3 Weeks Blessed!

We’ve reached a day we never thought we’d see.  Actually 21 of those to be exact.  Jules is a complete miracle to us and we are falling in love with her a little more every day.

Happy 3 Weeks Birthday little girl!

Juliet got dressed up in her new outfit from Auntie Sarah to celebrate her 3 week birthday.  It’s amazing how big a (fits 5-8 lb) dress looks on a little lady:)  Looking good Jules.

The other hoodlums didn’t want to be left out…

Oh how I’m loving the stage of silly smiles:)

We were blessed by a great dinner that also came with balloons and treats for Jules’ 3 week birthday (Thanks Lisa!)  The balloons have kept the older two busy all night, and we thought we’d have a little fun with them for photos…

It started out okay…

but soon the fun wore off.

But sister insisted on one more with her.  Two pretty ladies.

In these last 3 weeks Jules has:

Beaten the odds

Touched lives

Changed our lives

Served a huge purpose


Won our hearts

I wonder what she’ll do in the next 3 weeks:)

Who are we to say that not every life matters….Our little Jule’s matters more than we’ll ever know!


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23 thoughts on “3 Weeks Blessed!”

  1. Hey Allie!
    I started reading your blog a while back for decorating ideas and then have followed your journey of Tri18. I originally was hooked on your blog b/c of your similar decorating style and we have the same name…and so do our husbands…and we both live in MN! Anyway, I just want to let you know that your sweet, beautiful blessing from above is such an inspiration. I appreciate that you are cherishing every moment and taking the time to share with the rest us out there! Thanks you and God bless <3

  2. Every time I read your posts I am so touched by the awesomeness of our God. He knew what he was doing when he chose you for Little Baby Juliet.
    Happy 3 week birthday to an amazing little lady.
    Thank you for sharing your family.

  3. Congrats on your 3 week birthday! You have grown and in the meantime everyone else has grown through you. Blessings little one! God is good!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU JULES!! You are a beautiful little girl. God has blessed my life with you – your story. God has changed my heart through you (and your family). Thank you Lord. God’s blessings to you and your wonderful family.

  5. Hi Allie,
    I found your blog a while back and love seeing what you’ve done with your house! Ryan and I have been working on our house and it’s been a lot of fun checking out all your ideas. :) A few months ago, I was looking at your blog and saw that you were pregnant (it had been a while since I had checked your blog, I guess). As I started reading your posts, I had tears streaming down my face for you and your family. Ryan was working that night and had called me and I answered the phone in tears. I told him about your story and since that night we’ve been praying for you guys. I’ve been meaning to post this since before Juliet was even born, but never did. It’s amazing to see your faith and it’s such a blessing that you and your family are getting to spend this precious time with your little one. She is absolutely darling! Thanks for keeping us updated on how things are going. You will continue to be in our prayers!

    Anne Hodge

  6. Ericka Conklin-Espe

    What a beautiful girl!! Thank you for sharing your heart, her life, and your family’s story with us. I am touched and blessed because of you.
    Ericka Conklin-Espe

  7. Blessed by your writings Allie – and touched by your family. God is using you all in great ways – you have no idea!! Well, maybe you do :) Enjoy every second of this gift…prayers continue. Birthday parties every week sound like a great idea…maybe they will catch on to the masses!!

  8. What a little blessing put on this earth for a reason and she is loving every minute of it. She is in our thoughts and prayers as are all of you. Happy Three Week Birthday…………Gail Nelson and Family

  9. Your baby is darling and a joy to see growing and surviving. God has a plan for her and she is working her blessings eveyday. Thank you for sharing her with us. Much love to your family.

  10. Kristine Benson

    What a blessing she is to you and your family. I love the pictures of her. She is truly beautiful!!! Happy birthday Jules!

  11. Awesome, absolutely Awesome! Happy Birthday and many, many more blessings to your entire family! We are all in love!

  12. i am in love with your little pumpkin and we have never met. Thank you for sharing your amazing family with all of us!! Happy birthday Jules and the rest of the family too! It is an amazing mile stone for all of you. Take Care and god bless!!

  13. Happy Happy Happy 3 weeks little lady. I look forward to your up dates everyday. It’s been fun watching the little grow each week. I love the siblings enjoying her! I am a friend of your friend Kristen, she lived in our neighborhood in Woodbury for a while. We miss them. She passed your post along to ask for prayers and since then I am hooked on your family. Thank you for sharing this story with us. Your right Jules has made a difference for all of us believers. She just made us believe what we already knew, The good Lord does great things and I believe in his handy work! Your an amazing family. Love to you all

  14. paricia carnley

    Happy Happy Birthday little Jules. You look so pretty in your new clothes and hairband. The pictures are precious. I especially like the one of all 3 of them together. Ya’ll are so truly blessed, and i’m so glad you had this day to celebrate. She’s a beautiful little girl. Thanks for sharing this day with us. God Bless you all.

  15. Your little girl and your last line is remarkable…who are we to say not every life matters?!?

    Praying God’s richest blessings on your sweet family of five!

  16. Happy 3 week Birthday little girl!!!! We are so glad you are here in our lives, even tho I have never met you or your family. Still, we love you the same!!!!

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