A DIY and Giveaway

I was reading one of the blogs I follow, My Sweet Savannah and got a little inspiration.  She has the best DIY’s and creative ideas on turn junk into true treasures.  The other day though I saw this picture and it caught my eye…



She was doing a craft night with a bunch of friends, so fun!, and this is what they made. I knew at the time that we were having a boy room in whimsy and thought how fun to make some to sell, so Savannah did a wonderful job explaining it, I’ll just show you how I did mine and how they turned out…

So I started with taping my wood off..


I followed Savannahs directions:)  Then used a exacto knife to cut the tape away…

Then I painted it..


and my kids favorite part, taking the tape off:)


This wood I had was some old flooring that we found in one of our sheds, and it had great color to it already..


after a little distressing, they were good to go.

I also made some out of pine boards.  Savannah used a 1×12, but I kinda like the planked look so I went with 3 – 1x4s put together…


After roughing them up with the sander they looked like this….


I was debating leaving them lighter, but ended up staining them dark like the top picture, they went much better in our boys room that way…


Although I absolutely loved them, I’m always surprised what sells and what doesn’t sell at Whimsy.  Actually not one of these signs sold.  Therefore I have a few left over:)  I thought I’d do a fun giveaway for one of the smaller ones, they are about 9 inches by 15 inches.  In order to qualify you just need to leave a comment.  I’ll send it anywhere in the US.  I’ll keep it open until midnight on Friday, July 12th, and post the winner on Saturday:)

 And, if you really want one and live close by, I’ve got a few extras, some small and some big, so leave me a comment if your interested.


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62 thoughts on “A DIY and Giveaway”

  1. Very cute Allie! Love them! I was bummed to miss it this last time around and looking forward to September! :) Have a good day!

  2. Cheri Brimhall

    I love to come back and peek every few days or so at your Whimsy posts just for inspiration and I LOVED the boys room you guys staged. it was darling! I would love a chance at winning! thanks for all the eye candy :)

  3. I would love to win one. I love the darker stained ones. They would go perfect in my boys’ room. Love your website! You are so inspiring.

  4. I Am Surprised That No One Bought One Either…Did The US One Sell? Ps For Some Reason Every Word I type Here Is Being CIapitalized By My Phone. Sorry!
    I Hope To Find Time Someday Again To Be Crafty! :)
    Good Work!

  5. Lisa TenHarkel

    I’m surprised they didn’t sell either! I love your stuff and wish I lived close enough to shop at Whimsy!

  6. My husband is at Marine bootcamp right now and those colors remind me of the Marine Corps! I’d love to grace our home with one :) You did a great job!

  7. I have been creeping on your blog for over a year. I love your ideas and think you’re brave with all the white and little ones running around. I have the perfect spot for a Union Jack, but Minnesota is a tad far from Cincinnati for me to make it to Whimsy. =) I love looking at all the pictures to get ideas though.

  8. I can’t believe no one bought one. I LOVE them! However, my 14 year old daughter would go ga-ga over it. She’s a BBC junkie!! Hehe

  9. None of these sold??! Gosh! They are so pretty! I’d love to win one to send to my mom! She visited London in 2010 and LOVES all things Great Britain-esque ;)

  10. I love it, really would like hanging on my wall! Please sign me up, you do such amazing DYI projects Allie! Keep up the inspiration: -)

  11. Do you offer a hanging service for all of the signs I bought that still aren’t hung! :) Summer project!!

  12. I would love to win one of these signs. I am too far away to visit Whimsy. Do you ever take online orders?

  13. I had my eye on these signs in your “prewhimsy” pictures! It would look so perfect in my little man’s nursery…it’s a rustic boys room with vintage western pictures, actual flies tied by my dad, a mounted peg board for storage, deer antlers AND a United States wood sign that I picked up at the May Whimsy sale! This would make a great addition!

  14. You do such nice work! I would’ve bought one of those for my red, white, and blue themed powder room. Maybe I’ll win it instead (even better, right?!)

  15. I like the plank style also. This is a great inspiration piece for decorating my boys’ new bedroom. Can’t wait to make some of my own (& possibly win one). Thank you for all your wonderful ideas.

  16. Michelle Reis

    I have never said this before, but I wish I lived in Minnesota! haha I’m pretty sure I would be a regular…I guess I need to try your DIY stuff for myself! Thanks for the inspiration!!!
    Love this!

  17. I love whimsey. I didn’t even see these at the sale…there were so many people! I would love a chance at this and look forward to the next sale at whimsey!

  18. Say what?!?!?! These didn’t sell!?!?! What an awesome project! I would LOVE to win as I have the perfect boy’s room of my own for it to go in and be displayed proudly! Love your blog and tutorials I have been able to draw so much inspiration from you!!!! God Bless!

  19. I’d love to win, I can’t believe they didn’t sell either, love the little flag one especially!

    Always read your posts and I love pulling the tape off too!!!

  20. I absolutely love reading your blog and seeing all of your transformations and creations. I would love to come to one of your sales… How often do you do them and where is the sale located? I love these signs, can’t believe you have even one left over…

  21. I have been creeping on your site for over a year after accidentally stumbling upon it late one night, and must admit that I have copied many of your ideas / creations and put them in my own home! I would love one of those, and the color palate is lovely! :)

  22. I would LOVE a chance to win one of those beauties! Also…I was just chatting with a girlfriend about being able to make one of your sale on a Thursday, but of course the husbands are at work during the mornings when we want to come….so wondering if we would come shop sometime do you have a place on the farm (like a swingset area or a few toys outside in the yard) where my kids can play so they’re not with me touching everything in the barn?

    1. We have a play house they could play in:) And a dog to keep them busy, and usually my dad is outside to watch kiddos as well:) We’d love to see you!

  23. Heather Orton

    I LOVE all your “projects.” You are such a talented women! I would love one of those signs :) Thanks for sharing your gift. God’s Blessings.

  24. I love these signs and debated about buying one and did not! Being an English teacher (English literature is my fave!) I always say to my students that I was born in the wrong country! The British flag should be flying in my house! I was worried you had sold out and may not have these again at the next sale, but even slightest possibility of winning one makes me super excited! Thanks!

  25. I would be honored to own something beautifully handmade by such a strong and inspiring woman! And since I live all the way in Mass., I probably can’t swing by this week and pick one up! ;)

  26. I actually was sad I missed your sale because I was wanting a sign for a bedroom. Thank you for the chance to win one :)

  27. I can’t believe that none of them sold! How cute!!! I just love looking at all of your projects…fills my head with all kinds of great ideas!!

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