Favorite Quotes

Cutie Pie #1

Cutie Pie #2

These two little cuties hold my heart, and they also keep me laughing with the things they say.  I’ve tried to remember most of the fun quotes they’ve given me over their 3 long years of existence, although I really need to write them all down.  So today I am hopefully going to put a little smile on your face like they do to me when I hear these wise sayings:)

Tate:  Momma, my nose is falling off!  (When he has a runny nose)

Mom:  Tate, I want you to go potty

Tate:  Mom, I don’t have any pee!

Tate:  Mom, my nose is big like yours and Kynlee has a little nose (Thanks Honey!!)

Tate:  Mom, why is that in here?  (Asking about a dehumidifier)

Mom:  Daddy put it in here so your cough will go away.

Tate:  Where is it going to go to??  (Like I said, wise!)

Tate:  Mom, you have a stinky face. (Haven’t heard that one before!)

Tate:  God, thank you for purses and bad guys and God.

Tate:  After just waking up in the morning snuggling me, “Mom, you’re pretty!”  Not so funny but about makes this mom wanna cry:)

Kynlee:  Thought I’d have to give her a quote, even though most of the funny things she does are non-verbal.  Our favorite is when we hear her in her room singing, “keen up body” which for those of you who don’t know the song is her version of clean-up, clean-up, everybody everywhere:)

Tate:  (Last night while I was snuggling him)  Daddy told me I have to tell you Happy Birthday in the morning:)

Tate:  (Also last night)  We hid a present for you downstairs but Daddy told me not to tell you:)

So anyway, hopefully at least 1 of those put a smile on your face, I know they are always cuter to the mom:)  I’m a sucker!!  Happy Monday!


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3 thoughts on “Favorite Quotes”

  1. Nicolle Erickson

    Oh, they aren’t only cute to the Mom~ The Auntie thinks their quotes are absolutely adorable, too! Got a couple good laughs from them again this morning — So thanks for posting this one, Allie. :) Hope you had a faulous birthday yesterday!! Hugs……

  2. :) cute. Here’s the latest one from miss Brynn last night.. “Mommy, make sure you snuggle your baby in your belly okay?? She’s sad okay??” So there you are.. it’s a girl apparently, and she’s already sad.

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