I Want to be In Love With Jesus

All of my life I have loved Jesus.  I met Him at a young age and accepted Him early on.  I have lived by his commandments and was the typical “good girl” throughout most of my life.  I do not swear, I have never drank, I married pure, I went to a Christian college, I go to church most every Sunday…yadda yadda yadda.  Typical.  What am I trying to say??  I love Jesus.  Always have.  I’ve never questioned my faith, never doubted God, always trusted Him.

But there is so much more!

In my spiritual life I have many ups and downs, and I’m hoping some of you can relate:)  The highs and the lows….and it’s so easy to get so frustrated with you can’t quite get back up to that high with Jesus that you know you’ve experienced before.  Sometimes life gets in my way.

I love God and Jesus with all my heart but lately I am not feeling in love with God.  The difference??  I’m not thinking about Him all the time, talking to Him throughout the day, racing to meet with Him in the morning, yearning to hear from Him about every area of my life.  Humbling….I know!  So this post is for you mom…whom recently told me, I miss your blogs on your faith.  I snapped at her and said I can barely get off a blog about our renovations let alone my time with God.  And then it hit me…what are my priorities??  The new year always brings about resolutions and so I guess this is mine.  To fall in love with Jesus again.  I’m giving God a month, I know..your probably thinking that’s pretty pathetic.  But what I mean is this…I am devoting a month to wake up early and spend time with Jesus and fall in love with Him again.  I’m not saying that I’m going to be done with Him in a month…I’m just saying that I’m excited to see what He’s going to do in my life in this month.  And also I have broken so many promises with God that I’m sure breaks His heart that I figured a month is a good start.

So today is day one, join me if you want:)  I’ll keep you posted and hopefully you will too!  So to end on here is my prayer for the next 30 days I got from the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan..amazing read by the way:)

Jesus, I need to give myself up.  I am not strong enough to love You and walk with You on my own.  I can’t do it, and I need You.  I need You deeply and desperately.  I believe You are worth it, that You are better than anything else I could have in this life or the next.  I want You.  And when I don’t, I want to want you.  Be all in me.  Take all of me.  Have Your way with me.


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45 thoughts on “I Want to be In Love With Jesus”

  1. So much of christian life and sermons have felt like behavior modifications. At a Billy Graham school of evangelism course, three speakers gave tribute to their fathers and grandfathers, as if Christianity was a heredity thing to be past on.Where was their personal revelation of the Father and the Son 1 Corinthians says that without love it is all a noisy gong. The cry of my heart is as said in Ezekiel. 36’26, Lord give me a heart of flesh for my heart of stone, I simply want to feel your love again. I am not interested in christian culture, I simply want you. Forgive me from making you a side dish, when your really the main course. Rob

  2. I’m greeting you in the wonderfull name of Jesus christ I’ve been asking my self that how can I deal with this. I’m a christian and I’m the child of god I’m saved and I’m a believer. I really want to falll deepley in love with Jesus, actually wht kills me is that I have friends in school with peer prasure they force me to be inlove with boys but I know I won’t even try I’ve tryed it and now I’ve now took a deciesion from my side that no one will overcome my futer and present with my past. So I really want to be in love with Jesus. May anyone help plz comment.

    1. Eric and BobbieJeane

      You already are in such deep love with Him in more ways than you know:) take a few moments though and look back and you’ll see He’s always been the perfect Husband and best friend to you in any situation:) whenever you felt like you were sinking, He’s there to grab your hand and pull you up. Whenever you felt at your worse, He was (and is) there to tell you just how beautiful you are to Him. And every setback is actually a setup for a greater comeback, life can be like a slingshot at times- the farther back you feel like you are being pulled, well the farther you’ll fly as He has planned so
      Perfectly. God has Those “friends” of yours just set there to make you stronger and more in love than you could imagine! And if you ever want a beautiful description of How Jesus loves , go to that famous 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 and where it says “love” replace it with “Jesus” :) He is so proud of you dear heart and loves you to death and life (as we see in the Easter message this weekend:) hope you are doing so
      Swell there and the Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make His face to shine upon you and show you grace, the Lord lift you up with His countenance and give you peace!:)

