Yet another….Chalkboard Project!

Well, if you know me at all you know that I love chalkboard paint.  What’s not to love.  It’s cheap, makes a big statement, and you can decorate it differently year round.  I bet your wondering, where in the world is she going to put it now?? or maybe not, but I’m going to show you anyway:)

I’ve always loved this picture I found on Google…


and of course that was my inspiration for the barrel shades…but it was also my inspiration for my next chalkboard project!

Remember this wall in my house???


It’s no longer white.


I know some of you may be thinking, she’s getting a little chalkboard happy….well, I am.  But…I have hopes to actually do my subway tile backsplash one of these days soon and then the chalkboard paint will be back to the “normal” category instead of the “excessive” category.

So here’s how she looks now..

Summer Chalk Art


Yep, she’s a dramatic one.

bucket list

and I love her.

Summer bucket list

I love how much fun I can have for it, how I can change it with the seasons, and how it seems to pull the whole house together…

Chalkboard Art Dining Room

Oh.  And that it was FREE!  I LOVE that it was free:)

p.s. I may or may not have painted behind the hutch….shhh

Captains Chair

If your’e wondering where the full room shot is, you’re not going to get it.  I have a few other “projects” going on in here that I’m not ready to reveal today…so I’ll keep you guessing for a couple more days!:)

But, lets just take a look again so you can vote for yourselves which one you like better…


gray hutch


summer chalk art

I am well aware some may like the first one better.  It’s a lot more clean line/sophisticated.  Two things that I am not, so I’d have to go with the fun daring one myself:)

To each their own right??


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12 Responses to Yet another….Chalkboard Project!

  1. Love it! I am about to do a chalkboard wall and I am worried about the wall texture – did you have to do something to smooth out the wall, or has it not been an issue?

    • allie says:

      It hasn’t been an issue for us. We has smooth walls though. The only texture would be coming from the paint. I have used chalkboard paint on some textured things though and it still works good. It can just be a it trickier to write on;)

  2. Erika Lee says:

    Love this! So fun. And what a great summer bucket list :)

  3. Rondell says:

    Love the chalkboard wall the best! You always inspire me!

  4. Monica T. says:

    Just curious, for your letter font and display, did you find the free ones on pinterest/online or is that just what you came up with?
    I would love to learn how to write and create displays like that :)

    • allie says:

      Usually I google images to find ideas. This one I googled summer chalk art and found one very similar. Then I tweak it to my own taste:) Once you start writing in different fonts, you pick up on it pretty easy. Thanks for the question:)

  5. Abbie says:

    Did you use regular chalk or the chalk markers/pens? It looks fabulous :0)

    • allie says:

      Thanks!:) I just use regular chalk. For the big words I write it once and then go over it a few times to make it nice and bold:)

      • Allie Gratsch says:

        Many years ago, I worked in a restaurant and we always posted our specials on a little chalkboard by the front entrance. A fellow co-worker taught me the secret to a really bright, white chalk line – dip your chalk in scalding hot water before you begin to write. (And keep re-dipping as you go along!) I promise, it makes a HUGE difference and your letters will read super bright and clear. Good luck!

  6. Love the chalkboard wall! If only I could write that beautifully with chalk.

    Mackenzie @

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