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How to Create a Gallery Wall


So I started collecting  silver frames about 2 years ago in hopes of creating a picture wall going up the steps in our two story home.  Well after 2 years of them sitting in my closet because I didn’t have enough yet, I decided instead to create a gallery wall.  A gallery wall is great because you can mix and match frames, wall art, mirrors, letters…pretty much anything you have hanging around your home.  I bet most people could create a gallery wall without even having to buy anything new.  This is my gallery wall so far, I have not quite finished it yet and actually may change a few things out…but what I have learned is that something is better than nothing!  This wall sat bear for 3 years when it could have been decorated the whole time.  So if you don’t think you have enough, just start anyway.   It is good motivation to keep going!  Here are some of my pictures that I took inspiration from, and then I’ll show you how I created my wall.

This picture is from Pottery Barn, I just liked how they used different frames, mirrors, and little objects to make it all come together.

Another Pottery Barn pic, I love the use of vintage and modern frames together, plus the overlapping brings in another dynamic.  Also I love how they frames letters…I  might have to try that!

Lastly I found this one here and loved the look of it.  What I like best is that you really can’t mess up.  Keep frames close together, far apart…whatever you want to do!  If you have enough “stuff” to hang, just start hanging and keep adding and it will become your own wall of art!  I also loved how she used vintage frames that had no glass and put pictures in the didn’t even fit.  First of all how easy is that, and second of all what a cute look!

So here’s a little bit of a closer look of how I did it.

1.)  Go around your house or make a list of some of the things you want to incorporate into your wall.  If you already have a collection going, great…otherwise some great things to hang are frames, new or old, tin signs, letters, wall art, mirrors, silhouettes (which I want to incorporate next, keep them black and white), pretty much anything you have that can hang.  I even read about one lady who put up her grandpa’s old license plate, kinda fun!  I would suggest if you are doing a lot of pics, keep them all black and white, it keeps the flow going!

2.) Then I made patterns of all of my frames and taped them up on the wall to find the best placement.  This way it is easy to move around and see what you like best.  I must admit though, if you are using a wide variety of materials this isn’t always the best idea because of the different colors and shapes.  In that case I would just start hanging or lay it out on your floor to see what you like next to each other.  Remember, you really can’t mess up!

3.)  I also found a font I like online and printed out a word to add to my wall.  I then cut the word out, taped it with double sided tape to the wall, traced it and then painted it with black paint and a fine paint brush.

I love this idea because it is completely free to do!  You know me, I’m cheap:)

I also added a metal star from Gordmans, (a store very similar to T J Maxx) for $5 and bought a letter “L” from Michaels for $4, sprayed it black and added it to my wall.

The finished product!

I am about 3/4 of the way up, still need to add a little more.  I might change some stuff around, add a couple of vintage frames without glass and some silhouettes of the kids, a letter or two.  I love to show off the great pics Sarah took, but also like to keep it interesting and different.  And that’s why I love gallery walls.  There is no right or wrong, you can change them as much as you want, and they are different from anything any one else has.  It’s unique to you.

Let me know if you attempt a gallery wall, I would love to see it.  It’s always fun to get inspiration from others!  I’ll show you the rest of mine whenever it gets finished…hopefully it’s not another 3 years:)

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