  3. I’m only 17. I feel God when I’m at church. I was and is sTill being raised in church..But when I go back to school, I feel the temptations and the sins arrising. I wanna fall so deeply in love with God but I don’t know where to begin. I always say I’m done with the things of this world but I always go back to my old ways . I know God is real and I know he has a great calling upon my life but I don’t really know how to fully accept it and how to leave everything and everyone behind and actually answer that calling…

    1. Jennifer Wright

      I know exactly what you mean. I love that so much, that I wouldn’t trade his love for the world. God knows I love him, and I’ve been where you are now. You always have to ask God to show you the way, and when you think about Christ and all that he stands for, peer pressure, friend, or anything that’s not like God ask that it flees. Just know that God loves you no matter what and you’ll be ok. And I think you should introduce them to the person that you’re really in love with, because after all he loves them too except they don’t know it.

  4. OMG! I am a younger you! The only difference is that I did not go to a Christian College and I swear and drink on occasions, but it is highly unlikely. When I was very much in love with Christ I didn’t do any of it. I kinda felt that when I went off to school that’s what made me fall out of love, but I realized that it was me. When you don’t spend time with someone, how can you say that you know them or love them. I am trying my best as of now to get back to that place where I was excited about knowing Christ. I am with you all the way! COUNT ME IN!

  5. I’m in with you! I want to love Jesus from the bottom of my heart too. I felt hurt of living in my own way without Him. I want to be in love with Jesus and feel the peace in His love. Have been trying to please and love people next to me which I allow them somehow to put me down. I know this is so wrong but I can’t help myself of letting people to hurt as I have put my focus in people, in the wrong way because of my sin. I need Jesus more than I ever thought. I love your prays and blessed to know I’m not alone. Thanks Allie.

  6. Hi I came across this posting after putting in a search for falling in love with Jesus. I have been baptized since 1996 and have done the religious requirements of going to church reading
    Gods word praying evangelizing and living according to Gods Word. But I have consistently fallen away turned away from God after time. I have never truly been in love with Jesus or truly appreciated the sacrifice He made for me to still be here alive. I still am not there but I pray to grow a burning desire that grows daily to fall madly deeply in love with Him. I pray to give it the first 30 days and then the next until all my life is about my love for God and i
    Everything in me reflects love gratitude respect honor trust faith confidence in His Word His spirit His son in everything that is Hod. This is where I pray my heart desires turn to. I pray never to give up on God or seeking a true relationship with Him that pleases Him according to His Word and Jesus example. I thank you for your post and pray we all will draw closer than ever to God and fall in love with Him over and over again. God bless everyone

  7. Hi. My name is Trisha and I know I have wasted a great deal of my life in what I know now to be hate. I know this can not be pleasing to my creator. I don’t want to be a people pleaser and do want a relationship with God and know my limitations. I feel my soul is bruised and wounded due to festered hurts. Now I want healing. I want God to fix me and not be proud when He exalts me. I have been all over the place but just lost. Now I want to be settled and grounded in His love for me. I can’t love anyone else till I do. I wasted my time trying to find a man. Lying to family and self. I really want to live. I only have one life. Only one. I am 39 yr old and still don’t have a relationship with God after receiving the spirit in 1991. Just self centered and know I need Jesus to be the center of my life. I don’t know where I am going and just want to STOP the phoney. Lying to myself and not giving Him glory in my life. Sometimes I wonder is salvation for me? What do I now do to heal inside and be true to God first and then to others? Yes. I guess I need to do the 30 days also. Tired of depending on temporary things to make me happy. Things are passing
    Want to be settled.

    1. Oh Trisha, you are not alone. There are so many souls out there trying to find their way and deal with who they really are in Christ. I just recently read a book called “Idol Lies” by Dee Brestin that deal with our hearts and how we can fix them and fill them with Jesus instead of outside things/lies/misconceptions. I’d really recommend it and hope it speaks to your soul. I love that you are searching, and if you search, God will find you. Just keep asking Him! Praying for you!!


  8. I to have been touched by reading all your post and replies. I am 36 and I haves served and tried my best in seeking the lord . I feel as I have been in and out of relationships all my life broken so many times. It sure was a god thang that I read your post. Sometimes in life you feel like you are sinking in a boat all by yourself wandering why god, do I feel so empty. Just a Peter did , he took his eyes off Jesus. So easily done. I am seeking , I need a restoration in my heart with Jesus. I am very giving and wanna help others when , for 36 years I have been wounded tring to fix everyone else and focus on everyone else. Not realizing I need to spend “time” in the operating room with the great physician! I have always thought if I could only find my soul mate that would help me to be complete. Never has worked for me. Thank you for the challenge. God bless you!

