to fall off, and then the next day wearing Ry’s gear we snowmobiled about 75  miles.  I must admit, I am not a big outdoors person, but it was beautiful and a great way to connect with my hubby, something I realized I have to put effort into as well.  At night we would go back and cozy up watching a movie and eating snacks in their little cabin.  Here’s some pictures of the little treasure.

The living room.  The cabin just got electricity in the fall of last year, and this is only the 2nd year of working on it.  Considering it is 5 hours away, they have gotten a lot done and it looks great.  Some of the projects yet to come are flooring, tongue and groove on the ceiling, and finishing trim.  So cozy though already!!

The loft up top has 6 twin beds, so it can hold a lot of grand kids when we do big family get-togethers up north!

The antler chandelier was an awesome find by my mother-in-law at a garage sale, perfect for the cabin.

My father-in-laws antelope he shot in Wyoming charms the walls:)

A cozy bedroom for two makes it a great little getaway!

And a kitchen that is lacking cupboards but has a full size refrigerator and stove, perfect for cooking a pizza at night:)

So thank you to all of you who wished us a happy getaway.  It is amazing to be able to getaway and reflect on your marriage and put time into it as well.  I pray that you can all make some time to do it for yourselves…I may know of a cute little cabin in the woods that’s available:)

One more thing I have to say is that my handsome husband turns 29 today!! Happy birthday babe!  I’m so thankful that God graced you on this earth so that I could someday find you and make my life with you, it is an amazing one.  Through thick and thin, side by side we’ll travel together!!  Love you!!

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2 Responses to The Cabin

  1. Jaselyn Utecht says:

    allie, it looks so great! love the red tables!! would ryan die for that antler chandelier over your dining room table!!lol!!glad you 2 got away and are refreshed w/ eachother and in Him!

  2. Can we come up to the little cabin in the woods! Looks amazing!

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