Free Cabinets!!

Alright, here’s the deal…remember my Martha Stewart kitchen I just loved??  The one I found out that the one pantry piece was $3500, almost our whole cabinet budget???  Now, I am not that naive to think that cabinets are cheap, but we also are on a pretty tight budget and can’t be spending $30,000 on cabinets and appliances!  So, I said goodbye to my dear sweet kitchen..

She still tugs at some heart strings though!

The new plan was to go to good old Menards, purchase unfinished cabinets in our budget, and paint them the same sharkey gray as Martha’s are.  I can handle that….I don’t need anything too fancy.  Sure it would be  nice, but not a must.  So that’s where it stood up until about a month ago, until Ryan’s mom called. 

We got the call that there were some potential “free” cabinets for us.  My first thought was great…now Ryan’s going to make me use these because they are free, no matter what they look like.  I’d rather just pick out my own cheapy cabinets.  That was until I heard a bit more about them.  I found out they were only 3 years old, came out of a very expensive townhome, and were custom.  When I heard I was going to get a garbage pull out cabinet I was sold.  Oh, and a spice drawer…and seperator (sp?) for lids and trays.  Okay, enough about the cabinets, here are a few of the pictures that I took, of the picture…so sorry about the quality.

Here they are.  If you are a wood lover, sorry!  They are getting painted, huge surprise….I know!  I loved the classic shaker style they have.  I might see if I can get new door fronts for the flat drawers, we’ll see.  Since we are going to piece them together paint is actually the best way to go.


So the plan was to paint them my dearly beloved Sharkey Gray and recreate them as best as possible:)  Until I ran into this kitchen…

Pretty huh?

I’ll give you a little more eye candy..

Soothing:)  You can find the rest of her blog site here .  I haven’t gotten to puruse the site too much yet, but she’s seems like a really neat lady!

So now the dilemma…which gray to go.  I know,  a huge dilemma.  Not really at all, but I also don’t care to paint cabinets twice if you know what I mean.  I did buy a pint of the
Bejamin Moore “fieldstone” that was used in the second kitchen and painted a little table with it.  I like it, it’s a bit more dramatic and warm.  I also love the airyness of the Sharkey Gray and the coastal feel it has.  So, comments would be appreciated.  The cabinets come the end of this week!! Yikes and yay!!


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9 thoughts on “Free Cabinets!!”

  1. You find the best ideas!! I would go with the Martha Stewart; I am with you on the bright and openess it creates. There is nothing better than a bright sunny morning in the kitchen having coffee! I can’t wait to see your pictures!!

  2. Hey girl, Can I just tell you I have an extremely hard past 2 hours w/ the kids. Busy, busy day= Mixed up schedule = late lunch= late nap= craby, whiney kids=way overwhelmed mom! I finally got them both down for a nap at 3:15 :S and Rick left his computer here so I finally am getting a chance to be on it and the one thing I was hoping for was a new post! So even though it looks like I am late I am so grateful for your blog. It brightened my day and helped me forget me frustrations for a while :) If it is not too late, my vote is the sharkey gray. I really like the darker gray as well but I think it is a color you would love for a few years and then get tired of it. The sharkey gray seems safer. But whatever you choose, I KNOW will look absolutely lovely. There has never been an inch of your other houses that I have not been in love with.

    1. awww…love love love you girly!! I hope things are looking a little brighter after nap time:) Miss you like crazy and thanks for your support sweet friend:)

  3. Both are beautiful. It depends on whether you are going for a shabby chic or more of a country feel in the kitchen. Personally, it like the lighter.

  4. I love the Benjamin Moore paint color! But I tend to go with the more warmer tones! I know what ever you pick will look amazing! Can’t wait to see what you pick :)

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