Calling All Downton Fans!

Is anyone else in love with this show as I am???

I can’t figure out if it’s the era I’m in love with…

or the clothes…

or the character..

or the magical castle setting…

or the idea that people actually lived like that.


Yes, there is a bit of scandal and drama, no doubt about that, but for the most part it is quite clean and entertaining.  It is a PBS show after all:)

Does anyone else like to google search to find pictures like this…

Yes, that IS Mrs. Hughes by Mary and praise the Lord Sybil really is still alive!!

I’ve even heard that Tom is actually a pretty nice guy in real life.  Shocker!

Maybe a bit stalker-ish…I”ll be the first to admit:)

So I was just curious if there was anyone else out there that gets giddy when the music starts playing and the car drives up in the beginning.

If they think about the characters long after the show is over like they personally know them.

And has made their hubby watch with them so they could have someone to talk to about it:):) Even on vacation!

And…… is already starting to get sad knowing the last episode of the season is right around the corner:(

Just checking to see if this is a bit of  a problem I need to address or if anyone’s with me!

If you haven’t seen the show, I hate to talk it up too much…you may not be quite as “attached” as I am.  But you can watch season 1 on netflix or get them in the redbox if I have peaked your curiosity:)


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10 thoughts on “Calling All Downton Fans!”

  1. Desiree Helstrom

    Yup. I have to go look on Netflix now and see if I can find season one. I keep hearing about it, but after reading your post I think I’m going to have to try and find it. If I get hooked-I blame you. ;)

    1. Allie- SO happy to see this post! I love EVERYTHING about the show. Since this week’s episode was two hours, I had to watch it over two nights after the kids were in bed and paid for staying up too late the next day! I didn’t watch season one, so I sometimes have to google things like ‘her ladyship’s soap.’ I don’t know anyone else that watches so really happy to see your comments and everyone else’s!

  2. Oh my yes. I.LOVE.IT.ALL. There is a strict “no talking” rule while the show is on. ;) My husband started watching it with me this season, all in the name of being supportive, and it makes me BONKERS when he starts asking questions or making side comments while it is on. We have to record it so I can pause it and answer him. The only noise that is permissable is deep sighing ;)
    My mom and sister and I will all be together in the same room watching the season finale on Sunday (living in 3 different states, it is usually enjoyed “together” via text messages) and we have this planned for the menu: ttp://

    1. Love this!! Haha, I’ve told Ryan many times too, honey…I can’t answer now, I’ll catch you up after:) We don’t have dvr so I can’t pause so I agree with the no talking rule:):) And love the mom and sister texting, we all love to watch it as well! Fun idea to plan a menu for the finale, I might just have to do that!!

  3. Well, if you have a problem, then so do I, and I’m not afraid to admit it. ;) I LOVE seeing pictures of them in their “regular” clothes. It’s easy to forget that they didn’t all live in the 1920s. :)

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