A Little Getaway…

Well, Ryan and I are back to reality, but we had such a good time on our little getaway that we had to share some of it with you:)

Our flight took off at 1:30 a.m. so thanks so much to Jeff who took us to the airport late Wednesday night!


It’s amazing how different it is to me vacationing when you have kiddos.  We were so excited but there is always a little part of me that hates leaving them….even though they were in great hands!  So since we were leaving we decided to make the most of every minute:)

We arrived at our hotel, which was in Hollywood, Florida.


Oh how I love palm trees!

The weather was unseasonably warm…thank you Jesus!  We had sunshine and 80’s everyday…a huge difference from our monsoon downpours everyday of our Jamaican honeymoon.


Our pool was on the inlet, so we watched million dollar yachts go by all day.  And when we needed our beach fix, we walked across the street onto the beautiful Hollywood Beach.


The beach was on a boardwalk so Ryan and I rented bikes one day too to ride the whole way down.


I couldn’t believe how aqua the ocean was…so beautiful!

Our favorite day though was when we headed to Key West.  We woke up early to make the 3 1/2 hour drive to the southern most point in the US.  The drive was amazing!


This road was called the overseas hwy.  This bridge was 7 miles long with only water all around…


It was the fastest 3 1/2 hour trip I’ve ever taken:)


And once we arrived the views only got better…


It was just like the postcards…


I got a bit carried away with pictures..


We got some lunch on the beach and the seagulls smelled it right away….


Ryan couldn’t resist…


It was like an episode from the Birds..


I don’t think everyone else was too happy with us..


We stuck out like a sore thumb:)


I couldn’t get over the curved palm trees, with coconuts abundant!


Yep, I’m starting to miss it right about now:)


I also decided I think Ryan likes our new camera more than I do…


Or maybe the scenery was just too good:)


It was hard to put the camera down:)

We did eventually though, and rented one of these guys…


And cruised around Key West in fashion:)  It was our favorite time of the trip.  There are so many sites to see…


We were only 90 miles from Cuba!


And we saw so many colorful people and things…


Duval Street was our favorite to people watch, grab some ice cream, and stroll the streets.

We ended our day at the sunset celebration.


 They celebrate the sunset every night from the western most point.  There were tons of entertainers putting on shows of all sorts for tips:)  We saw the sunset…


and headed on our trek back home.

Thanks for all the well wishes…Ryan and I were truly able to enjoy each other, thank God for all the blessings in our lives, and strengthen our marriage.  God is so good!

And we were so excited to come home to our cutie patooties:)


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7 thoughts on “A Little Getaway…”

  1. Wow, great pictures of Florida.
    I love Palm Trees too ;-)
    Where can I find the Beach with the curved Palms in Key West? Is this the Smathers Beach?
    Greetings from Europe

  2. Allie,
    Andy and I did a similar trip after his dad was killed in a car accident. It wasn’t the words spoken between us that healed as much as just the time together. Life steals those moments that build relationships by turning our attention to the details rather than the people. (I can’t sit with you until I finish the dishes). It was about a week after we got home before I realized how much I missed holding his hand. When we were away from home it was so easy to just stretch out my hand and find his close by. Once home, I had to make it a priority to find his busy hands and take them in mine again. I love how God has given us so many ways to communicate beside using words! Enjoy your man and your little snug-ums. We continue to pray for your family.

    1. Patty, it’s like you took the words right out of my mouth. I just told some of my girls how it was so fun to feel butterflies again. All it takes is a 5 day trip:) I agree though, it’s something we need to work on on a daily basis! So true!

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