  9. I am happy that I am not alone. I have loved Jesus since I was in the womb. There was a point in time that I was on fire for Jesus but I lost it around the age of 17 when I found a new love. I am 20 now and single. The man I tried to change somehow ended up changing me. My spark for Christ is so dull and I just want my old love back. Last night at church I felt so empty and undeserving of Gods love. I had a vision of my story being used to keep girls pure and bring them to Christ. I want to know how to fall in love with Chtist and how long it will take for me to realize that there is no love like his love. I am constantly battling with this void my ex boyfriend left me with. I am uncomfortable talking to my mom about thid because I dont want her to be disappointed. I hear her asking about my relationship with Christ but I always get angry. Christ and anger dont go and I have to learn that I cannot please everyone. I never havd New Year resolutions but this year I want to fall in love with Jesus again. I want to know my worth and feel his gratitude all over. I want to only yearn for him and no one else. I have to be on fire for Christ again. I hope I have you guys support and maybe we can connect sometimes.

    1. Candice,
      What an awesome new years resolution! You know that the best thing about God is that He holds no grudges. He just stands there with His arms wide open so ready to give you a huge hug and say welcome back. The old is washed away and the new is here. You can ask for forgiveness and instantly you are a new creation. You don’t have to hold onto the mistakes that you made…in fact, that’s what Satan would want for you. God wants freedom and your love. I’m so excited for you, because just the fact that you found this post shows your heart! And it’s in the right place. Start from this day forward, no looking back. And I can’t wait to hear what God has in store for you, and you can be used by Him and maybe you will get the chance to be an advocate for girls in the future as well! I’ll be praying for you, thanks for sharing your story!


    2. I too googled “how to fall in love with Jesus” and found this blog. Unlike you and some of your respondants, I’ve never really understood how to do this. I thought that believing and praying out loud (being open and honest with God about how I feel about things) meant that I was having an intimate relationship with the HIM. My whole life seems to have been one heartache after another. I recently suffered another traumatic blow that has shaken me to the core, but I think now that it was all apart of a bigger plan to bring me back to my creator. So, I’ve decided to go on a spiritual journey and rediscover the ONE who is captivated by ME…the ONE who will never leave me nor forsake me, the ONE who always has my back, the ONE who wants only what is best for me, the ONE who will restore me and make me whole again. I have been so depressed, so miserable, for so long and I know it is all because I lost focus. I took my eyes off of Jesus. I forgot to put God first. Please pray for me and I am open to any and all suggestions that will help me to FALL IN LOVE WITH JESUS :)
      Thank you so much!

      1. I love this!! It’s so true, we so often think we can do it on our own better, or when tragedy strikes we blame God, and then we find ourselves even worse off than when we started. Cause God is the only one that can help us get through this world. I am SO HAPPY you figured that out. And He will show Himself to you if you continue to let him, by spending time with Him and talking to Him about everything in you life. I will be praying for you, and that God reveals himself in a whole new way to you!!

  10. Wow, I really appreciate your honesty about loving Jesus. I have also loved Jesus my whole life. He has blessed me so tremendously and I could not have made it without Him at all. Lately though, I have gone through some very challenging trials and He’s been with me every step of the way. I’m truly grateful, there is no way I could’ve gotten through any of it without Him. I just want to know why my heart and mind don’t feel that longing for Him like I’ve always had. The first and greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God without your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. I long to have that yearning, that hungering and thirsting for righteousness. I want all doubt to flee and I want to be victorious in Jesus again. Please pray that my heart will yearn for Him. I want my heart to be in everything I do and all for His glory, not my own. Without Him I am nothing, I need the Spirit of God to move in me and light me on fire for Him again. I do love Him so much, I just need a Jesus hug I think, I got pretty rattled this year with a very tough spiritual battle but He has and still is pulling me through it. I want to boldly read my Bible again and know that He still loves me. I know He does, He’s so incredibly patient with me, I want my mind to be in love with Him too, and my soul to soar and know that I am His and He is mine and nothing can snatch me out of the Father’s hand. Jesus promised that He has never lost one that the Father has given Him, that is a HUGE praise too! Thank you for your blog!

