Drop Cloth Chairs

Oh  my word, I am so excited!  I just found another great blog that I have so enjoyed getting some ideas from.  You can  find her blog here:

Miss Mustard Seed's Creative Blog

She’s amazing.  It’s always a catch 22 when you find other blogs, because it’s fun to get inspiration, but it’s also easy to overwhelm yourself and to want to change your whole house…AGAIN! Ha…don’t worry, I’m not going to do that.  Her ideas are great but her style is a bit too French fancy for me.  I love it, just don’t think I know how to pull it off.  But…I did find these that I want to make so badly for my new house.  You know the old style wing back chairs that you probably have seen in your parents/grandparents house?  They usually have a GREAT fabric on them, like pink or hunter green or plaid..something like that!  Well let me show you with a little vision, how cute they can be!


I thought I was in love with my slipcovered chair…which I still am, but I am LOVING this chair!  And you wanna know the best part?? It’s made out of a drop cloth.  Like the drop clothes that you buy at menards for when you don’t want to get paint on your carpet.  Genius right??  So instead of spending $50 on material I can now go and get a $20 drop cloth and have a cutie like this!  Now my dilemma is trying to find a wing back chair, or two…I’d really love two:)  Let me know if you wanna donate yours to a good cause…or an experiment…or another blog post:)  Otherwise I will be busy scouring garage sales and Goodwills in all my free time trying to find a couple!  I also had to show you how cute this patootie was!

I am so in love with those little ruffle skirts it’s sickening:)

So, check her out and maybe you’ll find some inspiration too…or just wait about another year and we’ll see if I can pull off a chair like that:)


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