3D Ultrasound

Well, I know many of you have been awaiting the results of our ultrasound, and honestly I wish I was more excited to share it with you:)  Not that it wasn’t good to see our little sweetie, but it’s more of a bittersweet moment than a fun one to go into something like this.  Knowing this may be the only time we get to see her kicking and hear her heartbeat again.

Unfortuntately the ultrasound didn’t go all that great.  The hard thing about 3D ultrasounds is that they can’t cut through the skin like a 2D can.  So, since my placenta was in the front part of my belly (and it always is, which makes me not feel my babes until usually around 20 weeks) it was hard to get a good image.  Double that up with a little girl whose doing a cannon ball in my belly with one leg up by her head the whole time and her arms wrapped around it:)   we didn’t get a very good shot.  It’s almost harder to make out than helpful because 3D ultrasounds look a little lumpy and unnormal, and for us, who already know our little babe may look a little different than the others, it was really hard to tell.  So, to give you those disclaimers, I’ll show you the best shots that they did get:)  On a positive note her heartbeat was strong and I’m hoping that will be a good indicator that she’ll make it through the delivery.

I thought the 2D ultrasound was easier to make out.  I know this sounds crazy but we were so excited to see that she had a nose:)  I had read in the letter from the doctor who strongly encouraged to terminate the pregnancy that she had a sunken face, and I about lost it.  Not that we still wouldn’t love her, but it’s hard for a momma to see something like that.  So she does have a cute little Lundeen nose as you can see:)  Her fists are still clenched.

Here’s a pic of the 3d.  The big blob in the way in front is my placenta…grr, and then by her nose is her leg, silly girl.  But, you can see her eyes and nose, and this also shows a bit of her cleft, if you can tell.  Super hard to make out but it’s on the right side of her mouth and goes up a bit.  I was hoping to get a better picture but I can’t complain about the price, and they were so sweet to do this for us!

I think she’s beautiful

Today’s been a hard day.  Babies are starting to arrive.  I was looking at pictures at 3:30 this morning and saw this cutie…

and really wanted to bring home another one.  So instead the kiddos and I went to the grocery store and got this…

Don’t judge:)

Thank you for the extra prayers, emails and support.  We will take it all!  We still feel so blessed but know that these next couple of weeks are going to be the beginning of a new normal for us.  And thanks to so many of our friends and family who have been very understanding of our “distance” this last month.  Sometimes it just feels good to hibernate with the fam for a bit:)


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14 thoughts on “3D Ultrasound”

  1. Cheetos work well at our house to!!
    Prayers, and thoughts are being sent your way as the “big” day aproaches. Juliet is without a doubt a “cutie”! Your right the pictures don’t do her justice; but I could definently make out her button nose. :)
    Enjoy your day with the fam & eat some cheetos for me too!

  2. I pray for you, Ryan, Juliet and the kids often. Thank you for continuing to share your heart with us. (I couldn’t really “get” the ultrasound pics, but as long as you know what is there! :) I am so encouraged to know that Juliet’s heartbeat is strong. Praying you have some precious time with her as a family after the delivery. I love you all.

  3. Allie, Ryan and kids
    Sending prayers to you all as sweet Jules is about to make an entrance into this world. I pray that all goes well and that you get to hold that precious baby . Take Care and God Bless
    Gail Nelson

  4. I am praying you find our God faithful to you once again, His grace sufficient for this Day and the days ahead in the journey of being Juliet Faith’s momma and His power made perfect in this. I love you sweet Allie
    PS some days deserve cheetos!!

  5. Thinking of you all the time lately! It is beyond hard, but you will get through it! So glad you got to spend this little special time with Jules today. Let me know if there is anything I can do!

  6. Holly (Grabow) Teclaw

    You may not remember me, but we hung out when we were younger. I am Tiffany and Ashley’s cousin. I stumbled upon this website and couldn’t believe it was yours! I have read about your family, and they are an absolutely beautiful family. I also read about Jules. I can’t imagine what you are going through. It is good to see that you have lots of support. I know that must mean a lot in a time like this. I am praying for you and your family and hope that you are allowed the most time that is possible with your baby. Maybe even a miracle will happen and she will survive longer than anyone ever expected. Nevertheless; you are a wonderful person and I can see that you are a wonderful mother and wife and you should be blessed with everying God can give you. I still have hope :)

  7. Lundeen Family,
    Our prayers for you during these next few weeks will be for God’s presence and having His loving arms wrapped right around you. I shopped one day at Whimsy for a wedding gift. Mrs. Jones told me I HAD to stop ans shop. My Mother Doris was born just down the road from your place on the John Nyman farm. That would be back in 1919. Many years ago!! I will be back to shop some more. In Jesus love,
    Don and Shirley Rick

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