I couldn’t do it you guys.  I thought maybe if it was a guest house, I could do color.  If it wasn’t in my everyday vision I could live with it.  I could live on the wild side, abandon my neutral palette, and use color in the guest house.

I caved.

At least I gave it a go right??  I think it lasted 2 years, not bad for this girl!

So I have just been doing a little re-decorating in the guest house.  Nothing major.  That’s why I don’t ever spend much money on bold items that I could soon tire of.  So I don’t have to feel guilty when I get sick of it:)  So for those of you who are new to the blog, I thought I’d show you our quaint little guest house.  I actually started out as a garage that we turned into a small living quarters. This is what it looks like on the outside.  Man I can’t wait for that green to come back!


I made those fun window boxes last summer…


But recently I’ve been working on the inside.  So here is how it looked for quite some time…


and don’t get me wrong. I did like the color.  I should just know myself and know I can’t commit to color.  So I sold the red nightstands at the Christmas Whimsy sale, as well as the lamps, and now I have this…


Well now that looks a bit more like allie style right??


It’s sad that this place stays empty quite often.  Which is why its hard to put too much money into it.  It’s used mostly for my parents when they come to visit.  But we love company, so let us know if you wanna visit ;)


This cute little desk was a garage sale purchase I painted.  Looking at these pictures now I realize it’s sitting backwards, there should be a little drawer in front.  Oh well, I’m not going to re-take the photos now:)


The lamp is from Homegoods and the chair was an online auction win that I made a slipcover for.   I love the functions of having a little desk as a nightstand, especially for guests and especially in a small space like this.


I fell in love with that driftwood “L” and picked it up at a local shop in town.  Personal touches are the best:)


This nightstand I scored for 90% off at Hobby Lobby.  It had a dark wood top and different hardware. so I sanded it down and white washed it.  Don’t ever pass up a piece of furniture if it is the perfect size or shape.  All aesthetics can be changed!  And a chest of drawers again is such great storage for an area like this.

So here’s another before…


and after…


I also love that this space has almost panoramic views to the outside.  You guys, you should lay in that bed in the fall when the maple tree outside engulfs the whole thing.  *sigh*

And here was looking at the other end when we first started this project..


and now…


The chairs are light pink underneath! ha…but two slips and now they are cottage ready.


and I couldn’t pass up making one of these pillows after seeing them on pintrest, but of course I had to add some pom pom trim:)




I’ve had the mirror for a few years now and I found it at Gordmans.  I added the rope to give it a more nautical look.

And here’s just a few more pics to show the rest of the space.




I must say, I think this meshes much more with my style now.  All is well with the world now that we are back to neutrals:)  There’s always things to work on and get.  I’d love a head board some day and a platform for the electric fireplace to raise it up.  But that’s how I like it, keeping things evolving and changing little by little:)

If you want to see what this “garage” looked like before, you can check that out here.


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  1. Jacqueline Cronin

    Super adorable. Who wouldn’t enjoy staying here? Great use of space though I wouldn’t refer to it as a guest”house” without a toilet/shower and maybe a kitchenette. The kitchenette could be nothing more than a microwave, a dorm size fridge and small sink.

    1. Thanks:) Hopefully soon, but for now it’s usually my family that stays and they use our full bath on the main level of our house:)

  2. Congratulations! I love the use of neutrals and this is just beautiful!!! I noticed in comments that you said that you spent about $1,000 in renovating this? Wow! What a score! Did you have to get permitsto do this? Is that an additional cost?
    Blessings 💗

    1. Yes, we did this project SUPER inexpensive since we did it so close to home remodel there wasn’t much of a budget left over;) We didn’t pull a permit on this one since there was no plumbing/new electrical….It was mostly just cosmetic:) I’m sure we probably could have…but we didn’t…:)

    1. We do not. We simply use this more as a spare bedroom than a whole house, it is only a sleeping area and sitting room. A kitchenette would be wonderful if space and budget allowed;)

  3. I hope you will respond to this. (Doesn’t look like you have in 2016.)
    – I would like to know the square footage on the inside.
    – Also, can you give an idea of how much the makeover cost?
    – Do you have any kind of heating in it (besides, possibly, the fireplace)? (Where do you live? I am in northern Illinois–cold in winter!)
    I live on a farm and have a similar garage. Have been considering making it into a small guest quarters (although need to figure out where to park the cars!)

