DIY–Painted Curtains

It’s true, I tried it.  I was reading a magazine while Ryan and I were in Florida and read about a lady who painted her drop cloth curtains, and they looked great.  If you google painted curtain images, it’s amazing how many pictures you will find.  So, I was on a mission.

I orginally fell in love with these curtains…



But at $99  a panel (enter gasp here) it just wasn’t going to happen.  I started looking online for different stencils I liked and end up finding this one..

I liked that it looked like it would be easy to paint.

Let the work begin.

First, I used Saran Wrap to lay down a barrier between the fabric and my wood floor.  I have learned from other projects that paint seeps through drop cloth quite easily.


Gotta love that painters tape to help hold everything in place:)

I used the cheapest white paint I could find and a small foam roller.


Yes, this is how I usually look when I’m doing projects.  No make up and comfys.

I bought this stencil to also use for some Whimsy crafts.  I got it from StencilEase and upgraded to a little bit thicker stencil for durability.  I think it was around $25.  Not bad for being able to use it again and again.

I just overlapped a couple of the ikat patterns when I moved it to make sure everything lined up.


It really used a lot more paint than I expected, and you had to push quite hard to get it to soak in evenly.  This project was definitely a labor of love, but oh so cheap.  Cheap wins every time.


Plus I had a GREAT cheerleading squad:)


Once I was finished I actually hung them on the rod to dry.  They were quite wet on both the front and back so you have to transport them carefully:)


The first panel took me about an hour….but once I got it down I got it to about 1/2 a panel.  Really, that’s not bad…it was just the aching  shoulders and back that were a bit of a bugger.

But, I think the results were worth it.

Here’s the before…..


My $10 drop cloth curtains that have been up for a year now.

and after….


I love how subtle it is but still adds pattern..


Once again, my fear of color wins:)


See that fun sign on the mantel?  There will be a post on how to make one of those too:)

A couple of things to know about the curtains.

1.)  I used a gallon of paint on 6 panels, it takes more than you think.

2.)  I did not add the fabric additive you can add so they are washable, but I never wash my curtains..eek!

3.)  They are a bit stiff, but we never closet these curtains.  I do close the ones in my living room, and they close, just a bit stiff:)  It doesn’t bug me but it may bug some of you???  They don’t look stiff at all.  It’s our little secret:)

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