Sometimes I’m on Facebook and see people post interesting articles or movie clips and I just don’t want to take the time to look at them at the moment, I’m usually in a hurry.  But, if I see multiple people post the same thing, it usually gets my attention and I decide to take a peek.  The other day I saw this movie popping up everywhere..

I so encourage you to watch it, it’s only a couple of minutes long.  This stuck with me so much because of our recent trials we went through.  So many people had told us that they couldn’t have done what we did, but the truth of the matter is, we couldn’t either.  Had we not chose to praise God instead of blame Him, I’m pretty sure we would have robbed ourselves of the blessing of seeing His great power.

His power to carry you when you can not walk.

His power to love on you when you feel like you have nothing to give.

His power to send warriors to stand in the gap and lift you up when you can’t do it yourself.

His power to get you through the unthinkable…. and love Him even more.

I’m so excited to watch this movie because of the hope I believe it will bring to so many people.  The freedom that will come with it, and the healing that will happen.

So if you are dealing with anger, frustration, blame,  and the huge WHY question, I encourage you to buy your ticket now.  There is a link under the movie info on you tube to find a theater near you.  I just ordered mine and I can’t wait!


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2 thoughts on “Unstoppable”

  1. Eeeeek! So excited about this! Already made plans to see it with my small group girls!
    You couldn’t have described His power and blessings in a more perfect way!! Thank you!!

  2. Thanks Allie. I hadn’t seen anything about this yet so I’m glad you posted it. By the way, when people post things I don’t want to take the time to view right then, I “share” it to my own page and change the privacy to “only me” so it doesn’t post it to the news feed and all my “friends”. Then I can go back to my own page and read or view something when I want to. :) Great seeing you on Sunday!!!!!

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