    1. Lisa, I love this. It makes me realize that I am not alone and that our faith is journey. There are mountaintops and valleys, and praise Jesus that God stays with us no matter what we are in. You challenged me today and blessed me, so thank you for that!


  11. That’s so cool that you want to love Jesus more. He loves you so.. much! :)
    Thanks for the Encouragement!!


  13. Searching for links on how to be in a relationship with Jesus and I found your site… Wow does it resonate.. I’m going to borrow you prayer and post to my blog… It’s exactly how I feel……

  14. This post touched me. I’m 33, and I’ve been a believer much of my life. First of all, the Bible says that whoever seeks Him shall find Him, so know that your prayer to feel that love for Jesus will return to you! Secondly, relationships are all about the ebbs and flows, the ups and downs. My closest human analogy is my relationship with my husband. There are periods of time where I’m crazy in love with him (those romantic feels we tend to experience at the highest points of our relationships), but then there are many, many times where I’m happy to see him and be around him, but I’m not feeling that passion that I used to feel at other times. And then there are those days, where you’re like, “Oh great. You’re not going to argue with me again today, are you?” That feeling of being “in love” comes and goes, but a relationship is more than just feelings–it’s a commitment to someone else, which is why we commit ourselves to Jesus. We continue to love him even when we don’t feel like we’re in love with him. Finally, thank you for sharing those words “in love with Jesus.” Lately I have found myself feeling like I’ve truly fallen in love with him, and then, feeling like I’m strange because of it. But the truth is, my passion for him right now is that same kind of drive that we tend to feel when we fall in love with someone. The last thing I should share is that if you want to feel that experience of being in love with him, watch out, because it doesn’t come without some form of dependency and need for him. In my case, I’ve experienced the tremendous heartache and loss over my dreams of a baby through my primary infertility that has lasted me now for more than four years. It took me until THIS YEAR to finally put my trust back in Jesus and then, suddenly, those feelings began to develop as I fell in love with him again. We tend to draw closer to him when we feel a huge need, and usually that need comes as a result of some kind of pain or suffering. What a very encouraging post, and thank you so much for sharing it! It is very, very rare to find people so deeply in love with Jesus that they are willing to express it like this. Thank you so much for doing it! And don’t worry–even though our feelings for him may change with the times, he never changes–he is the same yesterday, today, and forever, which means that he loves you just as much as always. :)

    1. Christina…thank you!!! The Lord spoke through you today to me, and I so appreciate hearing His voice. Relationships are constant work and I do want to deepen my faith and relationship with Jesus, just like I do with my spouse. You were a huge encouragement and I thank you for that and your testimony as well!!

  15. Hi Honey! Just catching up on your blog!!! As usual I’m a little behind:). As I read about your desire to fall in love all over again with Jesus, I’m all emotional–imagine that! I’m proud of you Allie and will be your biggest prayer supporter to stay with it! Dad and I are reading through the bible in the YouVersion bible app program and reading it chronologically this year. If you get a chance to read ESP. Chapters 38 and 39 of Job in the (Good News translation), it is amazing. God is answering Job and his friends and it makes you fall to your knees! Hope this will help you in your quest this month. LOL

  16. I have walked with God for 55 years or more and I want you to know that we all go through those times that feel like we have fallen out of love. Sometimes it’s life’s difficulties, at times when God says no to a prayer we beg Him for. Love is a verb. It is an action. So even if you don’t feel it the fact you are putting Him back on top of your life by spending more time with Him will help you feel the love again. We are in a long race not a sprint and with that comes the normal ups and downs. Good for you Allie that you are doing what it takes to walk closely to God. Love your prayer. What a great way to start a new year.

  17. If your words reach just one person, helping them have a closer relationship with Jesus, the blogging was worth it, right?!
    Thank you for sharing your heart Allie. It is God’s way of working in you, by reaching all of us.

    1. :) Thanks Cheryl….Sometimes I get side tracked but the purpose of this blog was to help myself and others love Jesus more:) So thank you for your sweet words!!

  18. I hear ya, Allie! I grew up extremely similar and am experiencing the same thing you are right now. I want to fall in love with Jesus again. I will be praying for you and I hope you will do the same for me. :D

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