    1. Thanks for your questions:) The square footage of this is about 200 feet. We live in Minnesota so we see very cold winters;) We insulated the floors and the walls and ceilings well, but we only have the electric fireplace and a baseboard heater for heat. We actually got a lot of our materials free for this project, such as the windows, siding, and wood floors. We paid for a roof, insulation, drywall, and electrical. I am quite sure we didn’t spend over $1000 on it though:) Best of luck to you!

  4. Hi Allie,

    I just found your site. Love your style!

    I just moved into my first house and though a fireplace was in my wish list, the house does not have one. I love the one you have in the guest house. Would you mind sharing where you found it?
    I can’t wait to see what you post next!

  5. Allie, I have been so blog bored recently that discovering yours is so refreshing and poring thru your archives and B&As has been a treat. I am your newest fan & subscriber. Thanks for what you share!

      1. Cynthia McBryant

        I lived year round in similar situations. Ft. With woodstove for winter heat! Paid $400 month and lived there about 6 years, Loved it!! Love to find same here,but no luck !?!!😥

  6. The Guest House really ties in well with the feel of your sweet home now, with just those little changes. I just adore your property and all the hard work you and your husband have put into the buildings. Your homestead has really evolved. Happy Spring to you and your family. Thank you for your inspiring shares…

  7. I loved the old look, but I LOVE the new look! We need to get a girl’s night on the calendar asap, or I will just come by myself. You just might have to force me to leave eventually because the space is way too cute and I might move in. :) Way to stay true to yourself! xo

  8. I am very curious how you keep your house looking so white with 3 children in it? Are you scrubbing everything daily? Especially your walls, and painted white furniture and do you let your children sit on your white couches? I am very serious and sincere. I am not asking this in a mean way or as in a “put down”. I guess it is more of a “put up” because I am in awe that your house always looks so white in your pictures and not streaked with dirty fingerprints or stain marks. I am very much a color person in fact I think you would probably hyperventilate if you entered my house. However, we moved into a new home recently and I now have a white Kitchen floor which I hate because it looks dirt about 2.5 seconds after I scrub it and also 2 of our bathrooms have painted white wood work. Since moving in I repainted all the white wood white again to give it a fresh look, but it already looks horrible no matter how often I clean it. Every time I look at it I cringe because it makes me feel like we live in an unclean house. Maybe I did something wrong or missed a step of doing something when I painted it. I always use a Satin based paint when I paint anything. I feel like my walls always wipe clean when I wash them. But, for some reason my white wood doesn’t clean as well as my colored walls.

    1. Well, I must say that the guest house doesn’t get used by the kiddos much, so therefore they can’t dirty it up too much. As for the rest of the house, they do sit on my white chairs, a lot. they are their favorite:) and they do get dirty, so I have to wash the slips about every other month. Others would probably do it more often:) We do have some rules in the house though, like the kids can only eat at the table or over a plate on the wood floor, which they are pretty good about:) As for all the white woodwork, I have gone over my trim once since we moved in 4 years ago. I wipe down my entry trim the most, probably once a month, but as for the rest of the house, I really don’t touch it. I do think that 1.) My non-type-A personality really helps in this department, and also when the wall are really light, it all seems to blend more and doesn’t stand out nearly as much. If you have darker walls with your white trim, you probably will notice it more. And I am not against color at all, so I’m sure your house is beautiful! I just like to change things too much so I find if I keep them majority neutral, then I can just change out the decor! So, I don’t know if that helps at all. It sounds like you are doing the right stuff…best of luck!!

  9. I have been wanting to make a slipcover for a few wingback chairs and I could use a few tips if you would like to share. I get started and feel super overwhelmed! Help!

  10. I love it either way. I really love your style. I wish I live close so I would be able to go to Whimsy Sales. I was so in love with the red night table with the little drawers. But it is lovely!!! I always just wonder…….How in the world you do it with three kidos in the House??????? Keep the good work! :)


    BTW, do you mind sharing with me what is your technique for painting furniture (The little desk?) Thank you I’ll really apreciate it! :)

  11. It’s always so interesting to see how you create something from something else.
    This looks like the best get away. Though I live about as far away as possible, in Naples, FL, I’d drop what I’m doing and come to spend a weekend in this space in a minute.
    I’ve followed your blog since you shared your experience with “jules”. Such a blessing to see faith in action. I pray that all is well with you and your family as we approach this Easter celebration. I have two children who wait for me in Heaven, and rejoice that, like Jules, they are with Jesus Himself.
    Have a blessed Holiday season.

  12. Beautiful both ways really. I never see anything I don’t like about your decorating. Wish I had a little getaway like that in my backyard. Love it.

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