So I decided this week that I am going to get as many small projects done as I can before we move, because I will be a bit overwhelmed with HUGE projects at that point:)  I had gotten three outdoor pillows at the end of last season for $3.24 a piece and always had the idea of recovering them since they were in a plain jane green.  But, after looking at the price of outdoor fabric I could practically buy new pillows.  And then it hit me….I had that beautiful black and white super thick damask fabric that I had taken down from my kitchen window.  The fabric felt just like the outdoor fabric and was really durable. So, since I was making some simple pillows I thought I would show even a novice sewer how to do it!

First of all here is my pillow before..

Not bad, but no pizzazz:)

Okay…here we go!

Step 1: Cut the fabric

I just lay my pillow right on top of the fabric and cut around it, leaving about a 1/2 inch on each side for the seam allowance.  I would rather have less than more, so your pillow doesn’t move around in the cover.  You can also trace your pillow and then cut if it is easier for you.  I also knew I was making 3 covers so I cut out 3 backs right away.

Step 2: Cut the back side

This might be the hardest part to explain but it is actually really easy so stick with me.  You need to cut the back the same width as your pillow front but 8 inches longer.  Then you will cut this piece in half and actually have 2 pieces for your back that will be like an envelope closure.  This is a picture of my 3 pieces.  The front, and then 2 smaller pieces for the back.

This shows the envelope closure.  The 2 pieces cover your front to make the same size, they just overlap.

Step 3:  Hem your edges.

First I fold them over twice, about 1/4 inch each time, so they have a nice edge when you sew them.

Then sew right down the middle

We are almost done!!

Step 4:  Pin and sew around the edge

Now I am normally not a pinner, it makes my mother cringe…but with pillows it really does help to keep everything in place.

Make sure you keep right sides together, that means the pretty side goes inside and you see the ugly side.  Line them up so all the edges match and seams are in the middle, sew all the way around the outside and then you’re done!

Step 5:  Flip it right side out and stick your pillow inside!

Ta Da!!!

Now if that seemed overwhelming to you just take it step my step.  I made 3 pillow covers in about 35 minutes…so it’s really not that bad.

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