I’ve decided that a home school family can’t have a photo shoot ready house.  ever.  I feel like I end up chasing my own tail  So for those of you who think that bloggers actually live in a house that looks like their pictures…don’t be so easily fooled.  At least if they have young children.  It’s just not possible.  And I am a little OCD about my house being picked up.  But picked up, dishes done, coats away, toys out of sight, and kids not in the picture.  Well that’s near impossible.  So I’m showing you pictures in stages, cause that’s how our life is rolling at the moment…and I’m choosing to be okay with that.  And hey, I hope it makes some of you feel better about your lived in homes as well:)

The dining room is one room that can stay *somewhat* clean, so we’ll start there.



and it even looks quite similar to last year, with the addition of a few new pillows and a sign…


If you remember, this was my Jo-Jo inspired Christmas tree sale sign that also sold amazing at Whimsy! I’m so glad so many of you liked it as well:):)  And if I’m going to be selling christmas trees, I better have some close by right?? IMG_5941

Ryan cut me a few toppers from his land up north, and these seemed to fit the spot perfectly.  I love having fresh greens in my house, and get jealous when I see everyone’s beautiful garlands adorning every area of their house.   But then I think how would that realistically work in my house?? Needles would be everywhere.  So for the most part all of my greenery is fake, for sanity for myself.  But this is one area that if a few needles fall I don’t mind.



and I had to bring back the hot chocolate bar…because it’s just too festive.



I found these little mini Christmas trees at Ikea a while back. They are real, and I thought surely I can keep them alive through Christmas!  Surely I can not.  So that’s our little secret…I’m pretty sure they are D.E.A.D.  Shh..don’t tell.  They still look pretty enough to display.


I have often wondered if you can display the word JOY too much in ones house. :)  Oh well, I’m rolling with it.

IMG_5938 and this may just be one of my favorite views in the house….

IMG_5948 I will forever say that those open stairs were one of the biggest debates when we were re-doing the house, but one I am the most happiest about!

IMG_5950 and that garland, the one adorning the railing…Is also from Ikea.  It’s $8 for an eight foot piece.  I loved how simple it was, but it was just a tiny bit too sparse.  So I doubled it up, used a tiche of lime green spray paint to give it a textured look, and added a few berries to it.  I was able to do my whole open staircase for $64 and had enough left over to make a few small wreaths I’ll show you soon:)

IMG_5936 Can you even believe how much color you are seeing in this house of mine??

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little proud of myself…and I think my mom is gonna be too;)


1 room down, now to go clean another…or have a cup of coffee by the fire…hmm…I’ll let you know what wins:)


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  1. Your farmstead is just so charming Allie and Ryan. I always enjoy your blog. I love your all white home and these pops of holiday red are so fun. I think it was great idea to do the open staircase. Very pretty. Is the Man cave getting a little decking too? Thanks for sharing and being so inspiring. May you and your family have a very blessed holiday.

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet comment Debra! The man cave got a tiny little decking…since the hubby only allows so much:) We have gotten further on that as well though, so I hope to post an update soon!

  2. I love every touch but don’t ever feel you have to hide your children away. I forget which blogger included her family in her Christmas home tour pics and it was refreshing to see people enjoying these beautiful spaces we all love. Keep loving on them in or out of camera view. (Meant as encouragement for real and authentic and messy, not as a “you should…”)

    1. You are sweet:) Every once and awhile we get a cute photo bomber. The real reason they aren’t in them is cause they are usually running around in their undies. Yikes:) haha

  3. Amy Fitzwilliam

    Your home is just beautiful and it is exactly the style I love so I really enjoy your blog, Thank you for doing what you do and showing your creativity! Where did you get your white dining chair slipcovers?

    Thank you!

  4. I love your home!! I am a new follower thanks to a friend. Absolutely love everything that have done to your house to make it a home!!
    Merry Christmas 🎄

  5. Christmas in your home is beautiful, Allie!!! Would be so fun to be there when there’s snow outside and it’s all Christmassy inside! But so glad I can say “I’ve been in your home!” What a treat!!!

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