A Sneak Peak…

Alright, we are t-minus 8 days until the opening day of our new occasional shop, Whimsy Green, and we are so excited!!! Today we are going to show you a very tiny little sampling of some of the things that will be in there store.  I say very little…because we have so much stuff that is still in garages, tubs, Wisconsin, everywhere..that we couldn’t shoot.  And because the barn wasn’t quite ready to put everything into yet so we just set up a few shots:)  So, if you are even a bit interested in some of the things you see, please come have a look.  I am so excited to put the whole barn together as soon as the sisters arrive!!

Okay, with that being said here are some pictures, again graciously taken by Sarah .  I think they look amazing:)

She got some really fun shots of the barn so I can update the Whimsy Green Facebook page.  I love this one because it’s our everyday life with little missy walking around:)

Love this…we were darting around raindrops so it was a challenge to get a bit of blue sky:)

and then the clouds rolled in….

I love this look though, kinda the picture we had in mind when Whimsy Green came to be.

And now onto the goods….Now I must say before I even show anything that as bad as we would want to do pre-sales for people, to be fair we just can’t.  It will be first come first serve.   In saying that, we do have a lot of furniture that will not all fit the first day, so new items will be added each day.

Also, please remember we staged this for a few photos, when you come next Thursday it may not look like this cause my amazingly talented sisters Mel and Sonia will be helping set up rooms and vignettes:)  Can’t wait!

and some close ups..

and a little flirty…

and a little fun…

So if any of it interests you, check out our FB page for more details and directions:)  and lots, lots more to come:)

Check back tomorrow for a couple more fun photos!


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2 thoughts on “A Sneak Peak…”

  1. I can hardly contain my excitment :) your doing a great job friend! Shout out to Sarah on the great shots of the barn :)

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