Oh my goodness I have been gone so long, have so much to show you, and so little time to do it.  So I thought I’d start with the one of the oldest projects that I have yet to show you…it’s an ikea cabinet for our bathroom.  If you remember waaaaay back when we gutted our upstairs bathroom we didn’t leave room for a closet.  Instead we had a little “nook” where I was going to find the perfect little armoire to fit in that space.  Well, that proved harder than I thought, and more expensive.  So I ended up at the ever affordable Ikea.


I bought the Ikea Hemnes cabinet for $365.  Although that’s a great price, it’s still a chunk of change, so I had to made sure I loved it.  It was a perfect fit and that I loved.  And I was excited that instead of just a closet, it had a little bit of character.  I vowed that I would do those glass door justice and have an organized, “cute” cabinet in my bathroom. I even spent good money on matching baskets.

The problem is…I can’t do organized.  At least not “cute’ organized.  So I ended up with this..

photo 2 (8)

seriously, it’s pathetic.  Don’t worry, I know.

And then I said to myself.  Forget it.  I can’t make my Rave hairspray look good.  Ever.  And…..I’m never gonna stop buying it….cause honestly, I’m addicted.  Seriously, don’t judge, just try it.  I’ll save you millions:)

photo 1 (8)

Soo……I decided those doors need to be covered.

The chaos needs to go away.

I screwed in two small screws into the inside of the doors and ran wire between the two.

photo 3 (6)

and then I used my ever trusty drop cloth and made a little curtain for it.

photo 4 (5)

and taaa daaaa!!!  Problem solved!


What once was, well..this…


is now…


Pretty :)

And that’s how I solve problems.

I still love that it has character, and I also love that I can buy whatever I want to put in it, even if it doesn’t match.  For all you type a people out there it still might drive you nuts.  But, for me…out of sight, out of mind!


and now I can utilize the full space.

So, one more project off the list….


now to update you on everything else that’s been going on:)

But, before that I have a fun little Christmas giveaway.  One lonely little sign was left over from Whimsy.  2 actually.

I’m giving one away on the blog and a different one away on my instagram feed @prvbsthirtyonegirl. Comment below to be entered in the drawing.  This sign is about 12×12.  And I took the picture at night so the lighting doesn’t do it justice.  It’s light gray and white with a gray stain.  I’ll pick the winner Wednesday and contact you via email:)   photo 1 (9)




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  1. I am hoping that someday I can finally visit your quaint little shop until then I will have to drool via your blog.. Love the sign. Happy Holidays

  2. Jennifer Ulrick

    I always enjoy checking in on your blog for some design inspiration, I adore your style :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. a clever idea. I have been following you for quite a while and have stolen some of your ideas. My best friend is actually from Wisconsin and babysat you.

  4. love your ideas and decorating sense. our daughter wants to go into interior design and it always posting white rooms on her Pinterest. it always reminds me of your style.

  5. Love the Sign. Looks like one of those projects I say Im going to do then never get around to it! Better to win it! I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  6. I’m a Rave girl too!! Although they have changed the formula since I was in hs/college. But I still buy it! Love the cabinet and sign!!!

  7. I just might need that cabinet for my bathroom. Or I could paint my existing one and just do curtains for the open shelves on top. Love the sign too.

  8. Love, love your stuff! You gals are so talented! God blessed you with a wonderful gift you get to share with us all! Thanks

  9. I would love, love, LOve the sign. Hubs had to work the days of Whimsy and there was no way I was taking all my 4 girls in the cold :) I do love your shop though!

  10. Someday a bunch of us from Westboro are doing a trip your way for the Whimsy sale. I love that the cupboard fit perfectly in that spot. God did that for us years ago when we bought a display kitchen and every piece fit perfectly, just as if it had been made for us. He is very good that way.

  11. Leslie mammarella

    Allie, I would love to win your sign. Your creativity always amazes me. I am going to make it to whimsey some day!! Thank you!!

  12. I love that your bedding and shower curtain match. You have such a great way of making your home flow together. Mind sharing where the bedding is from?

  13. I’d love a little piece of whimsy, since I haven’t been able to make it to a sale….yet! Nice to know I’m not the only one who can’t organize. :)

  14. I’d love to win one of your beautiful signs! I live in Michigan and always feel sad that I can’t make it to a Whimsey sale!

  15. Cute sign! I love all of your stuff! You and your sisters are so talented. My mom and I love coming to all of your Whimsy sales!

  16. Love, love, love the sign….and your store! Thanks for the tip on the Rave.. I’m always on the lookout for inexpensive styling products!

  17. Stephanie Nelson

    I often think of you when I am trying to get creative and decorate my house! I want to love my house….I have a ways to go!

  18. Love the out of sight – out of mind way of doing pretty! Love the sign too – was sad that I couldn’t make it out last time you were open.

  19. Love all of your projects and great ideas. I’ve learned so much from your blog. Keep posting your projects as it always gives me inspiration. Thank you again for taking time to post.

  20. I love your cabinet makeover…and your sign! You’ve talked about the drop cloth that you use quite a bit and I’m sure you’ve said where you get it from, but I don’t remember. I have several projects that I’m working on and would love it if you would be willing to share this information again! Thanks!!! :)

    1. Thanks Kara! I get it from menards:) by the paint section. Just be careful in choosing because although it is the same brand there are many different textures and colors in each package!

  21. I love your cabinet solution. I am never able to do “cute” storage so this is perfect. The sign is wonderful, surprised it didn’t sell!

  22. Love your blog and this is such a cute idea for a way to cover up the “essentials”! I also can’t wait for a post about your new dining room furniture since you sold your hutch! I just love the pictures of your dining room and can’t wait to see your updated look in there!

  23. Love the sign but Whimsy is just too far away to come and get it (1800 miles!!) So I’d LOVE if it came to me!!! Planning to make the trip next November!!! I can’t wait!!!

  24. Love it :) I just wished i lived little closer. I would most def. be a BIG customer of yours !!! And on a little note…..i had just looked to see if you had posted since the sale :) Looked several times last week…..cause i love to read your blog !! :) Take care of that precious family !!!

    South Carolina :)

  25. I wasn’t able to make it to either Christmas Sale so it would be amazing to end up with one of your beautiful signs! Such a great opportunity for your followers =)

  26. Hey Allie! I’m a friend of Soni’s and love checking into your site to see your creativity at work. So inspiring! Cute sign–thanks for a chance to win!

  27. You are so talented! I’m always amazed when I see the pictures of your home and think wow, how does she keep I clean and picked up like that ALL the time! Thanks for making me feel a little better by giving me a glimps of the inside of your cute little cabinet!
    The sign is super cute too! Would love to make it to whimsy sometime, but I live WI. I guess I will just have to admire the pictures! :)

  28. Your signs are adorable. And I like this practical solution to hiding the mess! Some spots have to be able to be imperfect!

  29. I’d love this sign! I am slowly building my Christmas decoration collection and this would fit perfectly with the year our family has come through!

  30. Love the cabinet idea and love the cute little sign….so sad I couldn’t make your Christmas sale :( I would love to be entered in the drawing.

  31. Allie, I always love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your stories of God’s faithfulness. Your signs are darling and I would love to add one to my home:). Blessings!

  32. LOVE the sign!!! I’m not one to win at these things…like ever, but still wanted to comment as I really loved the sign and shocked that it didn’t get scooped up right away at Whimsy! #lovefromwi

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