A Photo Shoot

I told you to come back today to see some more pics, but I didn’t tell you they’d be of me.  HA!  Well, needless to say when we were shooting our barn stuff, Sarah had warned me.  “I’m getting a little sick of looking of the picture of you in the snow on your blog, (that she took a year and a half ago) so if you wanna get ready I’ll shoot a few to update it.  Thanks Sarah!

I have to tell you, I am probably one of the most awkward girls to shoot…or maybe not, it just felt that way.  So I was a little self conscience…

I loved the barn in the background though!!

I was also super self conscience about sucking in…this photographing is HARD work!!

I was just struggling with that belly!!


That’s why……

No wonder it was hard to hide:) :)  For all of my blog friends, and anyone else since we really haven’t publicly announced it….little bundle number 3 is coming to join us around October 2nd.  Yep, we are already half way there.  CRAZY!!  But so excited:)   A little more to add to all the fun:)

I’ve never done pregnancy shots before, and my friend informs me that you normally do them when you are a little closer to your due date, but it felt good to stick the belly out:)  And a fun way to reveal it as well:)  We can’t wait to meet little peanut, and it will be a surprise this time!  Wow..that’s a first:)

Kynlee tells me everyday it’s gonna be a girl.  There may be a few tears shed from her if it’s a boy, but she’ll get over it:)

Have a great weekend everybody…I’m off to go work on Whimsy!!!



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8 thoughts on “A Photo Shoot”

  1. Congrats, I love to read your blogs, and yes I’m from S.C, and I have been reading your blogs for a few months now………LOVE THEM !!!

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