Before & After… The Office

I know I showed you the office once before when it looked like this….

Yep, that’s my computer on the floor:)

and before that it wasn’t even an office at all…it was actually a den with a gas fireplace.  It looked like this…

and now (although it is not complete) it looks like this…

It’s changing for the better at least:)

This table was actually one that was left here.  I loved the farm house look.  If you want to see how I transformed it from this…

to this…

check back tomorrow:)

So I always try to show you the most glamorous shots first.  But we are not a magazine..we are real life.  So here’s what’s lerking in the back…

The gun shop.

Apparently they were starting to rust in the shed.  A huge no-no in the gun world.  So until we can afford a $3000 some dollar gun safe with built in de-humidifier (seriously?!?)  I guess they get to adorn my office:)

I do love the arch Ry put in the entryway from the kitchen to the office.  And I would love to do a couple rows of shelves on this huge bare wall to create more storage.  Something that we are lacking a bit.  Maybe something like this…

except white with baskets and books instead of dishes:)

until then I have my little pricing station set up with tags and safety pins..

Okay, back to work for Me:)  Happy Monday!!!



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6 thoughts on “Before & After… The Office”

  1. Allie, I Love your BLOGS !!! I also love the table u just finished and was wondering. Do u us burlap bags or do u buy the material and make your own pillows ?? Do u stencial you own ?? And girl I check every Monday for a blog and I also have it set up on my cell phone…..I LOVE YOUR SITE and has shared some with my FB freinds down in South Carolina !!!

    1. Aww…Susan, thanks so much for the encouragement!!! And for sharing my blog:) I just had an exhausting but amazing with our first occasional sale, but neglected the blog for a bit. So, tomorrow I will post again and show a few things. And thanks for the great idea to do a pillow post:) The fabric on the chair pillow I actually bought from Jo-Anns, but have since realized that the painters drop clothes are almost identical and way cheaper. I do cut my own stencils and just stencil them on with whatever paint I have:) I actually just make the stencils out of transparency paper. Again, great idea for a post, I’ll go into more detail next week:) Thanks again for the amazing support!!!!

  2. What a nice fresh look. Well, maybe all but the guns! Didn’t know those gun safes came with built in humidifiers. Wondering how you will makeover the safe to fit your decor. :-)

    1. haha. love it:) Pretty sure I don’t try to makeover any of Ry’s hunting stuff anymore…I just try to send it to the shed:)

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